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The Bodybuilder

The Quest - The Bodybuilder Walter Bynum

THE BODYBUILDER’S NEMESIS: A Profoundly Painful Past and A Professional Bodybuilders Diet – Extreme Discipline
THE ANNIHILATION: Consistent Monitoring and a Fire in the Belly Passion to Break From His Past and Win

The Bodybuilder

The Quest - The Bodybuilder

Cast in the ghetto of Philadelphia and forged in New York City Walter was raised with a strap across his back. A violent home meant Walter was safer on the streets and it’s there he found his passion. At first it was push-ups and pull-ups with friends who shared his situation, an escape from reality where they spent hours with a different kind of physical pain and detachment. In New York he found public places to workout and spent his time learning about training, the body and helping others.

Ultimately in Walter’s case he took the opposite road laid out by his father. He felt best when helping others and began training people on the streets. Early on people did not take him seriously because on the streets personal training was not a recognized profession. Lucky for Walter a friend saw his passion and knew its value. After some recommendations and cajoling Walter was given…

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the opportunity to start training people at Georgia Tech University.

Walter moved to Atlanta, where he lives now and began his career as a professional personal trainer. His infectious passion for the sport and his ability to motivate others made him sought after as a trainer and provided him with a nice income and living. But Walter learned he is more, he wanted more. He set a new goal – to become a competitive bodybuilder. After some guidance and inspiration from a mentor Walter entered his first amateur bodybuilding competition and WON! Motivated by the initial success and a taste for winning, Walter has now set a new goal: to go Pro and start to make money by entering and winning IBBF professional contests.

Thus here we are and here is Walter’s Quest: To obtain his IBBF Pro Bodybuilding card so he can enter the bigger and potentially money making events. We believe Walter has the talent and the drive to succeed at this Quest, but it’s not going to be easy. Walter needs to sacrifice much, in the way of diet and how he feels on a day to day basis, but also because he will be isolated from family and friends. For Walter the diet is a challenging part of The Quest, but giving up much of his social life will be even more challenging. Does Walter really have what it takes to be a Professional Bodybuilder? Find out as we follow him for the next 12 weeks to see if he can Annihilate His Nemesis and stand on the podium a Professional Winner!

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