You Are The Author Of Your Future, Rewrite Your Ep1logue

By February 27, 2020 Fitness

Are You Ready To Shred?

What story have your written about your fitness journey? That you need to eat pounds of food and slave away in the gym to put on size? Or maybe that you simply don’t have the “genetics” to get that cover-worthy cut physique. The thing about these stories is that they’re just that – stories. You can continue to live the same chapter, day after day, year after year, or you can choose to turn the page and rewrite your story.Ep1logue by Olympus Labs


Rewriting your journey starts with stepping up your game from all angles, and if you’ve already dialed in your nutrition and workouts, adding in a natural anabolic can help round out your program, especially when you need to put on lean muscle and nothing else seems to be working. Enter Ep1logue from Olympus Labs, the natural anabolic that helps both increase muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown, all while providing killer pumps.

It starts with UroBolin, a polyphenol (i.e. plant-based) derivative that has been shown in studies to increase muscle protein synthesis while simultaneously reducing muscle breakdown 1. This basically means that your body can retain the muscle you’ve built while continuing to grow, helping to push past those so-called limits you might remember from the beginning of our story. Additionally, the main compound in UroBolin has been shown to produce testosterone-like effects and positively impact muscle-protein balance 2.

UroBolin is then paired with Epicatechin, another plant-based compound that has gained notoriety in recent years for its anabolic properties. Epicatechin works by decreasing levels of myostatin, a signal in the body that limits the potential for muscle growth 3, while increasing  anabolic factors and preserving overall muscle 4.

But to really kick off hypertrophy, Ep1logue also features Vaso6, another botanically-based ingredient that helps increase vasodilation through Nitric Oxide production 5. Essentially, increased circulation means greater blood flow, and during exercise this can push blood into the muscles and help increase muscle growth.

So when you put pen to paper in the next chapter of your journey, will you choose to continue the same narrative, or will you choose to start a new story altogether? Ep1logue by Olympus Labs might just be the catalyst you’ve been waiting for, exclusively available from Strong Supplement Shop.


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