So you want to be rich? You want to never worry about money again, yet spend it like it’s going out of fashion?! Who doesn’t? If anyone ever tells you they don’t want that, they are lying. What’s the thing that the world’s wealthiest people all have in common? They have the DRIVE. Drive to work hard, drive to persevere through adversity, and the determination to make it happen.

It’s the exact same thing with our fitness goals.

You want to be shredded; then you’ve got to put in the work. And that, Gym Rats… is what I want to talk about this week. This one’s for all of us that will put in the work and how to do it the best we can… PWO! Since the 80’s,  Pre-Workouts have been at the cutting edge of the science behind bodybuilding. Since that time the specific science has evolved, products are better and more efficient than they have ever been. However, the main ingredients are still reasonably similar, and the desired effects have remained constant. So, for anyone new to great PWOs, these are the essential ingredients that we want to look for.  


Even though this one sounds obvious, caffeine is an essential part of Pre-Workout formulas. Studies have proven that caffeine improves our performance in both bodybuilding and endurance training. Even though you can get your dose of caffeine from coffee, trust me when I say Pre-Workout formulas are designed to get a higher (and safe) dose into your body in the most efficient way possible.  


This is an amino acid that helps fight muscle fatigue and combat acid build-up. It has been proven to be most effective in boosting performance during exercise lasting 1-4 minutes. It is known to increase performance in endurance training still; however, it is definitely more effective for our short, intense exercises.  


Creatine is widely known as one of the most crucial exercise supplements. This is because it’s also naturally found in our cells. Increasing the amount of creatine in our body has been shown to increase our muscle strength and exercise performance. Studies have even shown that including creatine in our Supps can increase performance by up to 10%.  


This natural amino acid is used to aid exercise performance by increasing our blood flow to our muscles and tissues. It’s incredibly effective in both short exercises and endurance races. In fact, studies have proved that cyclists performed 12% better before reaching exhaustion, and bodybuilders achieve up to 53% more before their muscles are spent. That’s a staggering improvement all from blood flow. There are many different amino acids and Supps that have this effect. Nitric Oxide is another incredibly common and effective one. Both ingredients achieve the same thing… Higher blood flow and better performance.   So those are the basics that everyone should be familiar with.. Now let’s talk about the money maker ingreds that really take PWOs to the next level.   Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride You may know this as PEA. PEA is a champ of champ as it can help your mood, improve focus while working out, boost your cognitive enhancement, and increase the release of Acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter involved in many brain-body activities and yes I had to look that up any years back). SO this is a clear win and guess what… it is a key ingredient Wild thing which I am about to talk about below.   Theobromine You won’t believe this but has your spouse ever said chocolate is better than s*x? Well for your supps it can be! Derived from the cocoa plant this ingredient helps to produce the “feel-good” sensation you experience while eating chocolate. This helps smooth out the feelings you may get when taking high dosages of caffeine and stimulants typically found in Pre workouts. Drum Roll!!! It is a rockstar ingreds of Seismic Surge… details below yo.  


This is a powerhouse blend of 7 plant-based ingredients that have shook my supp world and has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide levels by up to 230%. I SAID 230%!!! This means that it is vascularity gold. It builds the perfect pathways to bring each power-packed ingredient to each cell in your body. Oh yea…. It is also in Super Human Supreme Hardcore Stim PWO.

So that covers ingredients you know and some I really want you to take for a spin! Speaking of here are my three favorite Pre Workouts that you can rely on to make you a millionaire… In the gym, at least.

SuperHuman Supreme Hardcore Stim Pre-Workout by Alpha Lion With 17 grams of hard-hitting ingredients in the formula, IT KICKS. Like KIIIIIICKS. Alpha Lion is a trusted and known brand that delivers on what its research suggests. This formula has INSANE energy and pumps, and I tell you when I am having “a day,” this pre-workout is what I grab. With high dose caffeine, beta-alanine, beta anhydrous, L-taurine, astragin, s7, and MORE… this is a one-of-a-kind product. My favorite flavor is sour gummy. It tastes great and also has a refreshing kick to it.
Wild Thing by Assault Labs. Wild Thing is another great option for a PWO.  It is LOADED with every single ingredient you could want or need from a Pre-Workout. It is formulated beautifully and has personally given me the best workouts of my career. It includes all of the above-mentioned ingredients, as well as key ingredients like L­-Tyrosine to help keep your muscles from fatiguing and Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride to help stabilize your mood and enhance concentration. It’s an all-around winner and is definitely a must-try.
Seismic Surge by Hard Rock Supplements. Hard Rock Supplements have shown us time and time again that they are releasing industry-leading supplements! Seismic Surge is NO exception. Seismic Surge has been featured on our Top 10 Preworkout list for YEARS and I know why.  It will increase your workout strength, enhance your endurance, increase muscle PUMPS, and one of my favorite things is that it actually decreases your recovery time. Instead of using Citrulline to increase your blood flow, Seismic Surge uses Alpha Yohimbine which has the same effects and is known to help decrease fat synthesis by increasing fatty acid mobilization. One awesome added bonus of Seismic Surge is their addition of Theobromine. It’s derived from Cocoa and actually gives your body the same chemical ‘feel good’ sensation we get when we eat chocolate! This PWO is serious and I CANNOT recommend it enough!

There you have it, Gym Rats. These are the best PWO’s that will give you the drive and determination of the rich! I dare you to try them and see how much more drive you have…

                                                                          You can thank me later.

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