Alpha Lean-7

Turn the Page on Conventional Fat Burners
The Fat Burner You Experience 


Hard Rock Supplements initiates a violent assault on body fat with Alpha Lean 7, turning the chapter on conventional fat burners and changing fat loss forever. Created for only the most experienced fitness warriors, the new formulation offers an innovative arsenal of the latest chemical weaponry used to torch fat from hiding a divine physique.

Alpha Lean-7 is a NON-DMAA formula yet is sinister enough to help generate severe thermogenesis, clamp down hunger pangs and accelerate metabolic rate, all the while amplifying your energy levels and improve your focus.

Take your fat loss journey from conventional to EPIC with Alpha Lean-7 and reach your fitness and body recomposition goals like never before. Refuse to surrender to flab and get it done now!

Alpha Lean-7 Benefits:

  • Helps Torch Body Fat*
  • Helps Diminish Your Cravings*
  • Helps to Amplify Your Energy*
  • Helps to Increase Your Metabolic Rate*
  • Helps Remove Water Weight*
  • Promotes an Elevated Positive Mood*
  • Helps to Increase Concentration and Focus*
*WARNING: NOT FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. Always consult a licensed practitioner prior to starting any diet and/or exercise program. Consult a physician or licensed qualified healthcare professional before using this product if you have, or have a family history of, heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or other psychiatric condition, glaucoma, difficulty in urinating, prostate enlargement, or seizure disorder, or if you are using a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI or any other drug or over-the-counter drug containing phenylopropanolamine (ingredients found in certain allergy, asthma, cough or cold, and weight control products).
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Innovative & Powerful
Innovative New Active Ingredients Put Alpha-Lean-7 Light Years Ahead

Synepherine hcl

Found in a variety of plants used to help send the body into a thermogenic state*

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is used to enhance mental alertness and thinking.

Cissus Quadrangularis

May support metabolism and muscle preservation during times of caloric deficit.

Review by John** from Hawaii…

…I took one, told her about the clean energy and the heavy sweats and she took one right away…with the same results. The next day, we both took one again, went to the gym together and came home and ordered a bottle.

We’re like kids at Christmas… we just got our bottle yesterday and cleaned our house in 3 hours flat… a record….and only took one a piece.

Today we took one w/ breakfast and I took another in the middle of a 24 set shoulder workout 4 hours later. It’s 6:45 PM here in Hawaii and I’ve had good, steady energy all day ..with NO jitters and no heavy crash…


**Last Name Withheld to Protect Privacy

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Brandon January 6, 2016
Really powerful
  • I am 100% a stim junkie, so I popped two of these as I was starting to get tired at work.

    I have never taken anything that made me work up a sweat while doing nothing at all, but this one did. I was literally starting to sweat while sitting at my desk. My first impression was wow, so I decided I needed to try this at the gym.

    I have taken 2 caps of hydroxyelite and I did not sweat or feel like I did with this. Same goes with Phenadrine and both have dmaa.

    The energy was great especially since I hit the gym on an empty stomach, but sweats took this to another level. It usually takes about 10 minutes of cardio before I start getting a sweat going, took like 3 mins with this. 20 minutes in my underwear was starting to get sweaty. This stuff is intense.

    I received a 4 capsule serving, so I only got 2 tries at this, so I can't say much yet on the other effects such as appetite suppression, but the ability to work out as intense as I did while fasted leads me to believe that it should be good in that department.

    I would definitely use this again, especially since it didn't give me that jittery cracked out energy, the energy was more so like an excitement - really cool.
alastair January 14, 2016
Simply the Best
  • I've tried everything and love be Stimson but I've simply never had anything quite like these ever . Took 2 in the morning and was actually sweating standing in a cold warehouse at work . Take another in the eve before the gym and bang . The training is intense . These are definitely not a product for beginners . Have to actually remind myself to eat while in these . It's only been a week but I've dropped 4lbs already . A great product from a great company .
Cj January 15, 2016
it works
  • I've been using it with a 40/40/20 meal plan and proper training regimen, and lost 5 lbs in 12 days. Without feeling like a rage-aholic or a crackhead. Good mood, curbs appetite, good product!
Greg January 16, 2016
Sweat in a bottle
  • Great product from Hard Rock! I take this 1st thing in the morning and it has me sweating just sitting in class! When I go to the gym it's good clean energy and laser focus. I would definitely recommend this to an experienced stimulus user.
daryll January 19, 2016
alpha lean 7
  • This stuff is insane, I've tried a lot of fatburners, but nothing like this before. This is just my first day taking it, so I decided to take 2 pills right from the start. What I noticed was how my body temperature and energy levels increased greatly and how much i am sweating.It felt like my body when went from a normal level to 1000 degrees. I go to the gym quite regularly and my diet is in check. It's been 3 hours since I took it still have a lot of energy and my body temperature is still way above normal body temperature. I stack alpha lean 7 with cla, l-carnitine and boat's. I will come back after a week and write another review.
Lee January 22, 2016
Nice product
  • Almost 3 weeks and 8 lbs lost. First week 1 tablet and 2 a day the following. I find taking mid-morning and mid-afternoon work the best for me. Appetite control without the heart racing jittery energy boost.

    I had started a cutting cycle of Anafuse and added this 2 weeks in to assist. I also take DAA 5 days on and weekends off. Finally vitamin D3 at 5000 iU a day. I'm trying to boost my test naturally to assist in my cutting process. My diet is relatively clean but could be cleaner.

    I like this new product but I wouldnt expect any less if Hard Rock is the manufacture.
Andrew January 22, 2016
  • I'm a little under 2 weeks in on this product and I must say its pretty damn good. Great pumps and limits cravings. I'm on a very strict diet and have been hitting my macros daily while taking this and I've lost 6 pounds of shear fat. Not losing ANY size or strength so far. This is simply one of the best products out there in my opinion. I have taken a few other products very similiar to this but they dont compare. The best part is its stimulant free and still works better than Epi2a3a which IS stimulant based.
Danny January 22, 2016
  • Coming off two weeks of using this product. Very pleased with the results. I was coming off another top 10 fat burner with mediocre and inconsistent results. Kept the same diet with Alpha Lean 7 and I dropped 5 lbs. I do a combination of HIIT cardio and sustained pace cardio with weight lifting. Noticed no loss in muscle or strength, was actually able to hit a PR in my Deadlift.

    So the way I took this product was, one capsule in the morning around 6:30 - 7:15am usually with a protein or a green drink. By 9am I feel the energy and focus flow smoothly through my body. Moderate physical movement (from work)causes me to start a good sweat. This feeling lasts about 3 hours. My next dosage starts around 6-6:15pm, and I take one capsule with an extra capsule of Yohimbine HCL about 45min before my gym session. I know this product already contains some but its just something I tried. When this product kicks in at the gym, I just want to keep on going. The energy I get from this feels superb. The sweat just drips from everywhere! Planning on going for 2 capsules in the morning and cant wait to see and feel the results!
willie January 26, 2016
Praise GOD.
  • This reminds me of oxy elite. I was in perfection shape last summer and during the fall I kinda gained some weight. I wanted to get back down so I tried something called synadrex which is nothing really but caffeine. Now my body has gotten used to it. I ode red this Saturday and I figured I would get it Tuesday. Today is Monday and it arrived. I had already taken a synadrex today but still I piped this alpha 7 in omg. The Energy was just like oxy elite. The best part about oxy really wasn't the Energy, it was the mental focus and appetite surpressat. I feel so relaxed and not hungry. The Energy is there, it's not overwhelming but you feel it. I'm just loving the relaxation. I'm just has happy and relaxed. I was gone take the2nd one but this first pill still working so I'm going to try taking the suggested two Tomm . It's late right now so Dont want to be up all night. I feel like this will help me on my low cal diet. I've even tried hydroxyelite but it's not like this. I mean this is oxy elite to the tee. I'm going to order two more before the price goes up. I was confident in this before I took because I've tried other Hard rock products and they worked well. So I'm excited about seeing the results in 30 days. And I'm so serious, I'm sitting here now just as calm. Usually I will have already done my CalORIES for the day and I'll be still trying to do more and over doing myself BUT right now I'm ok with the calories I've burned to today and I'm still just as calm and relaxed and not trying to over do my self. JUST LIKE OXY ELITE. Also I'm about to eat 3ounces of chicken at 8:30 pm and that's all I've had and all I want. Not really hungry now even though I haven't ate my chicken yet.
daryll January 26, 2016
alpha lean 7
  • I've been on alpha lean 7 for a week now, with eating 6 small meals a day, working out in the morning and doing cardio in the afternoon, I've lost 8lbs in the first week. My energy level is still through the roof and my body temperature is still getting very high
Barbara January 27, 2016
Alpha Lean -7
  • Great product.
    Gives me a lot of energy, and is getting rid of the excess water.
    I would definitely buy it again
alexander January 28, 2016
Great Thermogenic + Heightened Mood
  • Note: I've only been using for 3 days. Will update full results at the end of February.

    I've tried fat burners & pre-workouts non-stop trying to find one that makes me burn fat and feel good at the same time. So far, I believe this is it.

