The Groom Begins His Weight Loss Quest

The Groom Begins His Weight Loss Quest

Weight loss and fat burning are a challenge. Introducing Matt Shaine, or The Groom. Matt is like many of our customers. He used to be an active athlete. He graduated and began a career. Now he is busy with a relationship and his job putting his fitness back in his list of priorities. Before he knew it he was 30 lbs over weight with his wedding around the corner.

Weight loss for wedding pictures is one thing but becoming healthy and remaining so is quite another. Genetics don’t favor Matt as a majority of his relatives are over weight and have type 2 diabetes. Matt is now facing his future. He is about to have a new wife and start a family. Matt is a high achiever and a low quality unhealthy life is not in the cards if he can help it. Meet Matt, watch his introduction video, maybe Matt’s story is similar to yours. Learn how Matt plans to reach his goals and follow his progress to see if he has what it takes to make it.

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