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NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Naturally Shredded

By January 6, 2022 January 4th, 2023 No Comments

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Naturally Shredded

Welcome to 2022 Gym Rats!

Have I got something special for you.


Even though this is the first time we’re meeting this year, there is NO TIME for small talk!

I have been a Beta tester for one of my FAVOURITE brands’ new product and it’s something we all NEED after the holidays.

On Tuesday, Vital Alchemy released their brand new, patented, Fat Burner. Let’s be clear… this is the Fat Burner to end all others. I can tell you all honestly it packs the biggest punch of fat burners, and it uses NATURAL products. The name of it is no gimmick… It’s only facts.

WELCOME:  Naturally Shredded By Vital Alchemy.

Now I’m about to tell you all why you need this product. If, however, you just want to go and save some money instead of listening to me then DO IT! Go get it while the sale lasts!

Now, for those of you that are still reading let me explain why this product Slaps!

Firstly, let’s go over the benefits:

  • Increased Metabolism

  • Decrease Body Fat

  • Increase Energy

  • Reduce Appetite & Cravings

  • Feel Good & Elevate Mood

  • Reduce Unwanted Cortisol

  • Reduce Fluid Retention

  • Reduce Bloating

  • Reduce Blood Glucose Levels

  • Suppress Fat Storage

  • Patented & Study Backed Ingredients

  • 15 Ingredient Profile

  • Convert White Fat (stored fat) to Brown Fat (ready to burn fat)

  • Big doses

  • For Men & Women

  • All-Natural Formula

This is the first time I have personally experienced a fat burner with this many natural products and I’ve got to say, the countless R&D hours they spent developing this have paid off! It is rare I use SUPP’s that are this well balanced. Every single ingredient is working in harmony with the others. As a result, I felt GREAT using this fat burner!

Don’t let Vital Alchemy’s focus on the ‘Natural’ side of this burner fool you, it is DEFINITELY for us heavy-hitting Gym Rats. All 15 of the active ingredients are working together to rip the excess fat from your body and chisel away your undesirable weight. Feel a big boost of energy, reduce your appetite, drop the pounds, and feel great doing it. Naturally Shredded offers big doses, a potent formula, it’s all-natural and absolutely effective.

If anyone reading this has read any of my other articles for Strong, you may know that I absolutely LOVE Vital Alchemy! Their formulas are exactly what us Gym Rats want and need. They are true industry leaders, and they have done it again with Naturally Shredded. For a full ingredient list, go check it out on the Strong Supplements Shop, and please do go and grab this epic Fat Burner.

I’ll level with you all… I Beta Tested this product and had some left over from my run. I still went and bought more of it when it was publically launched. You do not want to miss this opportunity. Not just for your wallet’s sake, but for your own.

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