You Always Remember Your First

First kiss,

first date,

first other things….

You never forget yours. And you know what, I bet if I took a survey and asked you all what the first SUPP you used was, we would all have the same answer. Protein Powder! There’s a reason why it’s everyone’s first love as well. It’s a fantastic way to get as much protein into our body without going over our daily caloric intake, It can be used as a meal supplement, and you can find it everywhere. There is a reason why it’s our first love… it is just that much of a smooth talker!

Protein Powder is something I use every day, to this day. For us Gym Rats, it’s always important that we know what and why we are buying into something. So let me give you the quick 101 for Protein Powder.

The two things that make the biggest difference are the way that it’s made and then what it’s actually made of.

When it comes to what our Protein Powder is made of, the most common type is whey protein. Whey comes from milk and is the liquid extracted during the process of making cheese. It is natural and rich in essential amino acids essential for building muscle. As it is created from lactose, some people will have a harder time digesting whey – not to worry; there are alternatives. Some studies have shown whey protein to be up to 132% more effective for our bodies than alternative types of protein. Additionally, it is amazingly effective at reducing our appetite when we are cutting and counting calories. If you are on the hunt for a Lactose free option, you can find plant protein and nut protein. They are the two most common options and are a great substitute! Some of the other heavy hitting components in protein supps are amino acids, glutamine peptides, soy, and creatine.

Now where the science comes into this is when we talk about HOW our first love is made, and there are generally three different ways.


  1. Protein Concentrates – Using heat, acid, and/or enzymes, protein is extracted from whole foods. Typically concentrates contain 60-80% protein, and the remainder are made up of fats and carbs.
  2. Protein Isolates – Widely regarded as the most efficient source of protein, this is made with an extra filtering process creating a protein powder with 90-95% protein and an exceedingly small percentage (10-5) of fats and carbs.
  3. Protein Hydrolysates – This uses yet another heating process with acid and enzymes. This form of protein is absorbed quicker into our body; however, it can also raise our insulin levels which is why Protein Isolates are widely regarded as ‘more’ efficient.

So that’s your 101 in Protein Powder. Now we are talking about first loves here, so let’s get down to business and introduce you to MINE!

Bio Active Whey

First up on my lover’s list is Bio Active Whey by iSatori. This killer opener checks all three boxes by combining concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. Its formula also goes the extra mile by packing high active peptides that help with strength and building lean muscle. The muscle repair is effective, and this supp has been shown to have a significant increase in strength in test subjects over just an 8-week period!

MRE Lite

Next up is the awesome MRE Lite (Animal Based Protein) by Redcon1. This awesome SUPP is always on my go-to list because it’s not only got everything you want in a Protein Powder, but it’s a full meal replacement. MRE actually stands for Meals Ready to Eat. Additionally, it’s protein comes from real animal sources – beef, salmon, egg and chicken. It doesn’t contain any Whey protein which means it’s very easily digestible for anyone worried about consuming too much lactose. Each serving of MRE Lite is just 134 calories with 24g of protein and just 2g of sugar. Not only does it mix easily without a blender, but it’s also Keto friendly.

Isolation by Blackstone Labs

Coming in hot is Isolation by Blackstone Labs. I love this one. Isolation is 100 Percent Whey Protein Isolate. If you’ve been looking for lower carb formulas then look no further. It’s formula contains 5.5 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), which are great for metabolism. Isolation will give you the 1-2 protein punch, giving you those gains AND is mindful of your waistline. What’s not to love?!

Aftershock Post Workout

Finally, we’re finishing up my Lovers List with an absolute winner for serious protein freaks interested in a lactose free option.  Aftershock Post Workout by Myogenix. Aftershock is more than just your ‘regular’ Protein Powder. It contains 34g of Lactose-Free (remember our non-dailry talk from earlier?) protein, 30g mass building carbohydrates, 8g amino stack, patented Creatine & Glutamine chelates. When I say 34g of whey I also mean FAST ABSORBING as well. This supports muscle growth and repair to the max. This is a GREAT supp to take directly after a workout. You have an anabolic window where your body is lacking in Glycogen, this powder helps replenish that stat. The Magnesium Creatine Chelate is also fast digesting to that in this anabolic window repair and benefits begin immediately.

Aftershock by Myogenix


(insert cheesy gameshow voice)

I want to shine a big old lovers light on BIO-GRO! This bio active peptide packed supplement helps with protein synthesis meaning you GET MORE from your protein powders! Yea you read that right MORE BENEFIT from protein powders! I also use this to mix with soft foods like yogurt or oatmeal. GAME CHANGER STATUS! It contains almost zero calories, zero fat, and zero sugars and is only 1.5 grams per serving to get all the rewards. It uses a low molecular weight, micro-concentrated form of bio active peptides. This triggers the body to accelerate protein synthesis.. need I say more?!


There you have it, my Lovers List of Protein Powders. Like I said at the start, you always remember your first. Now you don’t need to look any further.

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