EMS A Full Body Workout In 15 Minutes Without Weights

By February 13, 2018 November 13th, 2019 Fitness

Manduu, a company that started in Austria and is spreading throughout Europe like wildfire has just come to the United States. They offer EMS workouts, training and monitoring. The benefits from EMS are explained below, but the monitoring and monitoring app take fitness to a whole other level. Never before has so much information about your body and progress been available without having to go to an Olympic Training like facility. Manduu is located in Santa Monica California.Mandu App

A Full Body Workout In 15 Minutes is a Strong Value Proposition, Doing It Without Iron Weights Is Unbelievable.

If you went past a gym that promised to give you a killer full body workout in 15 minutes, chances are you’d shake your head in disbelief and keep walking. But it’s this exact premise that forms the basis of Electric Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, Training, and it’s no joke.

Popular in Europe and Russia since the 1960s in Olympic training, EMS Training involves getting hooked up to a set of electrodes placed on certain muscles, often after they have been soaked with water to conduct the electricity against the skin. The electrodes are then connected to a special machine that can adjust the strength of the impulses to different muscle groups.

So now that you look something like a cyborg, your trainer will start ramping up the intensity of the impulses. EMS Training works by sending an impulse through the electrodes to stimulate the muscles for a set period of time, usually four seconds, followed by a rest period, usually the same amount of time. During the impulse, you tense every muscle in your body while performing an exercise to stimulate blood flow and neuromuscular response.Electro Muscle Stimulation - EMS

The impulse is said to work by contracting your muscles a certain number of times per second, creating an amplified muscular response and ultimately resulting in neuromuscular adaptation. In other words, if the impulse rate is set to 85, for every time you perform a rep, your muscle will actually perceive 85 contractions.

While this may seem like a bunch of hocus pocus, scientific studies actually show that EMS Training results in similar neuromuscular adaptations (i.e. hypertrophy and strength) as traditional weight training 1. While still slowly making its way into the US, EMS Training is gaining popularity as a way to grab a quick and extremely effective workout amidst the busy schedules that most tend to cite as a reason for skipping exercise.

With benefits ranging from athletic performance to weight loss and hypertrophy coupled with the convenience of a 15 minute session, it seems that EMS Training may be the workout of the future. Would you give EMS Training a shot?



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