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Cutting: The Saggy Truth

By May 13, 2021 January 4th, 2023 No Comments
Have you ever stretched plastic wrap over food or a Tupperware container? When the time comes to remove the wrap, the plastic never looks and feels the same again. A terribly similar thing happens to our skin during cutting season. Now you will have to take this metaphor with a small pinch of salt because our skin is a living organ and plastic wrap is… well, not. The effects, however, of shredding our bulk into “CUTS” have more impact on our skin than we realize.
As we bulk up, our skin naturally stretches. Leaning out and cutting that muscle then makes our skin sag. Sadly, it is a common observation that people with more weight look younger. Studies have shown that a higher BMI of just 4 points can make you look up to four years younger. So as we are in cutting season, what can we do to postpone our aging looks? When we talk about our skin’s elasticity, losing fat and or shredding significantly impacts how we look. But, equally important is the sun damage our skin gets from UV overexposure.
Luckily for us, we can treat both causes with some very accessible tools:
  • Selenium is one of these ingredients that can be an excellent addition to your vitamin/supplement intake. It is a mineral naturally found in foods like eggs and garlic, and it has been proven to preserve the elasticity of your skin as well as helping to protect your skin from cancers. Of course, sunblock is the best defense against sun damage, but the use of selenium is a fantastic way to boost your skins defense against harmful UV rays.
  • Vitamin C is also essential for our bodies. It is the most common anti-oxidant found in our skin, and you can find it in vegetables and citrus fruits. Our vitamin C levels go down incredibly quickly by even the slightest expose to UV rays… up to 30 percent for just minimal exposure. Additionally, your body uses Vitamin C for the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is a component of tendons, ligaments, and cartilage and is famously used to treat aging skin. Vitamin C taken daily can help your body produce collagen, strengthening your fight against father time.
  • Another vitamin to seriously consider is Vitamin E. Similarly to C, it is regarded as an essential antioxidant to our skin. Adding this to your supplement intake has been proven to help improve your skin’s elasticity, prevent photodamage, and improve skin texture.

Here are some products I (highly) recommend, as they are all well-rounded supplements meant to enhance your life and wellness. In addition, the ingredients will target the sagging skin we want to avoid from continuous cutting/bulking and sun damage. Each also has high impact benefits that you may need as well.

Joyful Joints by Vital Alchemy
Next up is another supplement by Vital Alchemy, Joyful Joints. Let’s be honest who doesn’t need joint support from time to time?! These supplements will have you covered from head to toe. As well as being loaded with all-around ingredients like Turmeric and Hyaluronic acid, it packs a punch with its Vitamin C, which we know is not only going to boost our skincare but our collagen levels with it.
MuscleVite by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is another dietary supplement that does exactly what it says… High-performance multi-vitamin! It’s LOADED with vitamins C, D, and E, which along with increased energy/focus, will help look after our skin throughout cutting season and into summer, where the risk of overexposure to UV rays is so much higher.
Mens Multi + Test by GAT supplements is another multivitamin that is seriously worth considering. It offers complete nutrient support and will fill any nutritional gaps in your diet. Not only is it great for active men, but it is full of Selenium, vitamin C and E.

All three of these supplements are effective and beneficial multivitamins that will help all aspects of your body while targeting skin protection. No one wants to think of themselves as getting old. And one cutting season won’t make you look like the grim reaper is calling. However, in time, and after consistent changes in mass and muscle, your skin will start to sag more. It is only natural. You can keep signs of aging at bay by adding a few anti-aging regimens to your vitamin/supplement consumption! Don’t delay because you’ll never have another chance at youthful skin.

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