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The Groom – Lose Weight and Fat While Gaining Muscle for His Wedding

The Quest - The Groom to Lose Weight and Fat

MATT’S NEMESIS: Too Much Work and Not Enough Attention to Workout and Diet Made Matt Fat.
THE ANNIHILATION: A Workout Regime and Proper Diet with Supplementation to Help Him Reach His Goal

Does This Sound Like You?


Matt’s Story:Matt is getting married. But, like many the reality of starting a new life has Matt re-assessing himself as he compares his current situation with how he envisions himself in the future. At 30 years old Matt has accomplished a lot, he has a great career, found a great woman to spend his life with, he has everything that pretty much makes life worth living; which is why quality of life and longevity are now serious considerations for him.

You see since graduating college, getting a corporate job and eating whatever and whenever Matt has put on more than a few pounds, he is now 30 lbs over-weight. Making matters worse, he has poor genetics to fight as both his parents are over-weight and have type 2 diabetes. Matt is facing his moment of truth, he is about to be married. Even though looking good for the wedding is important to him, he also wants to live a more fit and healthy life.

Through conversations with our Pro Support Team we thought Matt would be a perfect challenger to take on his Nemesis. That’s why we’ve asked him to join The Quest and put it all on the line. We are supporting Matt by getting him a trainer and giving him help with his diet and nutrition. Matt Shaine is a customer who came to us with a very common goal – he wants to lose weight and burn fat fast. You see Matt wants to look good before his wedding day, which is about 4 months away. This is a big challenge for Matt because weight loss and muscle tone have been goals of his for a long time, yet he keeps failing. After learning about Matt’s situation Pro Support at Strong Supplements passed him on to The Quest Team as a possible candidate for the program. I mean this was awesome, Matt is perfect because he is a regular guy who needs to look good fast, so we asked if he wanted to put it all on the line and as you can tell he said “Yes”.

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