Some think that to have the desired body, your chances are as slight as getting hit by lightning. Well, I am here to let you know that lightning CAN strike and strike on command! You can help lightning strike by infusing copious amounts of energy...

with PWOs!


Since the ’80s,  Pre-Workouts have been at the cutting edge of the science behind bodybuilding. Since that time, specific science has evolved, products are better, and formulas are more efficient than they have ever been!


By selecting the right PWO, you can create a lightning strike of energy that helps you get through your workouts and shatter limits you thought you had.


So let’s go over some of the heavy hitters that Strong Supplement Shop carries that I cannot recommend enough!


Wild Thing by Assault Labs.

Wild Thing is the perfect way to start my top 3 PWO list.  It is LOADED with every single ingredient you could want or need from a Pre-Workout. It is formulated beautifully and has personally given me the best workouts of my career. It includes all of the above-mentioned ingredients, as well as key ingredients like L­-Tyrosine to help keep your muscles from fatiguing and Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride to help stabilize your mood and enhance concentration. It’s an all-around winner and is definitely a must-try.


SuperHuman Supreme Hardcore Stim Pre-Workout by Alpha Lion

With 17 grams of hard-hitting ingredients in the formula, IT KICKS. Like KIIIIIICKS. Alpha Lion is a trusted and known brand that delivers on what its research suggests. This formula has INSANE energy and pumps, and I tell you, when I am having “a day,” this pre-workout is what I grab. With high dose caffeine, beta-alanine, beta anhydrous, L-taurine, astragin, s7, and MORE… this is a one-of-a-kind product. My favorite flavor is sour gummy. It tastes great and also has a refreshing kick to it.


Seismic Surge by Hard Rock Supplements.

Hard Rock Supplements have shown us time and time again that they are releasing industry-leading supplements! Seismic Surge is NO exception. Seismic Surge has been featured on our Top 10 Preworkout list for YEARS and I know why.  It will increase your workout strength, enhance your endurance, increase muscle PUMPS, and one of my favorite things is that it actually decreases your recovery time. Instead of using Citrulline to increase your blood flow, Seismic Surge uses Alpha Yohimbine which has the same effects and is known to help decrease fat synthesis by increasing fatty acid mobilization. One awesome added bonus of Seismic Surge is their addition of Theobromine. It’s derived from Cocoa and actually gives your body the same chemical ‘feel good’ sensation we get when we eat chocolate! This PWO is serious, and I CANNOT recommend it enough!


You may have tried one of these before, but maybe think of adding a second into the rotation to avoid your body adjusting to one. Although, Seismic Surge….  It’s the one man. Ha!


Check out these PWOs today!