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The Closer to Death I am the More Alive I Become

When you wake you won’t know its your day to die.

One winter while surfing large epic waves on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii I was pitched to the bottom of the reef from a top a 25’+ wave.  Rag-dolled and tangled I was held under until the force pressed all the breath out of me.  Literally stroking for my life, I saw only black as I tried to surface, I had nothing left in that fleeting moment.  The thought, “so today is my day to die”, surfaced and I began to give myself over to death.  Miraculously, at that instant I saw a glimmer of sunlight from the surface; I knew I must be close to the top.  I reached inside again, this time deeper, more intensely and somehow found more life in me to propelled myself to the surface and win my life’s greatest reward – a breath of air.

Man’s most primal instinct is survival.  When confronted with death he finds herculean strength to keep going.  A strength that, only in that moment, do we realize is with us at all times.  I have learned, from that experience, and several other, although not so final experiences that the closer to death I was the more alive I became.  I learned what “ALIVE” really meant and that I was much stronger than I ever imagined.  I learned I have the fire power within me to accomplish anything.

I eluded my final destination that day, luckily for me the experience was a great lesson.  I learned that I was capable of so much more and that its not the destination that enriches us, its THE JOURNEY.

Life is a journey.  Through its trials, tribulations and near death experiences we grow, become more, we learn to control of our environment and hopefully to thrive.  Our character is not defined by what we succeed at, rather it is the challenge, the journey to succeed that chisels our being.  If we live every day like its our last, or in my case last moment, we can become more than we ever dreamed possible.

This site – THE PURSUIT OF STRENGTH is dedicated to helping you along your life’s journey and living life to the fullest.  Being there every step along that journey to help make you stronger, better, more than you thought possible.  Sure, we are about fitness, fitness is the foundation of success, but its only one part.  THE PURSUIT OF STRENGTH will explore many different aspects of life.  This site will provide you with the tools you can use to assemble and guide yourself to a successful existence.  To create a foundation from which to spring and achieve your dreams.

Life is more than just your gym life, its family, career, your relationship with the planet and the sum of all your experiences that make you…you.  We want to help take you from where you are today and by providing you the tools and information, help you take control of your life and drive it to your desired outcomes.

Not all of us want 20″ biceps or 30″ thighs, but all of us do want to succeed and with a little belief and effort THRIVE.  Join us in our journey and together we will make our dreams a reality; its easier than you think.


The site is a tool you can use to help guide and inspire you along your life’s journey.

The site is comprised of five base categories, they are FITNESS, HOW TO, SUCCESS, HOT TOPICS and INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCTS.  We have teamed with some of today’s most influential writers and knowledgeable authorities on subjects that will help to directly guide and inspire you toward success.  Some of these authors will come from the physical and fitness side, others will be motivational and instructional, while others will look to the future and examine what is hot before other know.

Much of what these thought makers provide to us is exclusive and written just for the site.  You won’t find endless articles on how to do a bench press, or what to do on leg day, plenty of other sites provide that info.  What you will find are original ideas and unique perspectives about how to gain control of your life and apply what you know about yourself, what you’ve learned in the gym and how to use it to help you achieve your dreams.

Bookmark us, subscribe to our Twitter, Facebook or email to get a flow of information and inspiration that will drive you to be more than you are now.

Being a voyeur is fine, you will learn by just watching.  But, life rewards the BOLD, so by all means participate with us by commenting, asking questions (in the comments) and supplying your own content when the opportunity presents itself.  Make the next step in your life a step in the right direction and the first step in your PURSUIT OF STRENGTH.



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