Wild Thing by Assault Labs

Wild Thing by Assault Labs

WILD THING from Assault Labs

Activates Your Drive and Boosts Your Focus – Feeds Your Muscles and Fuels Your Gains

By Kyle Marrow

It was as if bodybuilders from across the gym could see what I felt – a sustained pump and throbbing vascularity.  They stared at me, watching rep after rep of the purest form output with total ease as I mentally let go and my body went into workout automation. I felt no pain, only wonder as my now laser sharp focus cut out the bullshit of environment and empowered me to move quickly from one mechanical challenge to another.  I didn’t want to stop, I couldn’t, so higher and harder I pushed myself beyond my perceived limits, beyond the walls of the cage I created for myself.  Finally, broken free, finally a total wild thing.

WAIT, snap out of it dude! That wasn’t a dream that was a workout, albeit dramatic but a workout none the less.  All the drama aside this story is mine and was realized after my first scoop of the new pre-workout from Assault Labs – Wild Thing.  I can’t wait to break out of my cage again!

First, let me be upfront, I was given a free jar of Wild Thing from Assault Labs so that I could try it and write about my experience.  I get a small reward for writing about Wild Thing but the story and opinions are all mine.  I have never written for Assault Labs before, but I have used their products (on my own accord and yes I did have to pay for them).  I bought them from Strong Supplements and in every case found the stuff from Assault to be effective and I bought them only after researching what I needed.

If you don’t feel like reading my longer brief below, here is my short answer:  Wild Thing delivers energy and sustained focus throughout the workout.  My pump and increase in vascularity was noticeably pronounced.  I worked through my backs/bicep routine in about 20% less time than normal.  I didn’t experience any crash or take your breath away jitters like you would with Jack3d, but I was motivated throughout my workout. I was able to work through a challenging workout without soreness.  The biggest surprise was the focus I maintained.  I kept my mind on my form and performance not the bs going on around me.  Oh, the taste is not quite “yuk” but you can definitely notice the taste of the supplements.  I will use Wild Thing again, and after my free jar is gone I am going to buy it.  Read on if you want a more in depth report.

Since the prohormone ban of 2014 I have not seen much from Assault Labs, frankly I forgot about them. Assault Labs was one of those brands that turned up in my research when I was into building muscle mass.  I found they consistently outranked others for potency and in my mind intelligence of the ingredient panel.  I found their prohormones like Beast Plexx to be potent and effective, and I only used Blockade for on cycle support because it was the most complete package available (and about ½ the price of other products with ½ the ingredients and safeguards).  Blockade was one of the most technologically advanced products when introduced and remains so years later.  In general I felt I got more for my money from them.

Apparently now they are not selling prohormones, but they reached out to me because I bought their stuff before.  In talking to them I learned they have a stream of new products in the pipeline and Wild Thing is the first one out.  They asked if I would try it and let them know what I thought. This is my experience and what I got from doing a little research and poking around.

T-minus 30 Minutes Until Gym Time

I mixed one scoop of Wild Thing, Mixed Berry Madness and 12 oz of water in a shaker bottle.  It mixed up nicely but took some extra effort to get it to dissolve all the way.  I drank it down.  Hmmm, I won’t say “YUK” but it definitely had a medicine taste, although the berry taste was there I could tell this was not candy.

T-minus 20 Minutes Until Gym Time

Damn, I can feel the tingle and my fur is going up…off to the gym I go.

At The Gym

When I arrive I am ready to go, I am not feeling stressed or anxious but I am ready.  Its biceps and back day so I did the following:

  1. Lat Pulldowns
  2. Preacher Curls
  3. Rows
  4. Reverse Grip Curls
  5. Deadlifts
  6. Cable Curls
  7. 10-15 minutes of Stairmaster cardio for cool down

Normally it takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes depending on the crowd.  On this day the crowd is about normal.  

The first thing I noticed was my readiness.  Normally, I start slow then build momentum.  Not today, I jumped right in with all cylinders firing.  My focus on what I was doing was insane, I wasn’t looking around, didn’t want to wait or chat; I just wanted to do!  Everything flowed and I although I definitely felt the resistance I didn’t care I just powered through each exercise without getting tired.

I wasn’t working to failure, but I make sure my normal routines are challenging; however, today was definitely less of a challenge than my last back/bicep day.  There was no mucking about, I went from station to station without delay (only had to wait once for a slow dude so no big deal on my time).  