    I've tried mesomorph, wild thing, hydroxy elite, hydroxyCUT elite, lean 650, Asia Black (My fav out of these), etc. But after my workout I would feel drained. After my workouts, i feel great with Alpha Lean-7

    I feel more focused throughout the day and have not crashed (yet) at any time. I feel more upbeat and happy, rather than twitchy and anxious with previous fat burners (I have yet to finish a cylce, due to the anxiety I get from them). I have easily been way more productive with this product at the gym AND in my work. I actually WANT to do the work.

    Another benefit is that I feel I am getting more oxygen in my lungs. I have no idea why, but I feel my lung capacity has increased from day one. My stamina has increased a bunch with just one in the morning.

    My reps in the gym have gone up, my heart rate and sweat has also, without any tingling on my face like mesomorph or wild thing.

    If you're looking to cut I would suggest Alpha Lean-7, before you try anything else.

    Again this is only Day 3, but there is no way I am stopping this anytime soon. Update at the end of February with progress.

    Male: 27
    215LBS 23% bf looking to get down to 12-15%

    Lean body mass 165 (as of 10/15)

    Diet: Keto (I don't count calories, just avg macros)
    Protein 130-160g
    Fat 175-200g
    Carbs Only from one big salad a day (organic spring mix)

    Saturday or Sunday One cheat meal usually bento box with sushi

    If I drink, Its Jameson shots or vodka sodas. If you're at house parties pick up those flavored waters that are zero carb (Safeway select wild cherry mixed with vodka is my favorite). NOT SUGGESTING YOU DRINK WHILE ON ANY SUPPLEMENT - DEF NOT HEALTHY - JUST IF YOU DO, I suggest you GO LOW CARB!

    Training: M-F

    5 min run warm up - treadmill a 3 incline and speed 7

    Monday Legs & Core (High Rep, 15-20 reps)
    Tuesday Chest & Back (high rep, 20-25 reps)
    Wednesday Arms & Shoulders
    Thursday Legs (lower rep, 8-10)
    Friday Chest & Back (Drop Sets 5-8 reps)

    Followed each day with at least 30 min steady walking cardio & audio book

    P90X Plyometrics on Saturdays (Starting February)

    So, in conclusion, yes give it a try for 30 days with either a keto or carb cycling diet. I'll update at the end of February.
Toni January 31, 2016
One of the best
  • First of all, i must say that i mix this one with the last pills i had of Hell Fire, so i could see many differences. I liked Hell Fire. It makes me sweat and give me energy. I am quite stim junkie so this point is very important for me. Alpha Lean is a very ggod product. If you take one pill is enough to have energy for half the day, but if you take, then you should look for some activity or you become crazy. You must be careful and don´t take it near to sleep, cause although it doesn´t put you high inmediatly, has a long lasting effects.
    I don´t know yet the real influence in my weight, as i took it for only two weeks, but is semms that is acting properly.
    I truly recommend it for people looking for long lasting energy
ross February 8, 2016
Alpha Lean - 7
  • Great product! Definitely meets/exceeds my expectations of them claims the product mentions. My days start pretty early and Alpha Lean - 7 definitely provides a proper jump start to my day by enhancing mental clarity, as well as my energy level, while also keeping my appetite at bay. This review is based off of a week of trying the product, and thus far im pretty impressed!
Jordan February 10, 2016
Tried alot
  • OK first off hard rock has great products from phs to price these guys smash the competition. Alpha lean 7 is amazing it gives you great clean energy nothing like dmaa compounds. As far as powefull the only other fat burner that comes close is lipodrene hard core. I've tried phenadrine stimerex and lipodrene hardcore versions. Alpha lean tops them all. I'm a big guy 220 to 230 this stuff gets you shredded but allows you to eat and not lose muscle. Great product
Felipe February 18, 2016
Definitely strong -- great energy and alertness!
  • Okay, I am not really a stim junkie, though I have tried may stims, thermogenic pills, etc. I remember the original Oxy Elite Pro, and the days when some stims still had ephedra.

    Anyway, Alpha Lean-7 definitely met my expectations based on reading other user's reviews. Many supps make bold claims only to leave you hanging once you actually make the plunge and actually buy them.

    I read the directions carefully when I got my order in the mail (it was fast, as always!). I started with one pill in the morning, and I definitely got the energy boost I needed from just one pill. I wouldn't say I crashed by the afternoon; the energy starts out intense at first, and then tapers off to a smooth wave. I still took another pill in the afternoon, even though I didn't feel a large drop in energy.

    I would rate the energy and alertness at a 5/5. There was definitely a feeling of "euphoria" although it wasn't like being high on something. More like a sense of well-being. It did a lot for motivating me to get stuff done and not run out of steam. I'm a restaurant manager currently working about 12-15 hours a day (with no days off until end of March) so that is saying a lot.

    I have only taken Alpha Lean-7 for 5 days, so I don't have any crazy weight loss numbers, or any crazy sweating. I am not on a heavy weight training regimen at the moment, since I work too much, but I definitely stay active and on my feet a lot!

    One thing I did notice was that my stomach got a little more sensitive with this supplement. I have had issues with gastritis in the past (nothing major, just have to take antacids every now and then). I found that taking the pills either with food, or 10 minutes before eating, really helps to cut down on this effect. If you have a sensitive stomach, you should keep this in mind.

    I do have to discontinue the supps for a few weeks since I'm scheduled for surgery in a few days, but I am definitely going to start back up once I'm out of recovery.
chris February 22, 2016
  • Great energy and focus and great at suppressing appetite you feel it working within minutes. Start slow to see your tolerance level first time over did it to much energy and focus other than that great product for cutting!!!!
michael February 23, 2016
  • I really liked the product. Stim was not overpowering, but consistent and even. Saw good results. Getting ready to run a second bottle.
    Defintly a product that can help you lose that last bit of fat.
lluOT2108 February 23, 2016
So far, so good!
  • Similar to other review postings, I am no virgin to fat burners. I am always willing to try new products to challenge and to improve on my fitness goals/physique. If I take a fat burner too long, my body tends to adapt to the product after a cycle or two. Lately, I have been seeing results with this new release by Hard Rock Supplements! In combination with my meal prepping with a change in my current exercise routine… I feel like I am closer to my ideal bodyweight and muscle tone. Also, I love how much I sweat during my cardio sessions with this new product! Strong Supp Shop… keep releasing new products that continue to challenge us to achieve our optimal self!
Jay February 24, 2016
  • Took the first pill first thing in the morning safe to say I didn't need my morning cup of coffee, then as the day progressed I said well I'm feeling energized what if I just take the second one now. 4 hours later I was working up a sweat ready to just start bouncing off the walls. Not only did it give me the energy I needed, it put me in probably the best state of mind I have felt at work here in the past 5 months. Instantly lit in my order, can't wait for it to get here. Definite must if you need a boost of energy and want to work up one hell of a sweat at the gym!
Clayton February 24, 2016
  • Ok, so I've never been a fan of fat burners; however, since I received this, I though I would give it a try. I have to say, wow. I've only used it for 2 days, but I'm impressed. Not much of a stim junkie, so I started out with 1 pill. 15 minutes into my workout I noticed some pretty intense focus that lasted far after my 1 hour and 15 minute workout. Also (and here is the best part) it seems to act as a really good deretic! Losing water weight, good focus and strength, and suppressing of the appetite. What more could you ask far? Give it a try. I don't think you will be dissapointed.
sandi February 24, 2016
top notch
  • this product does everything it says it will. love love love !!!!!!
Jorge Arturo February 26, 2016
more energy during the day
  • This I taking this product for a week felt a little energy, but now I'm taking two pills a day and has more energy. But I have noticed that my body fat went up a little, but I will wait to finish this Stack of reading and ostashred alpha, and I will be taking my body measurements.
    At the moment I only felt more energy during the day taking 2 pills a day, taking every 5 to 6 hours each tablet.
Wilson February 26, 2016
Delivers as PROMISED!!!!
  • A sample of Alpha Lean-7 was included with my order of Osta Shred. I had laser sharp focus, perfect sense of well being and a LOT of sweat. Funny thing about the sweat, I was not even exercising or lifting weights. I did not have any jittery feeling or shakes. I already ordered a bottle so I will definitely stay in touch!
GARY February 27, 2016
Seems good so far!
  • Been using for 5 days seems to work good can feel this energy!
Mitch February 28, 2016
Great supplement
  • The first couple of times I took this supplement, I was sweating everywhere. I could feel my heart rate rising and I was getting completely flushed out. Lean-7 is great to lose water weight and maintain high energy levels. After being on this supplement for only a week I feel that I am starting to dry out and losing fat. This is a product that I will continue to use throughout my summer cut.
Andrew February 28, 2016
  • I first received some samples of alpha lean when purchasing some other products, I read some of the reviews on here and decided to try them for the energy. Fkn fantastic, I do line haul every night from 1am to whenever I get back from my run (300+miles roundtrip) usually I would be tired and seeing weird stuff on the road and having a nap around 4 am for a couple of hours. First day on this I was nearly back to base by 7am, felt wide awake and great. It's fantastic for me just for the energy boost, not sure how the fat burning is going, but just on the strength of the samples providing me with energy I ordered a bottle.

