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As you probably know some of the brands we sell at Strong Supplements are exclusive, you can’t buy them anywhere else. You see, these brands do what they do best, develop and manufacturer great supplements; and we do what we do best, market and sell their products.

So in the spirit of that relationship and as a way to open the door to more customers we’re helping some of our exclusive brands build a presence on Here is where you come in.


Its pretty much that easy. We do ask you to give a star rating and you will have to fill out a form telling us your order number so we can verify the transaction and know where to send your check.

Simply Follow These Steps:

1. Click Here And Purchase A Bottle Of Joyful Joints from Vital Alchemy on on or before 2/21/2020.

2. When you receive your bottle of Joyful Joints from please give it a star review/rating.

3. After You Receive Your Bottle fill out this form here:REIMBURSEMENT FORM and we’ll follow-up with you via email to keep you informed, don’t worry if you forget to fill out the form we’ll email you to remind you.

4. 35 days after your purchase date on we’ll mail you your check. Why 35 days? Because we know that the vast majority of our customers are up standing citizens and always do the right thing. But we also know we have some Slick Willies (Slick Willies are people with questionable ethics) out there and we have to make sure that they don’t return the product for a refund and also collect the reimbursement. Everyone knows a few Slick Willies so we hope you can understand.

5. We need Your Complete Amazon Order Number so we can verify your purchase and have a physical address to send you your cash. Also, you will get free shipping if you use Amazon Prime, otherwise shipping from Amazon is $5.99 which you will have to pay for.

That’s it, simple. If you have any questions you can always contact our Pro Support Staff via email, chat, phone or text here: GET PRO SUPPORT.

Thank you and we hope you take us up on this special – Its pretty amazing!

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