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Fresh off the heels of rumors that Olympus UK is developing a game-changing estrogen blocker, we’ve also caught wind that they’re planning to revamp their already popular post-cycle therapy, Sup3r PCT.

Sup3r PCT by Olympus LabsSources say that Sup3r PCT will now feature the same unnamed ingredient that will be the main compound in El1minate. This compound is a potent, all-natural aromatase inhibitor that boasts fewer side effects while helping to suppress estrogen. It may even aid in preventing muscle loss during a cutting phase, which many users head into upon finishing an anabolic cycle.

Research surround the compound suggests that it also aids in the reduction of bad cholesterol, in addition to possessing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These are crucial to improved recovery as you push your body to new limits during your intense training.


This is incredibly important as the body seeks to normalize hormone production post cycle. Estrogen can run rampant causing unwanted side effects like excess fat storage, water retention, and, in some extreme cases, gyno. Adding an aromatase inhibitor can help regulate estrogen levels while also acting as a stimulator for testosterone production 1. 

We’ve also been told that the improved formula will contain a full clinical dose of the trademarked PrimaVie Shilajit, an ingredient that has become more popular in recent years for those looking to raise their natural testosterone production back up post cycle. Shilajit has been proven in studies to raise total testosterone and free testosterone in healthy adult males 2.Super PCT by Olympus Labs


The expected release date for the revamped Sup3r PCT is soon and it seems that this reformulation will be a true improvement over the current ingredient panel. Make sure to subscribe to Strong Supplement Shop to stay up to date on the latest product releases and rumors, and of course updates on Sup3r PCT.


Sup3r PCT

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