    I recommend this to everyone just on the good mood and energy you will have, as I said too early yet to tell about the fat burning (although I have dropped 2%bf since starting, but also really dialed in the diet because summer is coming soon). I have taken a nap while on this, just to keep the hours up at work, I wake up surprisingly fresh and not feeling crappy for the first 10 mins or so like I used to
michael March 1, 2016
Very strong
  • I work shift work and as I start to get tired I popped two of these from the samples I was sent. I was bouncing off the walls, only one cap is really needed. Works GREAT!
John March 1, 2016
Who Needs E.phedra?
  • Aloha all,

    I'm 65 years old, have been working out for the better part of 45 years and have tried many, many fat-burners thru the years. When the FDA banned ephedra, I sort of lost hope that a future product would ever be comparable.

    My wife started working out w/ me about 10 years ago and wanted to try the energy/thermogenic products and... for the past 10 or so years, we have bought and used MOST of the higher-rated fat burners but never really found one we loved.... until now...until I got a sample of Alpha Lean-7 by by Hard Rock.

    I took one, told her about the clean energy and the heavy sweats and she took one right away...with the same results. The next day, we both took one again, went to the gym together and came home and ordered a bottle.

    We're like kids at Christmas... we just got our bottle yesterday and cleaned our house in 3 hours flat... a record....and only took one a piece.

    Today we took one w/ breakfast and I took another in the middle of a 24 set shoulder workout 4 hours later. It's 6:45 PM here in Hawaii and I've had good, steady energy all day ..with NO jitters and no heavy crash.

    If you're looking for a thermogenic that delivers better than you expect, try Alpha Lean-7. We're both STOKED! I'll review this again after we're done with the bottle.
Daniel March 1, 2016
  • Insane. Only took one tablet and went for medium intensity cardio and ended up in a full sweat and out of breathe with good energy. Wouldn't reccomend before high intensity cardio because it really takes it out of you I felt like I had done HIIT
Jeff March 6, 2016
Great thermogenic
  • Overall a great product I received it as a free sample in my recent purchase and man it works. It's a pretty potent product. I took 1 pill, which I recommend for your first dose, and within 30 minutes or so I was Alert, Focused, Motivated and had one of the best work outs in a while. I have a high tolerance to caffeine as it is and to get a great response like I did, I was stoked. You will sweat a lot and feel hot (but it is a thermogenic) and the energy does last awhile so I wouldn't recommend taking this within about 6 hours of going to bed. I felt most of the affects for about 6 hours the first 3 being intense (once again high caffeine tolerance and results may very). Overall great product.
jalfrey March 7, 2016
dropped 15lbs in 5 weeks!
  • True, I kept my diet and nutrition dialed in pretty tightly. But I do believe in the efficacy of this product. It really works on all levels. At 2 caps, it gives great energy, great thermogenesis, and great appetite suppression. I will be purchasing another bottle from Strong Supplement Shop before long!
Rocky March 12, 2016
Great product
  • I was fortunate to test this product out and I will say that I was pissed I only had four capsules cause it this is definitely a great product that works. I will definitely purchase this product and continue to use it.
MILES March 17, 2016
good stuff
  • Alpha Lean 7 did not disappoint. It delivered excellent energy, focus, endurance and a lot of sweat and aggression in the gym.
nathan March 20, 2016
Works very well
  • Alpha lean works very well. This destroys your appitite and gives you good energy. One pill twice a day is good for long sustained energy. Two pills will have you flying for about 4 hours.
Mike March 21, 2016
Alpha lean-7
  • Great prouduct, got a sample and love it. Long lasting will definitely be buying some.
justin March 21, 2016
Love it
  • I've only tried a fat burner once before and it did nothing.But Alpha Lean 7 has blown me away!My diet didn't change a bit and I still lost fat!The great thing is since my diet remained the same (and I've been on Anabolic Trinity) I've managed to hold at 175 lbs. But get leaner!Great product,only advice is to follow the directions to check tolerance!This is potent stuff and you may not need max dose! Thanks Hard Rock for yet another fantastic product and thanks to strong supplement shop for carrying this awesome brand!
Robert March 23, 2016
Short Trial
  • Received the 4 day sample with my order of osta shred. After taking alpha lean I noticed a significant increase in energy and a slight appetite suppression. Did not have enough alpha lean to notice a real weight loss, however, based on the effects I noticed, weight loss is possible with a correct diet.
Goku March 25, 2016
Hits like a sledge hammer
  • Folks. Bottom line- it works, but take it easy. Follow directions to assess tolerance.
    I Took one pill the first day about 2 hours AFTER a meal. The energy spiked and your boy was all over the place. I was traveling that day too so maybe it wasn't the best idea. I did have a small meal right after I took the pill as well to dampen the effects. I am not new to stimulants and so I was trying to take things slowly. Day 2, I came correct. Took 1 pill first thing in the am and tried having breakfast 20 minutes later; I couldn't finish. Appetite got crushed and the energy was outrageous. Took another pill 6 hours later before meal; same deal. Now this was 7-8 hours before my bed time and I still had trouble falling asleep. Day 3 day started off the same and once again couldn't finish breakfast. I have to fight to eat. This time after my second dose, 1 pill followed by a small meal, I tried to hit the gym..... I usually go heavy and to failure but had to scale it back because I felt like I was probably going to keep going until my body passed out. My heart rate was higher than it normally is and also beat harder and so I scaled back my workout and hit cardio slow and steady; that was the right move. Appetite , non existent.

    Takeaways: it crushes appetite but use caution, the warnings on the bottle are for real. I like this product a lot and will continue using it. The energy might be too much depending on what I'm doing. I find that I can read or write on this stuff because my mind is like a pinball , and so I try to time it accordingly now. Play with it and find what works best for you. If you are looking for appetite suppression and energy, you can't go wrong! As for burning fat, your diet plays a bigger role, but this bad boy carries a lot of the load. For the hungry hippoes out there, Suppressing the appetite is half the battle. Get swole, get lean, Peace.
Willi March 26, 2016
  • Other reviews on this product are accurate. Good stimulant. Make sure to start with one pill cause it is pretty powerful. As far as a fat burner probably 3 to 4 stars.
Felix March 27, 2016
  • Everything about this product is true if you want loose weight this is what you need
Joseph April 2, 2016
Awesome Thermogenic
  • First of all its a 1st rate mood enhancer, no matter how much my day sucks an hour after taking this I'm jolly as your can be off a supplement. Also I start sweating in the cold, so it really amps up your internal body temp. I compete in physique, and I can say this supplement is going to take my competitions to a whole other level. The only draw back from this supp, is that it makes you salivate like crazy.
Stephen April 2, 2016
Very surprised!
  • I was really not expecting much from this one, but the energy and focus was incredible! I actually have to eat a small meal or this is too strong. I am impressed.
Andrew April 6, 2016
Works great!
  • Took this a half hour before my workout. Great burst of energy! Made me sweat a ton. Took away my appetite but didn't make me feel jittery. Great product!
Reno April 6, 2016
High hopes
  • I'm about a week in...have tried a few fat burners and this is definitely a GOOD one...slight jitters if I take without enough food in the am...but energy and focus are amazing! Can't say about weight loss yet...fingers crossed
destin April 7, 2016
Not sure how I feel yet
  • So I purchased Androvar epiandrosterone and received this product as a sample. I am not sure if I am just highly resistant to stims, but I literally felt no change after taking one of these. Perhaps I should have taken two? I am the kind of guy to take 3 scoops of pre-workout and take a nap, so I may not be qualified to review this product. The ingredients look promising, so try it for yourself. I can only lose weight with a phentermine pill lmao.
Joe April 7, 2016
Alpha lean 7
  • Let's just say, I definitely did not need coffee or a pre workout after taking this. I took one capsule of this the other day thinking that it wouldn't do that much ️️bc I've bedome so intolerant to caffeine and most pre workout drinks and can't really even feel any effect from them anymore...this, was a complete surprise. Within about 10 to 15 minutes I was laser focused and ready to go heavy on the weights. I felt completely awake and I felt just overall ready for ️anything. I flew threw sets and I wound up finishing my workout 15 minutes early. This stuff will definitely burn fat with just the amount of endurance it gives you. Gotta buy this stuff.
Luis April 8, 2016
Can't get any better!!!
  • This product works wonders. I was skeptical at first since sometimes one product may or may not work for everyone, but to my amazement it did! I will be ordering it again.. Thanks Strong Supplement for putting out great products that give awesome results.
John April 9, 2016
Alpha lean , does the job
  • Not a big fat burner supplement taker. What I liked about Alpha was I didn't get the caffeine jolt or jitters from taking this product.
    I live on 2,000 calories 40% protein, 40% carbs,20% fat. I didn't feel like cheating when taking this product, kept me focused and by the end of the day I wasn't lying in staring at the ceiling.
    I dropped 5lbs while taking Alpha lean
    I will be ordering this next time I buy from strong supplements
Dustin April 11, 2016
Very Solid Product.
  • Clean and long lasting energy. Suppresses appetite. As long as you get these two things from your product, you have a winner. I liked this product in particular because it enhanced my mood (slightly, not in a way that made me feel medicated) and it is a great option that does not contain dmaa. I am not against dmaa at all but should it ever become officially illegal, this will become many folks' go to. Anyone who is worried about it has a very effective alternative in this product.
WholeStack6 April 11, 2016
Shred-a-sorus rex
  • Let me say I'm a long time custermer and love SSS. Thank to u guys. Ok but about alpha lean 7. I got 2 sample packs. 4 pills a pack. I've done all banned pro hormones and pro supplements. Just throwing that in. Any way the product is phenomenal. First pill I felt it. It's a clean energy that last forever until ur ready for bed. U can still sleep. U feel very clear minded and calm. No jitters or shaky voice cause ur hart is about to pop. Also the vascularity is Insane. Veins in my back veins in my legs veins everywhere . I love it and will be defentaly be using it again. Oh yeah in 8 days I went from 207 to 201 but I'm already 6 % body fat so that's bad a#*.
corey April 13, 2016
  • I have tried numerous fat burners in the past, SuperHD, all the lines of hydroxicut, grenade, and more....This one however takes the cake. I have never felt so focused and had so much energy with any fat burner before. I was so energized, I was looking for things to do at work. You will sweat just sitting there. Also with others, I was taking 4 a day, 2 in the AM and 2 later in the day. With Alpha Lea-7 I take 2 in the morning and that's it. So from a money stand point, its well worth it. I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of the same old fat burner, and really want to step the game up.
John April 18, 2016
Good Product
  • During my brief sample of this product, I noticed an increase in intensity of my workout, increased energy, which led to profuse sweating. This assured me that I was getting the most out of my workout!
Brittney April 24, 2016
  • My boss recommended this alpha lean 7 to me last week, I loved it so much that I bought a bottle and will be buying another one very soon so I don't run out anytime soon. I love the energy it gives you, and how it doesn't really make you hungry, but you definitely should eat before you take it, bcuz if you don't you will not eat at all on it and then might get sick later, from not eating at all. It seriously craves your appetite. You can actually feel this pill working, you sweat a little which isn't bad just feels like burning fat. I'm obsessed with this pill amazing is all I can say definitecerything ely try it and you won't be disappointed with it.
Dark Warrior April 26, 2016
Alpha Lean 7
  • This is by far the best fat burner U have ever taken and I have taken those with Ephedra' DMAA and this is better to me. No jittery feeling, no heart feeling like it wants to explode. I took it before one of my training sessions and all I can say is, you have to try it and get that feeling for yourself. It worked better than most PW out there.
David April 27, 2016
Alpha 7-- fire!!!
  • I've bought from SSS forever now. I don't ever use thermos as I'm lean already.. Prolly 9-10bfp. I wanted to get more done and feel better so I decided to try this. Let me tell you the stuff is crazy!!! Awesome energy, feel great and no stupid let down at the end. I felt good allday. Went to sleep no issues. Woke up the next morning... More awake and alert/energy then I ever have. The stuff is great and does exactly what it says. Awesome product and will continue to use. SSS always has the best products and are more helpful then any other supplement company out there. The best!
MICHAEL April 27, 2016
Hold on to your weights
  • This is one smoking pill. Very pleased with its performance. I have been talking it for one week and so far lost 4 inches form my belly.
    Works fast when you first take it you feel the gush rush for about 2 hours then you have a steady stream of energy all day.

