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I come bearing gifts from the team at Strong Supplements.


On Tuesday, Strong launched a sale on an array of new products!

To celebrate they are giving us all discounts on them until the 22nd. That means there are FOUR days left to grab one of these killer new products at a reduced price. I have already taken advantage of these savings, and I want to make sure you don’t miss out.

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The line-up of these 15 products is stacked with some of the best SUPPs money can buy. Not only are they all great products, but there is absolutely something in here for everyone. Whatever you might need or want right now… it’s on the list. Everything from muscle boosters, fat burners, appetite suppressors, and even an INCREDIBLE sleep aid that literally gives you gains and the best night’s sleep at the same time!

Check out these incredible deals on some of the hottest new SUPPs around!

Gains Candy CaloriBurn by Alpha Lion Supplements

CaloriBurn helps you to burn more calories throughout the day without the use of stimulants. Science-backed, this potent fat-burning SUPP helps to put your body in a state of thermogenesis allowing you to increase your metabolism, burn abdominal fat, and get to your fat loss goal fast!

Gains Candy RipFactor by Alpha Lion Supplements

This powerhouse enhances protein synthesis and muscle growth, increased blood flow and energy as well as inhibited muscle degradation and muscle breakdown.

Cravings Killer by Alpha Lion Supplements

With 100% natural ingredients, Cravings Killer is proven to help reduce cravings and appetite by as much as 69%! Kill your cravings with this natural appetite and cravings suppressant.

Gains Candy S7 by Alpha Lion Supplements

Increase Nitric Oxide Levels by over 200%!? Gains Candy S7 by Alpha Lion Supplements contains a blend of 7 plant based ingredients that have been clinically shown to increase levels 230%!

Gains Candy Supresa by Alpha Lion Supplements

Want to kick the bad habit of late night eating and unwanted cravings in just 14 days? Using a patented single ingredient monster that suppresses appetite and chops up your cravings in as quick as 14 days!

BMP Capsules by EvoMuse

This unique 9 ingredient formula works by increasing your BMP (Bone Morphogenetic Protein) through multiple pathways assisting in decreasing fat and increasing muscle!

MyoSynergy by EvoMuse

Time to shift your body’s baseline. MyoSynergy works to remove limiting roadblocks and increase where your body’s homeostasis is, allowing for you to increase strength levels, increase muscle, and prevent muscle breakdown!

Gains Candy GlucoVantage by Alpha Lion Supplements

GlucoVantage is the first Dihydroberberine (DHB) supplement that works to inhibit fat cell growth and insulin sensitivity!

Liver-Rx by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

The support your Liver needs and deserves with Liver-Rx by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. This is a revolutionary formula with a multitude of potent ingredients all designed to provide your liver with the nutrients it needs.

SuperHuman Pump by Alpha Lion Supplements

Want to feel extreme vascularity and powerful pumps within minutes of your first set? SuperHuman Pump by Alpha Lion is locked and loaded and ready for you. Specifically designed to provide you with the perfect pump!

Gains Candy Mitoburn by Alpha Lion Supplements

Lose the weight, reduce your appetite and increase lean muscle. This clinically dosed fat burner works by igniting your metabolism and converting stubborn fat into fat that is ready to be burned.

SuperHuman Sleep by Alpha Lion Supplements

A unique and potent blend of 20 powerful ingredients created to help you rest, recover, burn fat, and wake up feeling amazing. Super easy to take right before bed and the benefits will have you grateful.

Lean AF Cream by IronMag Labs

Lean AF is here and brings together 3 cutting ingredients aimed at getting you shredded AF! With the topical application of Lean AF users can enjoy improved bioavailability, prolonged release, and lower peak concentrations vs other pill based supplements.

Creatine Nitrate by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

Get Creatine Nitrate by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and take your workouts to new levels. Creatine Nitrate is 1000% more soluble than standard creatine so that you can get maximum absorption and increase your muscle mass and strength fast.

Amentoflavone XT by Serious Nutrition Solutions

Improve fat loss, increase your strength, get serious pumps and improve your erections! Get some plant based power with Amentoflavone XT and feel the benefits now!

As you can see, this line up is outstanding. Be sure to take advantage of the savings while it lasts. Not only do we all love saving some coins, but when you can save money on industry-leading products like these, it’s a recipe for a holiday season to remember.

Get yours while the sale, and products, last!

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