My Best Friend Is A Silent Killer

By January 14, 2020 January 16th, 2020 Fat Loss
You’re caffeine intolerant, hell you can’t even drink a cup of cocoa mid-day let alone go bat-stim-crazy with some of today’s leading fat loss supplements. Just the mere thought of your morning supplement routine can bring on the jitters. But wait – now you have a friend in the fat loss business. You don’t have to deal with the incomparable feeling of stimulants rushing through your veins. Not now, your new best friend kills fat in silence, quietly in the night (and day).Assass1nate by Olympus Labs


For years we were taught that the true sign of effectiveness was that telltale shakiness that accompanied most fat burners, and for a while that may have even been true. But much like in the training and diet arenas, the science of supplementation has continued to evolve and show us there’s another way.

Insert Assass1nate by Olympus Labs, a fat burner that promises to reduce appetite, stimulate metabolism, and prevent further storage of body fat – without all the stimulants. The cornerstone of its formula is Dihydromyricetin, a plant-based compound that in studies has been shown to help improve insulin resistance 1, meaning it can aid in promoting more effective glucose metabolism, which leads to reduced fat stores.

Additionally, it also features trans-tiliroside, another botanically derived ingredient that can help improve fat metabolism 2, and orthosiphon stamineus which in one study significantly reduced body weight and displayed promising antioxidant properties 3. Pair those with Oleoylethanolamide, a naturally occurring lipid in the body that can help signal feelings of satiety which thereby reduces appetite 4, and you’ve got one powerful ally in your quest for fat loss.

With an impressive ingredient panel like that, users can either stack with their favorite pre-workout for days when their energy levels are low, or simply skip the stims altogether and face a cleaner-feeling cut.

Is Assass1nate from Olympus Labs the stim-free answer to your fat loss dreams? Get yours now exclusively from Strong Supplement Shop and find out for yourself.



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