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Summer is wrapping up, and a lot has happened.

  1. Gyms started to reopen…
  2. We began to go back out in public…
  3. Kayne got divorced…
  4. Kanye got married…


I would love to look back at some of the cool stuff released at Strong Supplements. Working with this brand, I stay on top of new products and often beta test them myself to offer first-hand feedback before products reach the website.

So here we go Gym Rats!

Here is a look back at the 2021 new product launch standouts (so far)….

Wild Thing is a well-known and top 10 pre-workout formula that launched a new AMAZING FLAVOR Strawberry Mango Rush! With the same amino acids, creatine, and other nutrients to help feed your muscles while you work out, it also contains two cutting-edge nootropics that can increase your focus and ignite your workout energy beyond what you’ve experienced before. Wild Thing also delivers vascularity and pumps like no other pre-workout supplement can. This one is tried and true and not even BETTER tasting with this new flavor addition!
This is the LATEST and GREATEST release from Hard Rock Supplements! It will help increase your muscle hardness, reduce estrogen, reduce prolactin, and reduce body fat, all while boosting your libido! Terminates’formula uses effective ingredients at high impact dosages. So whether you are running a cycle and want to get estrogen in check or looking for a stand-alone estrogen blocker and muscle hardener, Terminate is my recommendation!
Olympus Labs has delivered an upgrade to the outstanding formula released in 2017 that countless people have used as a staple in their bodybuilding journey. Exciting new ingredients combined with the core features of the original formula have delivered an excellent upgrade to the product’s effectiveness. The formula helps build lean muscle, promote fat loss simultaneously, promote exceptional vasodilation and vascularity, and prevent muscle breakdown.
K1NGS PCT has been designed to deliver potent multiple-mechanism of action support in restoring the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular-axis (HPTA), following exogenous hormone use, targeting both the commonly used pathway of hypothalamic ‘estrogen receptor antagonism,’ but also brings to market a novel and highly promising hypothalamic ‘androgen receptor antagonist’ pathway to truly drive the negative feedback loop into overdrive and deliver increased steroidogenesis. While restoring HPTA function is of critical importance, K1NGS PCT is truly multifaceted. The formula also features ingredients that promote increased muscle protein synthesis, provide potent anti-catabolic support, support healthy immune system function, increased libido, and deliver powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant firepower.
This prework out varies as it aims to improve your hydration, balance your fluids, increase oxygen utilization, all while getting massive increases in energy, pump, and laser focus. The powerful formula in ALL OUT Ultra Edition contains a Performance Matrix, an Energy Matrix, and an Absorption Enhancement blend. A new spin on the pre workout!
Letro XT is an advanced estrogen inhibitor helping you stay lean, reduce water retention and keep your body in an anabolic state much longer. Letro XT also cuts cortisol, a catabolic hormone that prevents muscle growth. Using Letro XT aids in creating an anabolic environment conducive to building muscle, burning fat, and getting the results you desire.
Psychotic Test by Insane Labz brings you a crazy boost in test and energy for your workout. When you take your everyday pre workout, you don’t your testosterone levels don’t get a chance to grow; with Psychotic Test, you get the best of both worlds. Increase in test and the other benefits of a solid pre, like increased pumps, energy, and focus.

PEAK02® is an organic-certified scientifically developed clinically researched combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms grown in the U.S. and is designed to target and revolutionize your workouts. ‘Adaptogen’ can be defined as a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress. PEAK02® allows users to ‘adapt’ to and overcome physical and mental stress to improve performance and increase power output and endurance. Pretty cool stuff!

I have to say the new Wild Thing flavor and Terminate in my routine for life. But these others also kick a** and several I use depending on the season and my personal goals.

So check these out… Strong Supplements puts a lot of thought into what they put out, which is evident in this standout launch list!

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