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The Slow Decline

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This week I want to talk about a natural process that happens to men as we age. We need to start thinking about it sooner than we may realize. FACT: once you hit 30, your Testosterone levels begin to decrease. Once this process begins, you will notice less energy, decreased focus, a lessened sex drive, higher stress levels, and fewer gains in the gym.

Please Welcome: Testosterone Boosters!

Testosterone Boosters have been used since the 1930s, and over time, it has been proven that keeping your T levels balanced is the only way to keep your body and mind at its very best. The benefits – Almost all aspects of our body improve with the proper use of T boosters.
  • Muscles: Increases muscle mass and strength through more remarkable protein synthesis…
  • Body Fat: Increases the number of fat-burning beta-adrenergic receptors, blocking your body’s storage of fat cells.
  • Heart: Improves your blood flow.
  • Brain: gives you better memory recall, keeps you calm and less stressed, and your sex drive will increase.
  • Bone: Increases red blood cell production and helps improve bone density.
  • Skin: increases your natural collagen production and hair growth.
  • And equally important!.. Male Sex Organs: Supports sperm production, promotes penis growth, and helps prevent erectile dysfunction.
Generally, we gym rats like to use Testosterone as a Supp with more than one benefit. As you can see, when used correctly, it enhances almost every aspect of your life! And, of course, it has the main benefit of helping our muscle development and maintenance. As with all Supp’s, the market is flooded with ‘the best T Boosters ever.’ However, as a beta tester and 20+ year supplement taker, these three I can say are powerful and effective.
I’m kicking things off with a big one! Terminate by Hard Rock Supplements is a fantastic product. Not only is it an excellent T Booster, but it is an Estrogen Blocker. It is your one-stop SUPP to increasing muscle hardness, reducing Estrogen, reducing prolactin, reducing body fat, all while boosting your libido… what’s not to love?! Using effective ingredients at efficacious dosages, Terminate synergistically brings you some of the best in estro blocking on the market today.
DAA MAX by Vital Alchemy
Next is DAA Max by  Vital Alchemy. DAA Max is one of the smoothest products to transition into the world of T Boosters. Its active ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid which has been proven to increase testosterone by up to 42%. Most importantly, D-Aspartic Acid – and DAA Max – is a safe, natural way to effectively raise your body’s natural levels of Testosterone. DAA Max can also be used in conjunction with other Supps that boost Testosterone and do not contain D-Aspartic Acid. So it’s a great way to enhance your T levels even further. One of my favorite things about this product is that it has even been suggested to promote normal GABA levels, acting as a natural antidepressant. Additionally, as your body metabolizes it, DAA Max has no Estrogen conversion. As a result, you do not need to take Estrogen reducing supplements, which can be an annoying side effect of other T Boosters. This is an excellent all-around Testosterone booster that is great for anyone new to this and seasoned experts alike.
This next one has been a #1 T supp for years… Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs. This is your ‘military grade’ (see what they did there?) Testosterone booster. It does exactly what you expect it to and much more. Unlike most T Boosters, Sergeant Steel also boosts the Nitric Oxide levels in your body. So as well as all the benefits of increased testosterone levels, you are also fueling your body to be primed for one hell of a PUMP! Like DAA Max, sergeant steel also used D-Aspartic Acid and has similarly been proven to increase your T levels by up to 42%. Sergeant Steel additionally helps reduce your body’s estrogen levels, so you don’t have to worry about additional regiments alongside it. It’s a ‘one stop’ booster for anyone looking for an intense T booster that will do it all.
Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs

Strong Supplements has many T boosters with formulations to help you wherever you are in your journey and great options to add to your existing supp regimen.  I suggest you take a serious look at theThe se three, as I know the efficacy is high, and the formulas are powerful.

Til next week!

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