I have found that to maintain my personal hard-earned gains, it has been important to continue challenging muscle with progressive overload and STICK TO THE HUSTLE. 


However, in my journey, I have fallen short; let me tell you what I looked at to turn my hustle around. 


I want to talk about the use of Natural Anabolics.

We have all heard about natural anabolics.

Those killer supplements derived from herbal extracts that have been carefully studied to stimulate our body's hormone environment, resulting in increased muscle growth and faster recovery times.


The best part is that they are made from natural ingredients, so you can achieve great results without worrying about any harmful side effects or the need for additional supplementation.


But obviously, there is no Muscle without HUSTLE. 


If you want to achieve significant muscle gains, you have to be prepared to put in the work. It's not just about hitting the gym and lifting weights - you need to have a solid workout plan, eat a nutritious diet, solid supplementation, and consistently challenge your body to push past its limits.


The road to achieving your fitness goals is not easy and requires discipline, commitment, and a willingness to hustle. But the payoff is worth it.


I was once at a point where with each grueling workout, I felt like my results should have been progressing faster.  I looked to my external environment and could not find the cause. So I looked internally and realized I was dosing my Natural Anabolics poorly. I set out, with the help of Strongs expert team, to find the best in NA support to that I could really turn my hustle.. into muscle!


Let's look at these supps now...



EPI 2.0 by Vital Alchemy


First on my list of my favorite Natural Anabolics, I’ve returned to the team at Vital Alchemy for their product EPI 2.0. This awesome SUPP is designed to help push the body past its muscle building plateaus. Epi 2.0 is specifically able to do this by reducing the growth factor protein that limits your muscle growth with its key ingredient, Epicatechin. Additionally, Epi 2.0 utilizes a blend of ingredients that helps to triple the effectiveness of Epicatechin. These advances not only allowed Vital Alchemy to increase the ingredients potency, it also allowed them to almost double the amount of time it stays active in your body to promote maximum muscle growth! And if a 3X increase in potency wasn’t enough, they took that ingredient and increased its value with a larger dose that is up to 225% more product than competing products. The end result is Epi 2.0, a new product that allows you to cheat your genetics!


Anafuse By Vital Alchemy 

Up Next Anafuse! This natural supplement has been a consistent winner year after year and its massive popularity and strong positive feedback was something that could not be ignored. Anafuse combines 4 powerful natural anabolics and its users have been reported increases in lean mass, muscle endurance, strength, and recovery. Anafuse also does not require any kind of cycle support or post-cycle therapy, meaning virtually anyone can use it above the age of 18, male or female, can enjoy its positive effects. 


Youth GH by Vital Alchemy


Next up is Youth GH By Vital Alchemy Supplements! This is a perfect example of a Natural Anabolic that goes the extra mile. Combining 11 effectively doesd ingredients you will see growth in hormone production to enable lean muscle building, fat loss, and enhanced muscle recovery. Additionally, with ingredients like Rikkunshito (a natural Japanese herb), Valerian Root Extract, and L-Theanine, you will experience improvements in your sleep quality, mood, and even your appetite. Youth GH is an industry leader of Natural Anabolic and is well worth your time!


Colossal Muscle by Hard Rock Supplements


Next up,  another banger! That’s right Gym Rats, Hard Rock Supplements has done it again. Colossal muscle is an incredible NA, giving us a natural way to add muscle and gain strength. But what makes this NA so much harder hitting than others is their staggering new ingredients that have undergone an epic 10-week trial to make sure this formula gives us the Colossal gains we want! With the addition of 20-Hydroxyecdysone and Uzbekistan Ajuga Turkestanica this NA has some much more punch than any of its competitors. Colossal Muscle is taking SUPPs to new levels of awesome… So, make sure you add this Natural Anabolic to your arsenal!


AlphaBulk by Olympus Labs


Next a newer kid on the block with some Alpha power is Alpha Bulk. AlphaBulk is a supplement that incorporates the industry's first anabolic agent α-Cedrene, which has been clinically proven to enhance skeletal muscle mass and strength while promoting fat loss. In addition, the supplement includes α-Ionone in its most potent liquid form, which works together with α-Cedrene to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and act as a powerful anti-catabolic and lipotropic agent. With AlphaBulk's innovative Liquigel capsules, you can be sure that you're getting the full clinical dosage of these powerhouse ingredients for maximum benefits.


As someone who's been in the fitness industry for a while, I can say with confidence that the five natural anabolic products I recommended above (which are also favorites of the Strong Supplements team) are a must-try for anyone looking to enhance their gains.


Trust me, the reviews speak for themselves, and our stats show that these supplements are consistently ordered by satisfied customers.


So, take a chance and try one of these epic supplements for yourself to see how natural anabolics can play an integral role in your fitness hustle!

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