Vital Alchemy – The Evolution Of Fitness Supplements

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Vital Alchemy – The Evolution Of Fitness Supplements

By July 18, 2019 Fitness

The Metamorphosis Is Complete Vital Labs Is Now Vital Alchemy.

  Vital Labs, the legacy brand responsible for supplying some of the most potent and sought after fitness supplements ever made is now officially Vital Alchemy. Vital Labs was a mainstay among the Top 10 Supplements Lists for many years. We are sad to see the name retired but according to the company it was necessary to better reflect its position in a changing market place. We’ve been assured that the change will not affect the quality of product produced and in fact will activate several exciting new areas. Vital Alchemy - Natural Metabolics

What Changes Are Taking Place At Vital Alchemy

The company has been up front about the changes, which have actually taken place over the past nine months or so. Vital Labs always considered itself in a state of constant evolution. Not one to sit still, they continue to innovate with a strong desire to lead. For example they are responsible for creating the Natural Anabolics category in 2015. It was a transition that gave bodybuilders and fitness aficionados continued gains at a lower cost with far fewer side affects than what was previously on the market. Anafuse was the first such product, hitting the market in late 2014 and immediately rising to the top of not just one Top 10 Supplements list, but two. Top 10 Natural Anabolics (No. 1 spot) and Top 10 Bulking Supplements (No. 3 spot) are two positions Anafuse still holds today even after some stiff competition. They also pioneered DAA MAX, the No. 1 ranked test booster for the past 5 years. Customers report that DAA MAX is their go to t-boosting supplement because they find it highly effective and the price ($24.95) is about half the cost of other similar products on the market.

The Fitness Industry Is In Flux

After Natural Anabolics grabbed a foot hold in the market we’re told that the company began to see a dramatic shift in the industry, which was about 2 years ago. Consistent with their mantra, “Evolve” they have embraced the change and are now leading the charge to provide new solutions for a changing market. Last year they release “The Muscle Sculptor“, The Fat Burner With Muscle. Anticipating the transition from a bulking look to a more shredded athletic appearance they came up with the formulation as an anti-catabolic/pro-anabolic to help those who wanted to loose fat and drastically improve muscle size and definition. More recently they invented the new category, Natural Metabolics. Vital Alchemy recognized that if your metabolism is lacking so will your efforts to increase muscle size and lose fat. The Muscle Sculptor by Vital AlchemyA metabolism that is in balance and functioning well is a key to working less and getting more. They introduced products like Fit Throid, which is formulated to support thyroid function, Youth GH, which works to support Human GH production and of course DAA MAX, which helps support increases in test. These products work to support user’s metabolic functions so that they can maximize their efforts and minimize waste. Natural Metabolics is just one way Vital Alchemy is changing the industry and continuing to evolve.   Vital Alchemy now holds the torch and will continue to innovate and lead the way to help those looking to better their fitness and physiques. The company plans on releasing new products and will continue to provide the same high performing, high potency products that it always had.   Vital Alchemy is available at Strong Supplements, where you can always find the company’s latest products and freshest inventory.


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