Whenever people say to me ‘More is always better’ I get super hesitant about what they’re saying. But let’s be honest, it’s usually right! That is also the case with this week’s email.

The team at Strong have just released a series of new stacks, proving that more… truly is better.

Let me just take a minute to tell you all about the team at Strong. They LISTEN to their customers. They have heard what you have been saying, your likes, dislikes, and NEEDS. After hearing what you all want from products, they have created two epic stacks. They are not just random products, but the stacks that clients have been asking for.


BOTH of these stacks are 15% off during the launch week! These coupon codes are valid until 1/16 ONLY!


Youth Stack 15% Off

Coupon Code: YOUTHSTACK15


Lean Lion Stack 15% Off

Coupon Code: LEANLION15

Lean Lion Stack

This stack was curated after feedback from customers who were using these three Alpha Lion supps to achieve maximum weight control, loss, and insulin receptiveness. Using this stack is specifically designed to Increase lean muscle, improve digestion, convert fat to energy, inhibit fat cell growth and even increase your metabolism!


Here are the three products included in the Lean Lion Stack!


Gains Candy Mitoburn

This Fat Loss Amplifier has been a proven effective way to lose fat, reduce your appetite and increase your lean muscle mass simultaneously. This clinically dosed fat burner ignites your metabolism and converts your stored fat into ‘ready to burn’ fats. It will help you remove weight while keeping your muscle growing.


Gains Candy CaloriBurn

This should be everyone’s go-to fat burner. It is the best way to maximize your weight loss journey. It helps you burn more calories throughout the day without using stimulants. It will put your body into a state of thermogenesis throughout the day, increasing your metabolism and burning fats all day long.

Gains Candy GlucoVantage

This insulin mimicker is perfect for fat loss and Muscle Building! This is one of the first Dihydroberberine (DHB) supplements that work to inhibit fat cell growth and insulin sensitivity. GlucoVantage forces carbs to be stored in your muscles as glycogen so it can be used as fuel for your body rather than fat storage.

Youth Stack

Strong asked their development team to look at putting together a high impact stack that will promote the longevity of our gains and testosterone and also address well-being such as restful sleep, better energy levels, stronger bones and tendons, mood, memory, and more. 

Here are the two Heavy Hitters that make up the Youth Stack!



This T booster has been proven to raise your testosterone levels, on average, by around 42 percent. This staggering increase in your T levels will facilitate faster recovery times, higher nitric oxide levels, greater blood flow, and of course, increased muscle mass and muscle retention. DAA Max has a secret weapon in its active ingredients, D-Aspartic acid. In studies on T Boosters, D-Aspartic acid is the active ingredient that facilitated a 42% increase in actual testosterone levels. This staggering increase is one of the many reasons why DAA Max is my own ‘go to’ T booster.


Youth GH

Capitalizing on the latest in ingredient research Youth GH combines 11 effectively dosed ingredients to help increase your growth hormone production to support you with increased energy, lean muscle growth, fat loss, muscle recovery, and overall mood enhancement.

Not only are these stacks filled with individual products that are tried and tested winners, BUT together they are helping produce insane results.

Strong have listened to all of you and truly hit a home run with these stacks.


Do not waste any time; grab these stacks today to get 15% off. This sale will only last until Monday night at Midnight. Be sure to grab yours while the sale is on.

Youth Stack 15% Off

Coupon Code: YOUTHSTACK15


Lean Lion Stack 15% Off

Coupon Code: LEANLION15




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