    Working my way up to 2 a day coming in the next week.
    Definitely worth it if your looking for power in your morningsearch.
    Can't stop working out when its running at full speed.

    Try it you will love it.
Gary May 5, 2016
  • I've taken a lot of fat burners in my 45 years. But Alpha Lean 7 is by far the best I've ever used. This is the only one I've ever taken that will make you sweat sitting still!
Terry May 16, 2016
  • I got this supplement for my wife as stimulants doesn't work well with her issues. She loves it! Intense focus and energy for and GREAT VERY heightened sensual pleasure for both of US! From a professional point of view I would highly recommend alpha lean. Oxyetreme was the other supplement she could take as these two shares the same panthergy N-methylpentl-iminoglutaric acid. As these two are the only products I have found with this Alpha Lean- 7 reigns supreme! More capsules and cost less, does the job. Waiting on the weight loss. Would like to tag in that strong supplements is a great company with excellent customer service! Being a professional Marital Arts Instructor and athletic trainer this means a lot to me! Thank you!
LEONOR May 27, 2016
too much for me to handle
  • I am a female that weighs 160 and 5'6 tall. My husband buys frequently protein and other pills from this web. This pills arrived as a try out gift. I decided to try them! since I have been struggling with 10 pound that I cannot be able to lose for a long time. They were too much for me to handle. Lots of cold sweat and jittering, plus nauseated like crazy! I have spent a long time in the bathroom just back and forth wanting to throw up... Maybe for big guys with lots of muscle will be ok, but for people like me it will be a no-no.

    Thanks anyway!
dan May 28, 2016
  • Great fat burner! First time I tried this I just took 1 tab to make sure I can handle it. I been on a 12 week diet plan to get ripped. Starting my 11th week I wanted to add a fat burner that would help me burn more fat and give me that boost of energy to help me through my cardio and weight training as well as get me through my work day. I get up at 3 am Monday thru Friday and in the gym by 3:45 am. First day of taking 1 tab I took it at 3;15 am and headed to the gym. I always pound out 45 min of high intense cardio first thing. By the time I get done with cardio I head to the free weight room and from the begining the fat burner kicks in high gear. I now can train without being tired. The fat burner continues for nearly 13 hours and now I can work 8-9hrs at work without being tired like I used to. I've also notice after 5 days of 1 tab a day that I'm leaning out more. I'm becoming more vascular then I ever had. Bottom line this fat burner works 100%. I'm 48 yrs old and feel great while on it. I don't take a second dose later in the day. 1 works great on me. l'm currently at 172lbs from 191lbs 11 weeks ago and around 5-6% bodyfat now. Don't hesitate to purchase, go for it you won't be disappointed!
Robert June 6, 2016
Fat burn
  • It gave me tons of energy and made me sweat for the first few days and then the energy factor wore off but still a good product. I would definitely try it for a whole month to get the true effects.
Ernesto June 6, 2016
Great stuff
  • Alpha lean 7 is a great fat burner. Would definitely recommend this to my workout Buddies. After an hour on treadmill I was soaked from head to toe
Frankie June 7, 2016
No way!
  • Sorry, but when I take a product with any type " yohimbe ", I want to go to sleep and it makes me feel miserable!! But, thanks anyway.
DANIEL June 15, 2016
Alpha Lean 7- Solid Fat Burner/ Appetite Suppressant
  • This company makes some really great, properly dosed, supplements. I was referred by a rep on here to get alpha lean 7 to go with my osta shred. I have been using it now for two weeks along with Osta Shred and I have lost 12 lbs without losing any strength. If anything my strength slightly increased.

    Now for the 12 lbs I lost... My diet stayed the same, nothing crazy but I do watch what I eat and try to keep the calories low. I did add in more cardio by running a mile to a mile and a half at the end of each work out every day, along with a bike ride on Sunday's ( which so far has been once).

    The part I'm unsure of, is the fact that I ended my Super DMZ 2.0 cycle about 3 weeks ago which is what made me gain about 9/10 lbs. Am I just losing the weight I gained from super dmz or is it alpha lean? Well not too sure. BUT I will say, I look ALOT more cut now then I did at the same weight before and Alpha Lean 7 definitely curves my appetite hard. Not hungry at all after I take it and for several hours afterwards. When I am hungry it's just a moderate hunger.

    I will see how the next two weeks go and update. If I get down another 5 lbs I'll be satisfied.

    I am 5'7 and was 170 lbs when I started super dmz. I got up to 182 (although I didn't look it) by the end of the cycle. I am now 170 again and a lot more cut. Hopefully I can get another 5-8 lbs off by the time I finish this bottle
Mark June 25, 2016
Alpha Lean
  • I received a free sample of this product with my last purchase. I used it for a week and immediately saw the advantages of this product. I did not feel hitter at all with this but I did sweat more than usual in the gym and between the week I lost 4lbs and that was the only thing I added to my eating and workout regimen. I will be ordering Alpha lean the next order I do
gabriel June 25, 2016
Alpha lean 7
  • Good
Blaine June 25, 2016
alpha lean-7
  • I liked it, great energy. I did the 2 at once, did not feel Can say as far as weight loss because only had the 4 pills. will try it next time I'm looking.
rafal June 29, 2016
  • Only on my 2nd pill hard to say at this point , but what I can tell so far so good , good clean energy and focus, since I am very sensitive to caffeine I won't take this for my before work out it will simply ruin my sleep ( I do workout 2 hr before going to bed. I will need the whole bottle to write an honest review.
Ralyn June 30, 2016
Finally something that works!!!!!
  • I am a stimulus junkie and therefor immune to most products that claim to be a thermogenic or energy booster. Since they neutered Hydroxycut in 2004 I have been looking for something, anything that actually worked!!!!!

    All The non stim supps are garbage in my opinion.

