The Strongman’s Diet Stage 1

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The Strongman’s Quest: Enter and Win a Strongman Contest

The Strongman Diet

Meal Plan Guidelines:

A diet to build strength is a bit different than one for a competitive bodybuilder. You are not only building muscle mass but also working to increase your energy levels, especially around the time of a contest. Most Strongman competitors will eat 5-7 meals a day of lean protein, clean (starchy, fibrous and vegetable) carbohydrates and a limited amount of fat.

  • Drink at least one gallon of water a day, try 16 oz. bottle every 2-4 hours. Sleep is also important.
  • Eat clean foods, this means no added sugars.
  • Every meal should have a one complex carb and a lean protein. For example, eat egg whites and a vegetable with sunflower seeds.
  • No Alcohol

For this stage Travis is just getting started. His meal plan is basic but as he learns more about becoming a Strongman Competitor he will adjust his eating according with what he learns and the advice he gets from the pros.

The Strongman’s Current Meal Plan – One Day

  • 5:00: Protein shake and Greek yogurt
  • 8:00: Banana and oatmeal
  • 11:00: 8-10 ounces of Baked chicken w/ rice
  • 2:00: 8-10 ounces of Baked chicken w/ rice
  • 4:00: Trail mix
  • 5:30: Protein shake w/ pre workout
  • 8:00: 8-10 ounces of protein and a complex carb

If you have questions or suggestions for Travis about his experience while being on this diet please leave them in the comments box below. He would love to hear from you and share his experience, all input is helpful not just to Travis Matt but to every reader so start commenting!

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