Achieving that extra bounce in your bench often requires more than sheer willpower alone.


Sometimes, introducing some variety into our routines sets us free from the monotony allowing exploration of new approaches to achieve our fitness goals.

Tackling post-workout fatigue and keeping up energy levels can feel like a constant battle for anyone hitting the gym. But what if there's a secret weapon to help you power through those tough sessions and reach your fitness peaks? Let's delve into how incorporating the right supplements into your routine could be the key to unlocking your fitness potential.


Introducing the transformative strategy of metabolic confusion. By tweaking your diet, re-evaluating your supplements, or overhauling your workout routine, you can keep your body from falling into a predictable pattern and hitting a dreaded plateau.


One of the most effective ways to replenish energy reserves for more intense workouts is by incorporating pre-workout supplements into your regimen. Loaded with caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine, they provide a powerful burst of energy, pinpoint focus, and enhanced athletic performance. These supplements disrupt your body's usual routine, ensuring metabolic confusion is always at play.


Additionally, pre-workouts act as your reliable fitness companions, combating fatigue and allowing you to train with relentless intensity and endurance. Our team has extensively tested and reviewed a variety of pre-workout supplements to identify the most effective ones that deliver maximum results for your investment.


Embrace metabolic confusion and integrate these potent pre-workouts into your routine to consistently push past your fitness goals and maintain peak performance.


Here are a few of our most powerful PWO’s!


Wild Thing by Assault Labs

Wild Thing delivers vascularity and pumps like no other pre-workout supplement can, helping to give you a whole lotta swole. Wild Thing’s unique caffeine blend, containing patented ZumXR® & Infinergy® as well as 2 other forms of caffeine, gives you a jolt of energy upfront as well as a slow release back end fueling your entire workout! STOP trailing and START leading, evolve your pre-workout and benefit from what an advanced next generation supplement can do for you and Train Untamed!


Edge of Sanity by Psycho Pharma

Psycho Pharma has created a well balanced pre-workout that helps you to hit the absolute “sweet spot” of insane energy while helping to enhance your workout endurance and muscle pumps. Edge of Insanity continues to hold its ground, closely competing with Seismic Surge as another preworkout centered on delivering intense energy through a high-stimulant formula. Psycho Pharma upped the ante this past year by incorporating cognitive-enhancing ingredients into the mix, aiming to generate a pleasant sensation coupled with its extraordinary energy boost.


SuperHuman Supreme Hardcore Stim Pre-Workout by Alpha Lion

With 17 grams of hard-hitting ingredients in the formula, IT KICKS. Like KIIIIIICKS. Alpha Lion is a trusted and known brand that delivers on what its research suggests. This formula has INSANE energy and pumps, and I tell you, when I am having “a day,” this pre-workout is what I grab. With high dose caffeine, beta-alanine, beta anhydrous, L-taurine, astragin, s7, and MORE… this is a one-of-a-kind product. My favorite flavor is sour gummy. It tastes great and also has a refreshing kick to it.


Seismic Surge by Hard Rock Supplements

With the #1 ranked bulking, cutting, and fat burning supplements on the market, Hard Rock Supplements shakes up the industry once again with the new groundbreaking pre-workout Seismic Surge. Engineered specifically for the fitness elites, this new formulation capitalizes on the latest breakthroughs in strength, stamina, and stimulant science to force the human body beyond its breaking point and into its untapped 6th gear. Conquer your workouts with a surge of energy that would break the faint-hearted, and let them all marvel at your pumped up physique.


Wrecked By Huge Supplements

So Wrecked is not a new kid on the block but this revised and EPIC formula is! Wrecked has a lot o recognizable ingredients but what makes it unique is the DOSES. It has taken ingredients like caffeine, L-Citrulline, S7, Lions Mane Mushroom, Hyromax and more and packed this PWO to the hilt! Beta testers of the new formula report back insane energy but are most impressed by the pups and muscle-building properties. Wrecked help hydrate the cells in your muscles, and it's creating insane results! DO NOT SLEEP ON WRECKED!


Oracle by Olympus Labs

The prophecy had been revealed with utmost clarity. Olympus Labs had been given the parameters to create the ultimate pre-workout supplement that would deliver an unparalleled and transcendent experience. Thus, the Oracle was born – a pre-workout that promises to provide an exceptional experience in terms of flavor, euphoria, focus, energy, and mind-body connection. The perfect balance of pump, Oracle has been formulated to bring a whole new level of workout intensity. Guys... Oracle does NOT play. 


Revitalize your workouts and unlock your true strength with the power of premium PWO’s!