    This is amazing, one dose and I had energy all day and killed my work out! This is only day 2 and I can feel it working, that's how you know it's real. Thus is potent so be careful with dosages
Judah July 6, 2016
Amazing job
  • I've used it for a little over a month and it does an amazing job keeping my overall fat level down; considering that my diet swings from clean to not so clean.

    As someone with high blood pressure, I use one to two capsules a day and that poses no problem for me.

    The only issue I have is that it does such a good job controlling my appetite, that sometimes I forget to eat for fuel purposes. But knowing that now, I make allowances for it.

    All in all, it's a good product. I would rank it ahead of the current number one fat burner, Oxy
Paul July 9, 2016
  • I have tried a lot of different types of fat burners I have to say this one of the best
RCIV July 10, 2016
Hot Stuff
  • Recieved this as a trail packet have only taken four so far and man does it work. 15 min after taking it I was hot as hell. I trained and was sweating profusely. Only 4 in and I have to be inclined to say it will do what it say it does. Another plus is that is has Yohimbine which studies show helps burn stubborn fat. Eat clean train hard and pop this and I am sure u will achieve your desired results
Jesse July 10, 2016
  • Intense, extreme mental focus and profuse sweating. I normally take a higher dose of supplements but with this it's 1 capsule and it's "On like Donkey Kong"!

    Great product = Great results!
LJ July 13, 2016
One of the best on the market
  • Use this product everyday for a month before my mens physique show an yes it did what it said the body fat melted off and i came in leaner an tighter then last show got me 2nd overall an will be using it again for my next show.
Theo July 15, 2016
Alpha Lean-7
  • I first learned of AL-7 by taking a sample that came with my PW Mesomorph order. I put the sample aside
    For quite some time and after I was out of Mesomorph I decided togove AL-7 a go! I soon then purchased a whole bottle.

    At first, I was pleasantly surprised by the positive energy I gotten from taking it my first pill. I was in a happy positive mood and the sustained energy through out my work day, with no significant crash, was perfect for me. It made me sweat a lot while I worked although the summer weather had partly to do with it. As I continued taking it whilst incorporating it into my work, fitness, and nutritional regiment, I noticed significant changes in my body composition after the 2nd week. I've noticed my body fat slowly dwindling. My Abdominals and v-lines began showing and I noticed more tone and striations while I lifted. People at my gym and approached me noticing the difference in my body composition. I practice "intermittent fasting" and AL-7 definitely suppressed my appetite big time! That probably had to do why I shed fat pretty quick and showed more muscle tone.

    Overall, I really loved this product and I deem it the best fat burning supplement I've ever taken, no lie!

    I loved the "feel good, positive" energy I got.
    I loved sustained no crash energy that lasted me through out my whole workday and into my evening workout.
    I loved how it suppressed my appetite so I can just leave my home fo work to get things done energetically positive!
    And how quick I seen the promising results of my body fat composition to the point others noticed the significant difference.
gonzalo July 16, 2016
bad ass
  • long history short you I have be take 1when I wakeup and 1 7 hrs later mi and mi wife taken only this plus bcaa and cla and so far the result is

    I drop 11 pounds in 3 weeks training 4 time a week

    my wife 6 pounds in the same 3 weeks on 4 days a week
Benjamin July 20, 2016
Excellent Product
  • Overall excellent product.. I get a nice boost energy/focus without the crash or jitters.. I have noticed a difference already in the short time i have been using this product..
Ryan July 24, 2016
  • A buddy of mine let me try it a couple of times before I decided to buy it. Tried one capsule at first to assess my tolerance and it was okay. I tried two capsules the next day and about a half hour later had the best workout of my life. Endless amounts of energy and focus. Stacking it with Cardarine.
Gary August 2, 2016
The real thing
  • Like everyone else I have taken fat burners before, I really thought this was the same as some I have all ready tried , but I was in for a rude awakening, I took one to check my tolerance believing nothing would happen 30 minutes late I began sweating while sitting at my desk doing nothing, I am a believer now, this stuff is the real thing.
Stephanie August 3, 2016
  • I started this product on Saturday (today is Tuesday, 3 days later) and I have lost five pounds! I am trying to cut weight for competition, and this is the only thing that has worked. I would say that I tried to take two at a time on day two, and it was way too much for me. One pill twice a day is perfect, though!
Timothy August 8, 2016
Solid product
  • A lot cleaner energy than I expected, no jitters at all & I am stimulant sensitive. Along with a clean diet keeping bad fats & simple carbs in check, it leaned me out & helped to show more definition in my muscles. I stacked it with Anabolic Trinity. I took one capsule in the morning & one capsule early evening. On my workout days I took 1 capsule pre-workout.
Dillon August 15, 2016
Alpha lean 7
  • Ive taken yohimbe, iml lean fuel, caffine pre workouts. This hit me hard and all the sudden it was like everything was in all caps! I could have been floating thru the air. Great focus. Long lasting energy. No shakes.
William August 18, 2016
Sweaty Mess in a Good Way!
  • This Alpha Lean-7 is no joke. The reviews are good for this stuff and I can see why. I've been sweating bullets during my workouts and seem to have boundless energy and finish in a good mood, which are all new to me. Although it's too early to tell, I feel like it's doing something for me. i'd like to try this longer to see how it does lowering body fat, but so far, so good.
john August 21, 2016
  • This is my first week using it. If you aren't used to taking stims, I would suggest starting with half a capsule. Its that potent. Reading that people are taking 2 caps..and several times a day is frightening. Ha..Even on half a capsule, I feel the effects.
    You do sweat a lot and that is good for warming up.
    It gives you energy and focus where you want to squeeze out every rep and leave nothing in the tank.
    As far as cardio goes...for me it hinders my performance. I do HIIT on the treadmill and I find my breathing is not as relaxed as I would like it to be. That may change when I build up a tolerance.

    I will keep on using it and see where it takes me
Rick August 27, 2016
  • Awhile ago, I was tip top shape. I was lifting/eating right/and was decently toned. Then injuries happened, then motivation stopped due to the injuries, and I lost my way. I tried several times to get back on track but I kept losing motivation. Nothing was working and neither was I all too hard. Up until I found Alpha Lean-7. I read the reviews, read the ingredients, and have knowledge of what supplements do what, and was rather impressed with what this product had to offer. So I took my first dose, and was blown away with the lift of the mental fog within 20 minutes or so, I was energized. I was a 4 cup of coffee every morning kinda guy and I never got this kinda energy with coffee...I haven't had any coffee since starting Alpha Lean..I am literally starting to DESIRE to eat cleaner, and my appetite is significantly reduced. I am back to walking every day and flat out moving more. Im not yet where I would like to be, (only been a few weeks) but, I AM starting to notice some changes in my body (I always start to lose in my face/neck/shoulders/arms/chest ) and, I am down 3lbs in the last week as well. That's enough to motivate me even more. I will be attempting to get back to lifting in the next few weeks and trying out the shoulder to see how it will flow. So, in a nutshell, if you are hesitant to try this stuff, DONT BE!
Sedrick September 10, 2016
  • Not gonna draw this out....get it and prepare to sweat and focus like a mofo!
Daniel September 10, 2016
  • hi to all,
    first off all im 34 and arrown 93 kg..doing weight for more then 10 years with ups and downs...trying almoust everything. this alpha " sweet" ..never took anything that made feel like this...sweeting allot but the big plus for me is the energy and i am afraid to take 2 pils ☺...because the intensity... and only take one pill but you have to be really carefull when to take as you will not gonna sleep if taken 8 pm could not sleep untill 6 am ... f* hard....great product .
Mike September 11, 2016
  • I feel I am in a good position to do this review. One, I've taken prescription Phentermine in the past and that stuff works amazing as an appetite suppressant. This is the only OTC product that measures up. Right now I'm at 13.9 % BF and trying to cut more. So, the other day had my morning Greek Yogurt and around 10:00 am felt really hungry. Took an Alpha Lean 7 and before I knew it, just like the Phentermine, my desire to eat just diminished significantly. Love this stuff and if you are trying to control your appetite and hunger this stuff is the real deal. I do get a little jittery on it but that I am not a big coffee drinker so I am pretty sensitive to caffeine products.
Ross September 28, 2016
  • This stuff is crazy... only take this if you need to. The energy and focus I had with this stuff is only in line with ADHD medicine. It really kills your hunger and it will make you pee a bunch. Hours of energy and focus are great. I did have a bit of a headache the next morning and I also warn, do not take any other caffeinated products with it you won't need it.
Miguel October 11, 2016
Lean 7
  • Very good product
Troy October 11, 2016
Pretty much perfect
  • Alpha lean 7 is the bomb.

    By far the best stim pill I have ever taken, clean energy that lasts for hours. There is no crash like other products ,would recommend!

    But in all seriousness it does not get better then this I don't think.
Jorge Arturo October 12, 2016
Excellent fat burner
  • This product had already consumed a few months ago!
    Excellent fat burner. I used it for 45 days, two pills per day.
    One with breakfast and another with lunch on days that did not train !!!
    On training days, I take one tablet with breakfast and another half an hour before training.
    Very powerful, lots of energy, lots of sweating.
    During the 45 days I managed to lower my body fat from 12% to 10%.
    I recommend it 100%

    If you like to train like a beast, or as a wild in the gym, only to experts may take two pills, take 1 tablet 30 minutes before training and another during training, and can be trained for three hours with much Energy.
ansul October 17, 2016
Good fat burner
  • I have tried lots of fat burner in the past. I am in cutting phase so I decided to go with Alpha lean 7. I started with 1 pill a day then moved to 3 pills a day. 2 pills in the morning and 1 around 12 o clock.

