Hello gym rats, and welcome to fall.

That’s right, summer is over, and bulking season is creeping up on us.

So let’s get our bodies in prime position for winter.

This week I wanted to address my fellow gentlemen of the gym and talk about one of my favorite topics, Test Boosters. As we all know, this is extremely important in maintaining and building muscle mass.

So it would be wrong to head into bulking season without a run-down of what you need to be using!

Terminate by Hard Rock Supplements

I’m kicking things off with a big one! Terminate by Hard Rock Supplements is a fantastic product. Not only is it an excellent T Booster, but it is a Estrogen Blocker. It is your one-stop SUPP to increasing muscle hardness, reducing Estrogen, reducing prolactin, reducing body fat, all while boosting your libido… what’s not to love?! Using effective ingredients at efficacious dosages, Terminate synergistically brings you some of the best in estro blocking on the market today.

Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs

Next up is the T Booster that is receiving rave reviews from all of you. Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs is described as ‘Military Grade Testosterone Booster,’ and I’ve got to say.. they’re not wrong! 16 carefully dosed active ingredients are mixed together to create this powerhouse T booster. Improving your recovery times, strength, libido, and vascularity are all just added extras from Sergeant Steel. Boosting your testosterone, vascularity, and supporting muscle mass are the backbone of this epic T booster. Studies have shown that your testosterone levels can be boosted by up to 42% after just 12 days of consistent use. Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs is a heavy hitter that deserves to be tried.
Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs

SuperHuman Test by Alpha Lion Supplements

SuperHuman Test will go above and beyond for you! Not only will it aid you in increasing muscle mass and strength, but you will feel boosts in your energy, vitality, and stamina. The Alpha Lion team has created a natural T booster that utilizes patented ingredients that hit you like no other. Specifically designed to boost your performance in the gym and the bedroom, SuperHuman Test features natural components that have been scientifically formulated to give users an unforgettable T Boost experience.

DAA Max by Vital Alchemy

Finally, we come to one of my favorite labs, Vital Alchemy, who have given us DAA Max. This T booster has been proven to raise your testosterone levels, on average, by around 42 percent. This staggering increase in your T levels will facilitate faster recovery times, higher nitric oxide levels, greater blood flow, and of course, increased muscle mass and muscle retention. In addition, DAA Max has a secret weapon in its active ingredients, D-Aspartic acid. In studies on T Boosters, D-Aspartic acid is the active ingredient that facilitated a 42% increase in actual testosterone levels. This staggering increase is one of the many reasons why DAA Max is my own ‘go-to’ T booster.
DAA MAX by Vital Alchemy

All four of these Test Boosters are awesome. Plain and simple. They all feature top-of-the-line ingredients and were created by industry-leading labs. As I said at the start of this article, bulking season is nearly here, and we all need to be equipped with the latest and greatest SUPPs.

So go and check out these products and get yourself ready for the bulk!

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