Launching May 30th, 2023


Strong Supplements & Olympus Labs have done it... again!


The second product in the ALPHA series is about to hit the market, and we want to give YOU exclusive access to some details. 


Allow me to introduce the ALPHABUILD – the next release in the ALPHA line from Olympus Labs.


I have one main point to drive home... Get ready to annihilate boundaries!


ALPHABUILD has been crafted to obliterate the limitations imposed by your body's signaling molecules, empowering you to unlock unheard of muscle-building potential. That’s right.. it tells your body “Yo…. Build more and bigger muscle” plain and simple.


The formula also supercharges your body's fat-burning potential, paving the way for a leaner, more chiseled look.


Fancy talk aside,  ALPHABUILD has made its rounds here at Strong and over at  OL, with all the beta testers and internal supp experts all who have trialed the product agree, this formula did NOT come to play.

Key Benefits:

Increases Follistatin
Enhances Atp Production
Boosts Muscle Protein Synthesis
Increases Vascularity
Boosts Anabolic Signaling
Supports Lean Muscle Growth
Enhances Insulin Sensitivity
Fat Oxidation Booster
Aids In The Breakdown Of Fat
Enhances Exercise Performance
Potent Anti-Catabolic Support
Supports Strength Output
Helps Create New Muscle Fibers
Boosts Recovery
Supports Healthy Levels Of Anabolic Hormones
Boosts The Creation Of Energy Factories In Cells
Enhances A Molecule Involved In Many Bodily Functions
Activates Specific Bodily Processes Via Tgr-5 Receptors


Moreover, and a first in the industry, Olympus Labs has combined the well-established ingredient, (-)-Epicatechin PhytoFUSE™, in a significant dose of 600mg, with its lesser-known but the equally effective counterpart, (+)-Epicatechin. And heads up, the research on the positive (+) isomer of Epicatechin is genuinely ground-breaking.


Other game changing elements involved in the ALPHABUILD formula are α-Ionone, Abscisic Acid, and Chromium Picolinate, all delivered with these liquid gel caps.


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Stay Strong




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