    For first 2 weeks I didn't feel anything but after that, I started sweating. Dropped around 8 lbs in 4 weeks. I am also eating pretty clean and lifting heavy in the gym.

    This product works.
Wil October 22, 2016
Excellent so far.
  • I have been bodybuilding on and off for the past 20 years and my go-to fat burning stack was the infamous ephedrine/caffeine duo. I liked the energy, however, found that I crashed quite hard at the end of the day. I just started taking Alpha Lean-7 just a little over a week ago, and all I have to say is WOW. I popped one capsule in the morning to test my tolerance, and honestly thinking that it wouldn't do anything for me, but was I pleasantly surprised. Very clean energy as most have alluded to throughout the day, and I find the more I eat, the more my body sweats. Looking forward to seeing what this can do for me over a 4-6 week period.
    Just wish we can buy this in Canada.
FRios October 24, 2016
Alpha Lean-7
  • I got a sample of Alpha Lean-7 with my purchase of Androvar. I gotta say, I didn't expect to experience much with a sample, but I went ahead and tried the minimum dosage to extend the servings. I've got to say, I'm not one to enjoy the jittery effects of thermogenics, but this supplement was great. I not only had no jittery feeling, but the energy I felt was great. My wife noticed right away how much more energized I seemed. I was sweating up a storm and felt great just about all day. I am planning on purchasing a bottle of Alpha Lean-7 very soon, but I will plan on adding another dose in to maintain that clean energy feeling. I felt this working from day 1 thru day 4. Now I'm getting the full bottle! Great product! Thanks for the samples!
Angelo November 3, 2016
Sample Pack review
  • Got the free sample, have tried 1 pill on 2 separate days. Seems promising, good long lasting energy. Got a slight headache about 6 hrs of taking not sure why, maybe not enough water. The only problem I have is that the pills are white and very similar to my creatine pills. I've mistakenly taken fat burners before bed (had to make myself vomit, NOT fun) and i can see this happening with these as well. Would be nice to have some color or distinguishing mark on these.
Ashley November 10, 2016
Alpha Lean 7
  • This product is very powerful and works well. When I go to the gym I sweat like I'm running a marathon. It's helped me to cut body fat and is a powerful tool when used correctly.
charles November 10, 2016
alpha lean-7
  • I tolerate it well and it does a good job of fat loose
Robert November 11, 2016
  • One of the only fat burning products that I have ever taken, and actually work. This is hands down one of the best products I have ever taken. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to get the best results possible.
Robert November 19, 2016
Awesome !!
  • This product is awesome. I take one in the morning @ 6am and the second around 11:30 and I have great energy all day and my mood is enhanced too. Alphalean helps reduce my hunger and gives me a "push" to get thru the day with out a crash. In three days I have lost 3lbs and feel great. With some products I would get bad headaches from them but not this one !! Will use this more often now . Keep up with the awesome products Hard Rock Supplements 🙂
David November 23, 2016
Alpha Lean 7
  • Gave me energy, curbed my appetite and helped me lose weight. No side effects or jitters
Erik November 27, 2016
You'll feel it
  • Ok, it's been two weeks and I'm down 5 pounds which is exactly where I was expecting to be. It works and you will definitely feel the effects. I space them out one each hour for three hours starting with breakfast. I found that two at once is to much for me. You will sweat doing nothing like the other person said but it's all good! I stack this with Status tbooster and am very happy with the results. I recommend getting this in you body early in the day if you want to sleep lol.
Jerry January 12, 2017
Seemed to work
  • The product seemed to work and I am looking more cut. However, it left me feeling tired most of the time. Remember to drink lots of water with it as it does makes yo very dehydrated.
Andrew January 13, 2017
Best Fat Burner!!
  • It's hard to believe but this works even better than a old ECA stack or any of the fat burners with DMAA! This product crushes your appetite and gives you great energy in the gym! I started with one pill but the sweet spot for me has been 2 pills early in the day before a workout. I recommend taking this early or you will have trouble sleeping. Once again another great product from Strong Supplement Shop!
Floydo January 23, 2017
alpha 7
  • product is great!! gave me lots of energy and focus, i dont even want to leave the gym. I took 1 pill before my workout and bam!! i was on tredmill much longer than usual then got off and hit the weights and was in a good mood during. gonna buy more bottles in future, thanks hardrock..
Michael January 25, 2017
Lean 7
  • It is very good i would by it again just go by the suggested use and it will work in fell good
gem February 7, 2017
Excellent cutter
  • I tried the sample Pack of 4 and was not impressed. Later I read reviews and decided to buy a bottle. Much more impressed now. I took two at 2 pm one afternoon, had a great workout, got some stuff finished around the house and was up all night. Don't take two in the afternoon.
    I jave Ben taking one in morning first thing and it get Eng dry up and hunger under control all day.
    Workouts are all excellent using this and a drover.
Derek February 10, 2017
Kept the weight loss going
  • This is a great product. I'm currently on a ketogenic diet and I take this in the morning on an empty stomach and then do 30 min of low intensity cardio on week days and an hour on the weekend. I hit a plateau with weight loss and then started this product and the pounds kept coming off. You can feel this product working. Definitely elevates the heart rate and gets you sweating. The only reason I gave this product 4 stars instead of 5 is because the yohimbine content is not given. The recommended dose is 0.4mg/kg body weight. I would like to know if I am hitting that.
Abel February 11, 2017
Crazy Alpha
  • This stuff works amazing. I walk alot for work so decided to add this product and I will tell you it will make you sweat. Lost some weight but I did stack it with a separate cutting cycle. If you want energy and break a sweat then I would recommend this product highly.
Thurst February 11, 2017
Alpha Lean-7
  • The best fat burner on the market. It gives you that extra push during workouts and makes you sweat like no other. Great product!
Jared February 13, 2017
Alpha lean 7
  • Excellent product. Only been using for a week and pants already fit better. Good clean energy wish no jitters or crash.
Jason February 15, 2017
Yeeeaaaaa Babbbbyyy!
  • This stuff is the bomb. I'm a fifty year old man. I've had major issues with energy, motivation, enthusiasm until last week when I started using this stuff.
    I take one in the morning before work to jump start my day then two after work (pre workout) or just to keep me fired up the rest of the evening. I used to come home eat and crash in my lazy boy exhausted from doing nothing most times.
    I'm definitely seeing changes in my body composition and I haven't really changed anything else in my diet or routine.

    Bottom line I highly recommend it!!!

    Jason from MI
Ant March 4, 2017
Alpha Lean-7 / Customer Service
  • 1. Very clean jump start
    2. Product does what it says
    3. Great appetite suppressant, but makes you want to eat clean.
    4. It doesn't make you feel wired, but you are awake, and ready to go. Great mood boost as well.
    5. The customer support/Pro Support is second to none here. All questions answered and they DO NOT over sell you.
    6. I would highly recommend this site to everyone.
Zachary March 14, 2017
Works great. Buy it.
  • Massive amounts of energy, amd i've used severy different formulas including hydroxyelite. Energy all day, the apetite supressant is good. In my opinion the only downside is that i doesn't wake up your head quite like hydroxyelite but well worth it. I'm still using it.
Swanman24 March 15, 2017
It's for real!
  • I took this for 30 days. 2 pills upon waking and 1 with my lunch. I lift 7 days a week hitting only one solid muscle group per day for about 45 minutes. I started at 194 pounds and 23 percent body fat. I ended up at 182 pounds and 15.3 percent body fat with a muscle gain of 6.8 pounds. If you are looking to lose body fat this pill will help you do it. You have to put in work to make it happen!
Ally March 19, 2017
Best Fat Burner in a Long Time
  • I'm currently prepping for my first figure competition, and after many years of using various supplements, my old go-to fat burner wasn't cutting it anymore.

    At 11 weeks out, I was seeing ZERO progress. No fat loss, no muscle gain, no inches/pounds lost, nothing. I decided to give Alpha Lean 7 a try based on its impressive ingredient panel and bold promises, and boy am I glad I did!

    A word to the wise - it says experienced users only, and they mean it. I've been using different fat burners for years, but haven't experienced anything like this.

    Not only have I finally dropped 2lbs in the first week, I'm getting crazy pumps without using tons of vasodilators and preworkouts, I'm not starving between meals any more, fasted cardio doesn't suck, and I have sustained energy throughout the day. Literally my eyes feel like they open wider when I take this stuff.

    The only downside is by about 7pm (roughly 6 hours after I take the second dose), I'm totally wiped out. Although this definitely means I'm sleeping better and falling asleep faster, I have very little energy to do anything else.
RomanSteel March 20, 2017
Good Stuff by far!
  • Product promotes an overall sense of energy and focus.
    It doesn't necessarily wind you up but gives you the ability to press through more and be more thorough in your efforts.

