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The Strongman

The Quest - The Strongman

STRONGMAN NEMESIS: Not Having The Experience & Confidence In Himself To Compete in Strongman
THE ANNIHILATION: A Workout Regime and Proper Diet with Supplementation to Help Him Reach His Goal

The Strongman

The Strongman
TRAVIS’ STORY: Underneath his gentle giant exterior burns a white iron hot competitive fire. Travis is an extremely hard working disciplined person, from his high tech job building the circuits that power the iPhone to his quest to take on the other Strongmen of the world. When you get the chance to know Travis, where he came from to where he is now and more importantly where he is going, you know you are dealing with a special being.

Travis started weightlifting at age 14, mostly as an escape from problems he was having at home. His father left him at a young age and life nominated him man of the house. Besides school he took responsibility for his siblings and helping out his single mom.

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He wasn’t ever a small child so bullies pretty much left him alone, in fact he would often step in to relieve the weaker from the injustices of bullydom. Like many of us Travis loved comic books and often retreated into them to escape, imagine and dream. He related to the heroes of pulp fiction and perhaps those stories ended up shaping his own.

Travis is 6’2” 300 lbs of power and muscle. But unlike many of us who workout out to get shredded and sculpt the perfect physique, Travis has a different talent – he is strong as hell. I don’t mean bench your weight or lift women over your head strong. Travis deadlifts over 700lbs, he can pick up a car and when looking over the minimum requirements for entry into a Strongman Contest – Travis smashed it in every category.

Travis is ready to take the next step – he joins The Quest to take on the challenge of the Strongman Competition. Follow Travis on his journey and see if he makes it. Smashing min requirement is one thing, but competing against the fantastic freaks of strength and winning is something else all together.


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