This most anticipated product launch is breaking records and consumers are excited about this collaboration between Strong Supplements and Olympus Labs!


We could sit here and tell you all the amazing benefits of this new product but thought it may be good to hear from a couple of our beta testers so you get an authentic insight into how Alpha Bulk has affected their results!

January 31, 2023

The Pumps & Fullness were UNREAL

I  was one of the beta testers for Alpha Bulk. One picture was taken on chest day and the other on an off day. The pumps were incredible and the muscle fullness was unreal. My muscles felt so dense and this was all on a caloric deficit!! I’ve never felt such intense strength and fullness on a deficit before, and the effects kicked in the first dose, as I was drenched in sweat but the intensity of the workout kept me going and going till I had to drag myself out of the gym.  -Mo

January 31, 2023

Beta Tester Review

I was chosen to be a beta tester for Alpha Bulk and took it for 8 weeks on a bulk.


I had just finished a cycle and went into this with neutral expectations considering my circumstances where I had expected to lose some strength and size which is always expected at the end of any cycle.


However I was somewhat optimistic as Olympus Labs has been a staple in my cabinet for years and I couldn’t think of the last time where I didn’t have a positive experience with any of their products. (Maybe the flavoring on a pwo). Anyway, now to the good part. Very shortly into starting AlphaBulk, I want to say even the first dose I felt an acute effect in fullness, endurance, and strength. Yes the type of strength where your normal weight feels a little lighter than usual, for the layman this would be what we call our normal working sets & reps and how we shape our weights around what we normally lift or the plateau of what we’re trying to get past. I increased the weight in increments but didn’t feel tied down by the weights which I knew right away was the product doing some sort of magic in my body that was causing it to move the weights with more ease.


At first I mentally thought this was placebo but as the days went by and weeks I got to rotate different body parts where I felt this affect in strength on all body parts and it progressive into the subsequent weeks there after.


The best thing about alpha bulk was the “kill it” type feeling I got every time I went to the gym and the intensity I trained with. It unlocked my mind muscle connection like no other experience before it, and my body was working so hard by the second exercise I was sweating which later on I got to understand was probably due to the cAMP properties of the product Only on a slight caloric surplus of ~500 cals I noticed much improved muscle density, strength, and I was very happy to keep my waist lean which was partially due to the slight surplus plus the properties of alphabulk where it kept you strong and lean.


I’m very happy with the results I amassed in a short period of 8 weeks and can not wait to run it again. I’d comfortably say it was my favorite experience with a natural product thus far and although I don’t know much about the science I do know after reading the features I felt each and every one of them.


Overall 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who wants to run a natural cycle.        - Adam

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