    It does indeed make you sweat, stay hydrated and eat lots of protein!

    My only upset was the "fizzle factor". This supplement seems to die off quicker than some.

    * results are good, I've noticed a nice leaning out of my abdominal area in a rather short amount of time
oliver March 21, 2017
  • I had 2 shoulder operations last year and weighed aprox. 110kg when I started back at the gym.
    Stacked Alpha lean with Anafuse and I've dropped down to 95kg in 4 months.

    This product is unlike anything I've ever taken.

    I recomend this product to anyone I know whos keen on loosing excess body fat.
Wendy March 23, 2017
First Day ...
  • First day on this but it brings back memories of Oxyelite! Did my morning treadmill run and I was hitting it out of the park. Sweating loads more than usual and I didn't feel mentally or physical fatigued.
jordan March 24, 2017
Hard Rock is king
  • They literally dominate in all there domains super mandro Andro the giant Andro var...And my favorite Alpha lean 7 they are the best fat burner out there..Only one can even come close to rivalry and that is lipodrene hardcore. Btw I've tried stimerex hardcore phenadrine hydroyelite lipodrene hardcore and alpha lean is king for a reason.
Ian March 25, 2017
  • I've used the same thermo for about a year now and it was recommend that I try this one instead as my previous one has lost its original effect. After 4 days, I can tell why it was suggested! I take one in the morning around 0700 followed by a protein shake 30-45 mins later that I have to force and remind myself to drink due to the insane appetite suppression. I take my pre-workout around 1030 and lift at 1100 with lean lunch at 1300 also forced with little appetite. By around 1530 I take another Alpha lean and eat a balanced dinner at 1630-1700 reaching fulfillment with normal portions. I do tend to fight binge eating around 1900-2000 but I think it has more to do with low caloric intake at breakfast and lunch. Just feel like alpha lean provides a cleaner and more potent thermo feeling and I love it so far.
Andrew April 7, 2017
Alpha lean 7
  • Took my first one today b4 gym workout. I was slot focused and had a great workout and sweated buckets. I then went home and had a shower I then put a cupboard together and sweated buckets again. So I'm really burning fat but still have lots of energy and focus. Will review again when finished the bottle
Max April 18, 2017
Love this fat burner!
  • I take one pill upon waking before breakfast and another 4-6 hours later and I love this stuff! It gives a good clean energy and helps you sweat and pee out excess water which I like a lot! There is nothing bad to say about this product!!
todd May 10, 2017
Alpha Lean 7
  • This stuff does a great job, but one little problem is that it gives your mouth a weird feeling. I tried drinking lots of water, but no success in getting rid of the feeling. By the end of the night, I tried drinking juice and it got rid of the feeling. Other than that, it does a great job with burning fat.
Brian May 11, 2017
Probably the Best
  • This is a great product, which I've purchased multiple times. I go with one pill, which is strong without going overboard, perfect for cardio or getting through a tough day, when you need energy to get everything done. I really notice the mood support and increased endurance with this product. Thanks.
Brent May 26, 2017
First time user
  • I have just finished my first bottle (taking it alone twice a day) and it has done wonders to help manage my snacking throughout the day. I take one serving forst thing in the morning along with breakfast and once again late afternoon (2-3ish). I work 2 jobs, 7 days a week so I'm usually sluggish in the mornings but since I started taking alpha lean-7 I have been more awake and alert thoughout the day. I had recently seen my body platue, but since taking alpha lean I have noticeable loss around my midsection. I am on my second bottle right now and will definitely be re-ordering it in the future
mike June 2, 2017
  • Not sure about weight loss, but awesome amphetamine effect.
Stan June 4, 2017
Not a good Appetite Suppressant
  • I've waited to give my review until I had gotten down to the bottom of the bottle, but I don't see this getting any better. I was taking Methyldrene Elite 25 for a few months in 2016, but got off it and switched to straight caffeine to give my body a break from the stims and when I wanted to start back up again I decided to try something different to see if I could jump start some weight loss. From the reviews and ingredients I thought I'd give Alpha Lean 7 a try and started out per the instructions with a pill in the morning and one before lunch. So I started on a Monday by taking the morning pill around 6:00, went to work, ate a 170 calorie protein bar around 8:30 and by 9:45 my stomach was growling. I didn't hava that issue when taking Methyldrene Elite 25, but I decided to keep taking Alpha Lean 7 for several weeks before doing a review. The whole point of an appetite suppressant for me is to not think about eating as that is where I get into trouble. Stimulants keep the mind active and let you focus on things other than eating (like work), but it's hard to ignore wanting to eat when your stomach is growling. Now that the bottle is nearly empty I will order something different that will hopefully suppress my appetite.
josephMarquez June 4, 2017
This actuakky works
  • I have tried many products for energy, thermogenesis, boosted focus and to aid in fat loss, out of everything this is really good started with the 2 doses daily and automatically after 10 minutes your body goes into a warm state and does not take much to break a sweat. At the gym wow wow wow just warming up and im totally soaked finalizing my workout, its like if i was jumped into a pool and got out. I started at 28% bf, but in a week and a half ive dropped 6%bf doing cardio 4x/week on an empty stomach, then doing HIIT at night. Try it but keep in mind it works different for everyone and you must be on a caloric deficit and eating clean.
Frank June 20, 2017
  • I'm in my 40's and have had problems losing weight for years even with diet and exercise. I have an office job and workout 4-5 days a week but nothing. Then I got Alpha Lean, and WOW! I've only been on it for a week, and was hoping to lose weight slower. But I am down 9 pounds and am right at 200 lbs. I haven't been at or below 200 since my early 30's. I'm not a stim junkie, so I only stick to 1 dose in the morning and 1 for lunch. I did notice that food is important to me when taking this, otherwise I do get a jittery feeling. I have also been diagnosed with anxiety/depression and expected this to affect me and it does. But if that's the price for me, I'll take it. It's not too bad, but I do need to eat, meditate, and workout to push this through my system n feel great! Great product and highly recommended for those without anxiety/depression! Still worth 5 stars to me!
niloboy July 6, 2017
  • very good super if u follow the instructions it will definitely work
Christopher July 15, 2017
Amazing results
  • What an amazing product.i thought the results would be mediocre but I'm only two weeks into this and already down 4lbs. I was really sceptical at first but wow, amazing results so far in such a short period of time. I usually don't sweat much but this stuff had my shirt soaking during workouts. I will definitely be purchasing again
Clark Kent July 29, 2017
  • So I decided to give this a try after all the amazing reviews on this site. I've been trying to find a replacement for my beloved Liquid Clen by VPX (No, not the real clen haha) after they discontinued it. This product is fairly consistent with all the reviews.

    I tried one pill to start off, and the energy was pretty good. Smooth, consistent, and clean.....for the most part. I then tried 2 pills and the energy is better and you will sweat throughout the day. I noticed at work I was sweating more than normal. I also noticed that it peaked somewhere around 4-6 hours after taking it. Started to get some jitters for an hour or so, then tapered off.

    In terms of making my workouts better, I don't think it did much there. It gave me a nice little bump in energy but thats about it. Nothing crazy. The mental clarity that I experienced was good, but not like some of the others that have used this. I was very disappointed in how long it takes to kick in - about 45 min for you to feel its full effects. I workout early mornings and I would like something a little more aggressive in absorption time.

    Appetite suppression was perfect. Not to aggressive, but not too little. Sometimes these products have too much appetite suppression and you don't feel like eating at all!

    Overall a good product, would purchase again but I don't think it's AS intense as some users have said.

Jimmy August 3, 2017
No appetite
  • I'm 29 and just started taking Alpha Lean, this stuff curves your appetite like crazy. I tak three pills a day, and I had to force myself to eat. Aside from the appetite suppression, your body temp will rise and you will have energy. Start slow if you are a beginner but the product works as advertised.
David August 29, 2017
The Truth
  • This stuff is the truth! I have been working out for years and have tried many a fat-burner, but Alpha Lean-7 is the best by far. One dose and you will notice the increase in temperature and start sweating in no time.
Shayne September 15, 2017
Man on Fire
  • Holy smokes - writing this review is an absolute pleasure. I've cycled through 3 bottles of this stuff and I can absolutely say that it's the best on the market for the price.

    Make sure you grab 2 towels by the front desk before you start you're workout, because you're going to be makin' it rain.

    You will feel the thermogenic effects throughout the day so I suggest you take 1 serving first thing in the morning and then another serving in the afternoon so that you're not too hot when you're trying to count sheep.
Damo September 19, 2017
  • I have tried a few different products similar to this one in the past during cutting and I'm massively impressed with Alpha Lean 7.