I also didn’t notice my soreness as much, which made pushing through with good form much easier.  In the end I surprised myself, I finished all my weights in a little over 45 minutes.  My workout started strong and ended strong.  I wouldn’t say it got stronger as I went, I was just able to sustain a solid pace from start to finish.  When I was done I wanted more, I felt like maybe getting a start on legs, but knowing myself better I just went to cardio and cool down.

In my opinion Wild Thing gave me a superior pump and the energy to push through my workout noticeably better than without it.  I had energy and focus the whole time, with focus being the biggest surprise and very noticeable.  I’ve used highly stimulative pre-workouts before and I would not classify Wild Thing as such necessarily.  It was an intense jittery take your breath away kind of workout like you would get with Jack3d, rather a motivated sustained energy workout with intense focus.  I liked it and the results spoke for themselves.

After the Gym

Directly after my workouts I usually finish with 2 scoops of AfterShock from Myogenix.  Without a doubt AfterShock is the best post workout I’ve ever taken and makes a huge difference with my recovery and how I feel the next day.  I truly believe without AfterShock I would not be going to the gym consistently as I do now, mainly because before AfterShock I would hurt so bad the day after I would avoid the gym.  It wasn’t until I consistently went to the gym that I started getting the muscle gains I was after.

I tell you this bit about AfterShock to preface my “After the Gym” report.  You see the guys from Assault Labs told me that Wild Thing was formulated to be more than an energizer, it’s made to fuel your muscle growth during the workout and aid in recovery.  Since I religiously take AfterShock I really can’t say much about the recovery effects of Wild Thing, sorry guys but AfterShock is my must have.

As you could imagine by body was pumped after my workout.  Vascularity was extremely noticeable as was size increase and definition.  I would say that the amount of work I put in took my after workout bod to the next level; I liked it.  I wasn’t burnt out nor did I notice a crash.  No question I was worked, so don’t expect a miracle, but I didn’t sit down and take a nap either.

Ingredient Panel

Before taking Wild Thing I read the ingredient panel, something I do before I put anything in my body.  What I noticed was the depth of ingredients. Check them out

Wild Things’ ingredient panel looks more like a muscle gainer than pre-workout.  Below I call out a few of the standouts.  First, notice the Creatine, L-Glutamine and Agmatine. I normally take these separately.  No need to do that today, Cha-Ching I like saving $$$.

Also, the amount of caffeine anhydrous is 300mg, normally caffeine based products I’ve seen have between 50mg and 200mg at least that is what I as a label reader noticed.

One surprise was the inclusion of N-Phenylacetyl-Prolylglycine Ethyl Ester or Noopept and Phenylenthylamine Hydrochloride, which are two new chemistries that have been used in a new class of supplements called Nootropics.  Basically these chemicals are cognitive enhancers which are said to increase alertness, mental acuity and focus.  The future of these supplements is to make people smarter and mentally more able like the drug NZT in the movie Limitless.  After learning about these ingredients I can see why my focus was so intense.

In general I have to say Wild Thing was as good as I expected it to be.  Assault Labs is known for superior products so my thinking was why should this be different.  The energy, focus and pump were intense yet did not make me crash or get the jitters.  My muscles were fed the amino acids and other nutrients that helped move me toward my muscle gain goals.  I also liked that Wild Thing contained creatine and l-glutamine which I take anyway so it will save me some money.  The only con was the taste, it wasn’t unbearable but it could have been better.  As I mentioned in the beginning of this write-up I received a free jar of Wild Thing from Assault Labs to do this write-up and a goody bag from them when I finished.  The opinions written above are my own.  That said, when I run out of Wild Thing I am going to buy another on my own.


  • gary probyn says:

    Where can you bye wild thing from an after shock

  • Ashley says:

    Because I found this post under “women who lift” I thought it would be helpful to have some feedback from a woman who does indeed lift. There is a reason I make posts about this particular product so often – it is hands down the best pre-workout I have ever used. It kicks in within minutes and the fun begins – tingles (not overpowering though…more like the constant hum of an engine), enhanced focus and mental clarity, a nice lift to your mood and a building excitement about the upcoming workout. It’s a bit as if Wild Thing flips your “I freaking love to lift heavy sh!t” switch. Once you begin, the tingles increase a bit in the muscles being worked most and the pump shows up. Biceps? Peaked. Quads? Hard. Traps? Popping. Forearms? Veins coming out to play. It’s not a painful pump but it definitely makes you wonder if you have enough room in your skin for everything, if that makes sense. I’ve increased in both weight and volume on every lift. The flavor is actually the best I’ve encountered in this type of product and the new tropical version is pretty refreshing. I have to admit that I really look forward to shaking this stuff up every day – it just makes me feel good inside and out. We now have 3 tubs sitting on our kitchen counter.

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