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Introducing ALPHARIP!


Discover the power of AlphaRip by Olympus Labs, a cutting-edge fitness supplement engineered to unlock your true potential and elevate your performance to new heights.


 ALPHARIP – Burn Fat & Build Muscle

ALPHARIP is a cutting-edge formula that harnesses the power of multiple potent pathways to drive muscle growth and fat loss. By inhibiting the muscle limiting factor Myostatin, enhancing mitochondrial biogenesis and energy output, increasing insulin sensitivity, and amplifying key beneficial pathways in the body, this multifaceted powerhouse formula takes your transformation to a whole new level.


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Key Benefits:

Burn Fat 

Build Muscle 

Potent Body Recomposition Aid  

Increase Vascularity

Comprehensive Energy Enhancer

Enhance ATP Production

Boost Muscle Protein Synthesis

Comprehensive Metabolism Enhancer

Boosts Anabolic Signalling

Supports Lean Muscle Growth

Enhance Insulin Sensitivity

Fat Oxidation Booster

Lipolysis Enhancer

Enhance Exercise Performance

Supports Anabolic Hormones

Potent Anti-Catabolic Support

Supports Strength Output

Enhanced Myogenesis

Boost Recovery

We understand the importance of full clinical doses for each ingredient, and that's why ALPHARIP utilizes liquid gel cap technology to ensure maximum purity and potency.


Introducing the game-changing ingredients in ALPHARIP:


Ursolic Acid PhytoFUSETM: This industry-first version of Ursolic Acid overcomes the limitations of poor bioavailability, now providing unprecedented and enhanced muscle-building and fat loss benefits. As a pentacyclic triterpenoid found in apples and herbs, has shown potent effects in clinical research. However, its poor bioavailability due to its hydrophobic and lipophilic nature has limited its effectiveness. Through advanced technology, we have developed Ursolic acid phytosome, significantly improving its oral bioavailability. This compound holds great potential for muscle building and fat loss.


RipFACTOR®: A clinically-studied herbal formula that accelerates muscle growth and delivers impressive results in strength, endurance, and muscle mass in just 14 days. As a novel botanical extract combining Sphaeranthus indicus and Mangifera indica, has been extensively studied and proven effective in increasing muscle mass and exercise performance in healthy individuals. The research showcased significant improvements in strength and muscle size as early as 14 days compared to a placebo. Subsequent studies confirmed and expanded on these findings.


α-Cedrene: A novel ingredient that stimulates the Olfactory Receptors (ORs) pathway, causing significant increases in cAMP specifically in muscle and fat cells. This potent compound enhances muscle protein synthesis, boosts skeletal muscle mass, and acts as an effective anti-catabolic and lipotropic agent. Utilized in ALPHARIP, α-cedrene has been identified as a potent agonist of OR10J5, leading to increased cAMP in muscle and fat cells. It promotes muscle growth and reduces muscle breakdown by stimulating myogenesis and acting as a skeletal muscle anti-atrophic agent. With high oral bioavailability, α-cedrene impacts anabolic and catabolic signaling molecules, resulting in enhanced muscle growth and anabolism.

Here is some feedback from selected beta testers!

Seth Alexander Fugman

It's day 20 of my log of Alpha Rip and I have to say that where this supplement has shined the most for me is strength pumps and muscle and muscle hardening also I have noticed kind of a thermogenic effect during my workouts, workdays and when I take walks on rest days... I mean it is hot as heck out but I think some of it is from the supplement.😎. I take it before. Workouts on work out days, on days I work i take first thing in the morning as well as on rest days.

I am 6"3 and I was 243.4 at the begining.  The first week I saw weight loss, the second week I saw weight gain and now near the end of week three, this morning I weighed 244.5 being that I have not been specifically trying to bulk or cut on this product I am happy with the results I am seeing and since the focus of the product is recomposition, I feel it's doing exactly what it's supposed too.  I am thoroughly enjoying running this product and I would suggest it to anyone trying to check out a natural recomposition anabolic formula

Ps ordered a tub of Oracle pre workout and Iv been trying it out for about a week now and I have to say that I am really enjoying the pumps and the stim effect I get from this pre and that the synergy of stacking it with Alpha Rip is awesome I would also say the combo is worth a try for sure.

Dave Cook

So I've just passed the two week mark for using AlphaRip each morning before my workouts.  I'm a daily trainer so I am taking 2 capsules before each of my workouts.

One thing that has not changed is my diet.  I am pretty robotic when it comes to my meals & macros, so there's nothing that has changed with this.  But when it comes to my training, this is where I'm starting to see the benefits of AlphaRip based upon how things are progressing.  I am purposefully pushing even harder during my sessions to see what AlphaRip can bring to the table.  And over the last two weeks, I've been able to increase the weights I use AND the reps I'm performing.  Now we're not talking earth-shattering increases, but increases nonetheless to really push my body to its limits.  I can definitely feel an increase in my strength and mentally it has felt great to really take things to another level for myself.  I'm all about training intelligently yet intensely, so incorporating AlphaRip has allowed me to take it up a notch slightly.  My body is responding very well too and doesn't feel overtaxed.  And with summer here, the extra push in the gym has my physique looking tighter.  All in all, this has been a great two weeks and I'm very impressed with AlphaRip.


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