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CRACK… the Code

By August 31, 2023 No Comments

Let's be real Gym Rats.


While we've been busy chasing beefy biceps and sculpted chests, it's finally time to CRACK... the code on the real neglected superstars.


Thats right, our joints!


So check this out – our spine is like a joint party with over 100 guests! Yep, that's more than a hundred potential pain-causing culprits just hanging out in our backs. Now, if you're hitting the big 3-0 or beyond, it's time to put on your joint armor to dodge the pain. But how do we shield ourselves from the joint agony?


Meet the solution: Glucosamine. It's like the natural champion in our bodies, keeping our cartilage happy and squishy (kind of like a plush cushion). The problem is, as the clock keeps ticking, our Glucosamine levels take a nosedive, opening the door for joint pain, arthritis, backaches, and a whole bunch of unwelcome party crashers.

You can even find Glucosamine chilling in classic eats like chicken soup, seafood, and beef broth. But hey, being a Gym Rat can be a wild ride between diets, busy schedules, you name it. That's when Glucosamine-packed SUPPs come to the rescue. They're like the guardians of our cartilage, stopping it from going downhill and even giving it a boost where it's needed most.


Not only does Glucosamine have the power to prevent joint pain, it can also TREAT it. So, no matter if you're rocking your twenties or well into your golden years, Glucosamine should be on your SUPP radar. 'Cause let's face it, in the world of bodybuilding you don't want to “crack” under pressure! 



No need to wait any longer, check out 3 of my favorite SUPPs for joint support! 


Turmeric 95 by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals


Turmeric 95 is an enhanced form of curcumin that combines Hi-Tech’s Cyclosome delivery system, provides more significant benefits than its relative native curcumin. Native curcumin is poorly absorbed and rapidly metabolized before much of its benefits can be implemented. With Tumeric 95s, advanced and effective delivery, it helps with inflammation in a major way. We have all heard the buzz around Tumeric, and Hi Tech Pharms did not waste time in the lab making sure to optimize its potential benefits.


Joyful Joints by Vital Alchemy


One of my favorites for joint health is Joyful Joints by Vital Alchemy. It has everything our bodies need for joint health and rehabilitation (if needed). Additionally, its ingredients will go as far as a SUPP can go to create extraordinary preventative measures. Yes, it’s loaded with Glucosamine… That’s a given. But Joyful Joints also have natural anti-inflammatories like Turmeric and Bromelain (Pineapple extract). Combining this with its Vitamin C and Cissus Quadrangularis, your joints and bones have everything they need to stay healthy while we continue to push our bodies further and further. My favorite aspect of Joyful Joints has to be the addition of Hyaluronic Acid. It’s an additional supplement that our joints need to stay healthy. It creates more vital Synovial fluid in our cartilage. Basically, that is the fluid that bathes our joints and functions as joint lubrication. Hyaluronic Acid isn’t something you see in every Joint supplement; however, it should be! Joyful Joints is one of the most well-rounded Joint SUPP’s and should be everyone’s ‘go-to’ supplement in Joint health.


Joint and Tissue by Myogenix


Joint and Tissue by Myogenix was formulated to target both hard and soft tissues by working with your body’s immune system. So Myogenix was “up in the lab with a pen and a pad” (only the cool will get that) and created UCII’. UCII’ is undenatured type II collagen, a revolutionary new dietary ingredient that works with the immune system to promote healthy joints through oral tolerization. This helps the body tell the difference between good stuff, like ingredients in supplements, and bad stuff like Bacteria. Myogenix nailed it.


If you're aiming to maintain your flex game and elevate your joint health for higher performance, time to pick the SUPP that’s right for you!

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