    Its give me a great kick around 30min after taking so i've been using it as a pre work out as well as helping burn extra kcal for shedding the hard to lose areas.
WILL September 27, 2017
  • Great energy suppress appetite excellent weight loss best fb on the market....
Karri October 3, 2017
Love this item!
  • Excellent product! Great energy level, helped with cravings and kick started weight loss and helped maintain also! Highly recommended!
Drizzy October 6, 2017
Be CAREFUL with this...
  • Okay, so I am day one of trying one of these, I thought this was the tame, safer, DMAA free version of lean FX which I opted out because of the DMAA (I've taken many illegal 'party' substances and DMAA is not far off the 'wire' scale)...this stuff is potent and very dangerous if you aren't being careful. My heart rate shot up within 30 mins, body went through hot and cold flushes, my urinary tract was severely restricted and I had difficulties urinating. I became very light headed (now, bear in mind I had a whopping amount of calories in the day befrehand, plus my average day is 6 litres of water, I was 4 litres down in my day and I was feeling dehydrated!), so my final verdict is this:

    Tread carefully. I'd recommend anyone on any prohormone that is androgenic, that has a propensity to increase blood pressure - steer clear! Also, do NOT take this if you are planning to do an intense, heavy workout within 2-3 hours of taking it. It took a good portion of 5 hours for my heart-rate to finally get back to normality, needed to walk slowly and do things at a calm pace...there was a euphoria that came after all the adrenaline backed down, but the effects this had, particularly to my male organ was not pleasant, no joke it was not far off what Mandy/ pills do, minus the bomb-drop effect, the oozy feels and all of the profuse sweating (I did begin to sweat with this mind you, before doing a shred of exercise, both windows open, no top on).

    If this was half dosed per capsule that would be ideal, but I think the manufacturers have gone overboard on the dose, the alpha-yohimbine is no puppy, this is 10 hungry, angry pitbulls waiting to be unleashed out of a cage.

    I noticed tighter abs within a day of using, which I'm guessing has more to do with the dandelion root extract which I believe has diuretic properties. Take this review how you will, I just thought I'd be honest.
joseph October 15, 2017
It was okay this time..
  • I have taken this product on two different occasions.
    The first time was great. Great pumps and gains. I could see a major improvement in everything in the gym.

    This time was different. I just didn’t feel a difference at all. I made sure my diet was clean and my workouts were intense following with cardio. I just feel like it wasn’t the same experience as the first one.
drizz October 17, 2017
powerful...tread light
  • Strong stuff. Be careful. I've gone up to two tablets a day now, helped curb my appetite but my warnings are:

    Heart rate increases dramatically. Don't lift heavy or train intensely until it has been in your body for a few hours..
    Sweat from extreme body heat
    It will last a long time so don't take later than midday if you want a normal sleeping pattern
    It will make urinating difficult to begin with...
    It is not to mess with if you are not sensible. This is potent.
    It feels like processing speed of reactions and brain activity goes on supermode. If you suffer from anxiety, stay well away.

    Being as honest as possible. It works. Just be cautious. I wouldn't really advise a novice trainer taking this, and make sure you are fit and healthy otherwise it will mess you up.
Jessie October 21, 2017
Best so far
  • This stuff works period. 41yrs old male 336lbs down to 310lbs on first bottle. Put in the work and the weight will come off.
Raul November 19, 2017
alpha lean 7
  • Wow had this the last 2 days ,besides the energy , I did not feel hungry at all, I forced myself to ea.
    I haveno doubts this will make you loose weight.
Carter December 3, 2017
pleasantly pleased
  • Great fat burner,gets right to work and you definitely feel the energy and up beat mood without the crazy food cravings.I had to force myself to eat after awhile.Definitely recommend I'd you need to cut weight
RomanSteel January 18, 2018
  • Can do alot more than usual while using this with my stack, makes me sweat.

    Best product, best price, Amazing.

    While I do get a bit of the shakes from it about an hour in, I eat 2oz of protein and it settles.
Jonas May 4, 2018
This is strong!
  • I underestimated this product, good thing i asked some advice 1st before taking it, my tolerance to stimulants is high, i have tried them all even the old ones when they still have the ephedra on them, i can probably compare this to xenandrine xtreme the old one its too strong i am still contemplating right now if ill take the 2nd pill!
Tim June 20, 2018
Doesn't take much
  • If you follow a discipline diet with daily exercise while taking Alpha Lean-7 you will see the weight drop ultra fast. This stuff had me dropping 1-2 POUNDS PER DAY! I only needed to use maybe half the bottle to reach my goal. Take 2 pills on an empty stomach when you wake up and then go work out. Start with 1 pill then work your way to 2. Drink plenty of water and hold out eating most of the morning, unless you did weight training then you will need to eat to repair the muscles. I was doing cardio in the morning and weights in the evening. If you need to meet and great people with handshakes don’t take that day. Your palms will be dripping with sweat.
O July 6, 2018
  • This is hands down the most powerful fat burner I have ever tried. It is more powerful than ephedra supplements. I usually drink about 4-5 cups of coffee per day and I abstained from drinking any when I took this pill. Please be very careful with dozing (especially if you are a smaller female). I am only about 117 lbs and my hands have been jittery for about an hour or two after consumption. I only used it for a few days so far. You will sweat like a maniac during your workout. The effects seem to subside at about 3 hours after consumption but there is no crash, which is great. I think this may be a little too strong for daily consumption so I ordered another fat burner to alternate with this one. This is no joke! As they say, use responsibly 🙂
Jeff August 17, 2018
Stick with it
  • The first time I took this I could feel the burn, the thermo effect or whatever you call it. The problem was I took it sporadically. More recently however I decided to take it daily, with breakfast. After giving it a chance for a good 10 days I have found this product to be very effective.
    For one thing, after a couple of days, the "burn" isn't so pronounced. I take it at 6 am and can feel the effects way past noon. It also seems to suppress my appetite well. Basically, it gives me much needed energy and some reviews describe a "euphoric" feeling. I can vouch the it does make a difference.
Jared October 12, 2018
Works great
  • I’ve been taking for a few days now. If you are new to fat burners ease into it. This is the strongest fat burner I’ve taken thus far. Initial response (in my experience) is it acts like a preworkout. Except it last longer. Motivation is up and my over all moral. I would recommend taking something like Growth if your sensitive to caffeine. Overall would strongly recommend.
Jamie October 27, 2018
Unreal increase of metabolic rate
  • So I’ve just had this product 2 days and I can say suppression is extreme even at 1 tablet. Just one of those tablets lasted upto 12 hours, so you have been warned. I got no sleep when I took this at 6pm. So make sure you take in the morning. This is best suited to someone who works out in the mornings as it would be impossible to concentrate with one of these when having an office job. I’ve worked out that 1 tablet can increase your heart rate by 20-30 BPM from your resting rate. I have low blood pressure at 75 BMP so that’s why I can take two but I would not advise it. My heart rate while resting went upto 125 BPM within one hour of taking two. Just to work it off I had to go to my local gym and do a brisk 30 minute walk and was at 150 BPM, which by the way I normally have to run to achieve. This burns around 1 cal per 11-15 seconds at 150 BPM and I weight 74.4kg. I will say this I now see more of my abs in two days than I have seen in years. I will probably only take this at weekends since it’s the only time I have that I can control and not get a bad sleep.
Westin December 21, 2018
  • This product is insane.
The Plowman April 2, 2019
Strategic Use
  • My use of this product is atypical. I rarely take a whole capsule, because it get's me too amped up. I use it as an add-on to my pre-workout drink in the morning. I twist open a single capsule, and sprinkle about a third of it into my PWO drink, about an hour prior to working out. Usually results in a trip to the bathroom within 15 minutes, so it's good for flushing out the body's waste prior to working out. Plus provides lots of intensity and focus during the workout. If I want to have a really intense and heavier workout, I'll use the whole capsule.
Mike April 24, 2019
I think it works...
  • So i don't know how should i feel after having this because my experience with fat burners isn't that much as i don't use them but i thought giving this a try after i tried Yohimbine Hcl by Primaforce + Caffeine (which unfortunately didn't really do much for me. Actually didn't do nothing if i want to be honest. )
    It's been a while that i haven't been training because of an injury but i tried one tablet today at home just to see how I'll react to it,at first i was disappointed because i wasn't feeling nothing but soon as i started moving and doing some work at home i noticed that my temperature went off right away and started sweating like crazy, although it was for 20 minutes because i had to sit down again due to my injury and of course im not saying that I was expecting to take a tablet and just sit and lose fat (i know what you thinking people that would be dumb hahaha.)
    So as i said before im not an expert but i think this really works!!!!!!

    Ps: didn't notice any changes about my mood and felt slightly jittery but maybe it's because i can't train and unleash this energy i guess.. lol
    Other than that shipping was extremely fast and for that price i would suggest you give it a try as well.
    Any advices or thoughts on it would be welcomed and appreciated.

    Thank you.
Fraser July 25, 2019
  • I've tried all the legal fat burners before all I ever got was sick:( I'm on a post bulking cut and wanted to try something to help with the fat loss, lack of energy etc. So, I'm sitting here after my very first dose, just one pill on an empty stomach before breakfast. Does anyone have a house they need cleaned? Is there a ton of bricks that need moved from one point to another? WOW, the buzz is amazing, I'm getting warm and not sure how long I can stay here writing a review!!!
Delivery guy August 25, 2019
Good energy
  • I’m a delivery guy and after taking this product, I have cut anywhere from a half to a full hour off my route. Gives me a great boost of energy and helps me stay focused throughout the day. I have also lost 8 ponds of belly fat in two and half weeks. This is the only reason I’m writing a review. After dozens of supplements this one finally does what it says.
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