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That’s right… you heard me correctly… You probably think this article is about you!

Ok, 70s song references aside, I want to talk about one of the most elusive aspects of body building. Something we all strive for, and just can’t reach it.


Some people are born with it, and others (myself included) have to work at it.
Being more vascular is something that anyone can achieve, and it is a clear sign that you have a very low body fat percentage and your muscles require a more significant amount of blood flow than other people. We can all get there, and we can all look that badass.
OK, gym rats, how do we get our veins to pop?! The real answer is that we have to combine a careful gym routine with the right SUPPs. As I said earlier, vascularity can be very elusive to us gym rats. So, I’ve broken it down simply so that any of these SUPPs will work for you. Before we get to the SUPPs, let’s look at a couple of things we can do in our gym routines to help…
Get Jacked
This is an obvious one, but bigger muscles demand a higher blood flow. That’s the simple fact. There are two parts to this step. Yes, we want to build muscle mass in general, but we MUST go after the PUMP! If you are not familiar with the term, we are talking about ending your session with high-intensity, controlled lifts with short rests in between sets. By shifting your focus to building muscle and achieving the pump, your veins will adapt to higher blood flows to your newly built muscle mass.
Don’t skip cardio day!!
There are countless reasons not to skip cardio day. Additionally, if you’re looking for higher vascularity, then keeping it in your routine is a MUST. Cardio will obviously help keep your caloric deficit high and keep the fat off. In addition, consistent cardio will increase your capillary density and ultimately increase the blood flow to your muscles.
Lose Fat
Again, I know this sounds obvious. As I said before, everyone has a different body type. Some people naturally have more vascularity, so if you are not one of them then you need to use every facet you have to your advantage. The less fat you have under your skin, the more your veins will pop… so lose the fat!
That is all just step one. Next, we MUST combine those new routines with the right SUPPs. Here are my favorite supplements and ingredients that will help your vascularity improve. This will come as a result of increased blood flow, relaxing/widening blood vessels, and improved circulation by directly affecting your Nitric Oxide levels in your body.  By relaxing your blood vessels and arteries, the following SUPPs will make your blood flow more effective for ‘Pump.’

Hype Reloaded by Blackstone Labs

One of the most effective ways to boost nitric oxide levels and get that look we want is with Hype Reloaded by Blackstone Labs. Packing a powerful PUMP punch with key ingredients like Citrulline Malate and Horney Goat weed which both have a efficacy level through the roof on vascularity!


Amentoflavone XT by Serious Nutrition Solutions

Amentoflavone from SNS is another great supp that delivers maximum pumps and supercharged vascularity! The miracle worker is Selaginella Tamariscina. 200mgs helps deliver fat loss, increased pumps, insane vascularity, and for the dudes.. let’s just say you won’t be disappointed.


Noxygen Liquid Caps by Purus Labs

Noxygen delivers that one-two punch that really amplifies vascularity. Punch one is Sodium Nitrate and punch two is Hydromax Glycerol! This combo helps relax your veins so your body can respond by pumping more oxygen/blood through your veins. This helps create that epic vascularity that impresses. It also helps boost pumps which no one is going to say no to.


SuperHuman Pump by Alpha Lion

 new and powerful, non stim, workout experience that you have to try! Specifically designed to provide you with the perfect pump! The synergistic formula contains maximum doses of powerful ingredients like S7, Citrulline Malate, HypdoPrime, AlphaSize, and more high-dosed ingredients that will get you MAX pump.


Seismic Surge by Hard Rock Supplements

Another excellent choice is Seismic Surge by Hard Rock Supplements. As well as being packed with everything your veins want, this PWO also contains L-Arginine Alphaketoglutarate and Agmatine Sulfate high dose feed your muscles while you work out. This PWO is called the 6th gear for a reason.


Vascularity can be achieved! Your genetics only play a role in your starting point. Following all of these simple steps is proven to increase the size and clarity of your vascularity.

With the right SUPPs and the proper training, you can transform your body into a vascular machine! Whether your veins currently pop or not, there is a path to higher vascularity if you follow these steps.