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HALFWAY THERE: 2021 Trends

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We are halfway through 2021 (how the HECK did that happen), and now able to start looking at trends and their benefits for the rest of the year. Some seem to fit the norm, and others will be new introductions in the way the fitness world will operate for the rest of this year and possibly for the future of the industry.

I think one trend we can all agree on this year is that Outdoor is KING. Fitness centers and individuals have modified both cardio and weight training to include activities and workout stations outside. We can look to see this trend continue as athletes have found a benefit from adding exercise outdoors both mentally and physically.
This next trend introduces a new mentality in many of our gyms and fitness centers.  We are seeing programs revolving around our inner Health. In addition to programs that are focused on weight loss, muscle gains, or endurance, you will see programs created to naturally support our immune systems and the overall chemical balance of our bodies.
An extraordinary trend we will see trending this year is the opportunity for affordable and customizable packages and memberships to our boutique and micro gyms. Those who have survived or thrived during this time can create unique packages and programs that may pique interest to those who may have let their memberships lapse. So be sure also to investigate the smaller gyms as they have provided more bang for your buck and offer some really cool conceptual programs.
Another trend we want to go over is the explosion of online fitness classes and apps. Entire bog box stores and smaller gyms have shifted to build out dynamic and compelling online workout programs. With the addition of these online classes and apps, many fitness experts and athletes have decided to stick with this portal to reach their goals and best interests.
The final trend is athletes relying more on fat burners to help with the shedding of weight gained while we were all a little more relaxed this past year. I mean…. Zoom is from the neck up, am I right? This trend is exploding but let me tell you, all fat burners are not created equal, and not all fat burners JUST burn fat. I am in the biz of being a supplement advisor and looking from all angles; we know weight loss is not one size fits all.
The first fat loss aid comes with a high-impact muscle builder as well. If you are looking to get gains and shed those lbs… THE MUSCLE SCULPTOR is for you.  The Muscle Sculptor is designed for Men AND Women to deliver optimum results and a rock-hard body.
The Muscle Sculptor by Vital Alchemy
Another effective way to help shed those pounds is to address some of the roots of the problem. One of those roots? CORTISOL. That is your stress hormone (it has been a stressful year… am I right?!). The release of this hormone packs on the pounds. So, one way to address unwanted weight is to address it at its stress source. CORTI COMBAT is impressive!
Corti Combat by Assault Labs
Now, this is how I prefer my fat burn. I also know I am not alone in this… BUT there is a new flavor that I am using daily. WILD THING by Assault Labs. I love getting my fat burn through a PWO. Personally, for my body type and chemistry, this has been a no-brainer. The new flavor Strawberry Mango Rush is even better than my go-to Rocket Pop (that I still order cuz I will never let it go!) This Pre Workout ranks year after year and could be an excellent resource for you.

So all that being said, the year is halfway over, and these are some of the trends we should be seeing or should investigate further. So whether you shift to all online and outdoor workouts or combine in the gym, and outdoors I wish you a great second half of the year!

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