The Bodybuilder Starts His IFBB Pro Quest

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The Bodybuilder Attempts to Get HIs IFBB Pro Card


Earning your IFBB Pro Card is the ultimate first step toward bodybuilding greatness for any bodybuilder, it is also the last for many who fail to pass this critical and difficult test. In the minds of many Walter Bynum has already made it. He is a successful trainer and gym operator, but Walter is more and wants more. Driven by his passion and an inner drive Walter’s story tells us that it doesn’t matter where you come from, success is within us waiting to be born. You see Walter is a product of the Philadelphia North Side Ghetto, better known as Killadelphia, which for many is a literal death sentence.

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The Worse You Feel the Better You Look

In reality Walter’s Bodybuilding process is very simple. His workout routine is efficient and his diet is plain yet effective. In fact, its something just about anyone could follow with a couple of notable exceptions. First, Walter is committed and knows its all about the execution, which is the main ingredient of any success story. Next, when you come from the ghetto you learn to improvise. Walter didn’t grow up with a gym membership or even decent equipment. Walter started his bodybuilding career using park equipment to do pull ups and push ups, something he still does. He also has incorporated other interesting isometric type exercises which is probably one reason for his extreme long lean cut look. Watch the video above for some prime examples of what I am talking about. Lastly, Walter is committed to his diet, lots of protein and few carbs. In the end he the carb depletion is sapping his energy and making him feel terrible, but its something you need to sacrifice if you want to be the best. Like Walter says, the worse you feel the better you look.

Stay tuned as we update you on Walter’s progress. Will he get his IFBB Pro Card? I’m not sure, but I am sure Walter is going to do what it takes to give himself a fighting chance.

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