Ask Yourself: Are You Leading The Pack Or Trailing Behind?

If you’re not in front then put yourself there with the Top Ranked Preworkout for 2019 Wild Thing by Assault Labs.

Wild Thing represents an evolution in a preworkout supplement category. Not only does Wild Thing help drive your energy levels wild! It helps to power your muscles and feed your mind. Wild Thing contains amino acids, creatine and other nutrients to help feed your muscles while you workout. It contains 2 cutting edge nootropics that can increase your focus and ignite your workout energy beyond what you’ve experienced before. And Wild Thing delivers vascularity and pumps like no other preworkout supplement can, helping to give you a whole lotta swole during and after your training.

Stop trailing and start leading, isn’t it time to evolve your preworkout and benefit from what an advanced next generation supplement can do for you.

Introducing Wild Thing – The New High Energy High – Pump Pounding – Muscle & Mind Feeding Pre-workout by Assault Labs

Evolve your workouts down to the last muscle fiber with Wild Thing by Assault Labs! Get It Now and Start Your Evolution!

What Can Wild Thing Do For You?

  • Help Increase Your Energy*
  • Help Increase Your Focus*
  • Help Increase Your Strength During Workouts*
  • Help Increase Your Muscle Pumps*
  • Help Increase Your Muscle Endurance*
  • Help Improve Your Overall Mood*
  • Help Accelerate Your Muscle Recovery*
  • Help Decrease Your Muscle Fatigue*
  • Help Increase Your Muscle Control*
  • Help Improve Your Mental Cognition*
*WARNING: NOT FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. Always consult a licensed practitioner prior to starting any diet and/or exercise program. Consult a physician or licensed qualified healthcare professional before using this product if you have, or have a family history of, heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or other psychiatric condition, glaucoma, difficulty in urinating, prostate enlargement, or seizure disorder, or if you are using a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI or any other drug or over-the-counter drug containing phenylopropanolamine (ingredients found in certain allergy, asthma, cough or cold, and weight control products).
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Innovative & Powerful
Amplify Your Workouts While You Feed Your Muscles & Mind

DiCitrulline Malate

An amino acid that helps to increase muscular energy improve anaerobic and aerobic activity, strength & power.

Creatine Hydrochloride

Helps in regenerating ATP (muscular energy) helping to increase strength, muscular hydration and muscle growth.

Glycerol Monostearate

Helps to super-hydrate muscles which helps to improve muscle endurance and muscular pumps, works with creatine.


An amino acid that helps to promote high energy levels, brain function, mood enhancement and low anxiety.

Review by Alan**


This is by far my new favorite pre work out. Gives a great burst of energy with no jitters. Laser focus but the greatest thing is the amount of endurance and delayed muscle soreness, its unreal.


**Last Name Withheld to Protect Privacy

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Read Wild Thing's Customer Reviews

Joe August 25, 2015
makes my heart sing
  • I was fortunate enough to be able to get a free jar from Assault Labs when they were in the process of finalizing their formula, and let me be the first to tell you that this stuff definitely lives up to the name!

    The muscle pumps were awesome and my workouts were crazy. I was able to recover much faster in between each set and my energy was consistent all throughout my workout.

    The product itself mixed down very well and did not clump up or sit at the bottom/top of my shaker.

    Tastes great and didnt leave a nasty after taste in my mouth.

    I noticed that I was sweating a lot more during my workouts and that I was able to do longer periods of cardio without fatigue.

    Overall very good preworkout and am looking forward to receiving the jar I just ordered.
Dave September 2, 2015
  • Took my first dose the other day at home before the gym - what a car ride lol. I had like a crazy good feeling and euphoria, the tingles also started to kick in.

    Started sweating like crazy within 5 minutes of my workout, 10 min - profusely sweating!

    One of the biggest differences I noticed was how much much muscle fatigue was delayed, or how much more muscle endurance I had - however you want to say it.

    What made that more impressive to me was because the product actually provided a really good pump, usually the better the pump I get the less reps I can push out, but I was getting the best of both worlds on this.

    I really noticed the difference today, as I didn't take wild thing today, man is life so much more dull, especially when I workout at 6 am, no hotties at the gym.

    No wild thing, no hotties, no motivation lol. Overall solid pre workout and that gives you all the good without making you feel cracked out. The taste was even pretty good, kind of like a grape.
Polishpower13 September 2, 2015
Brand New Pre-Workout Review. WILD THING.
  • I picked up 2 bottles of Wild Thing by Assault Labs. This is by far my favorite pre-workout to date. I've used it all week at half dose then 3/4 then a full and even the half dose gave insane pumps on arm day and I was sweating my ass off. I usually prefer lower caffeine products cause I lift at 7pm but I can't pass up a good deal.
    I've taken jacked, no explode, c4,dr jekyll and of all of them this is my preference.
    Just thought I'd give some insight on a new product!
Rossi46 September 2, 2015
No question
  • I bit on the sss 50% off promo, I mean come on half off, why the hell not, right? This disregard to snag a deal lead to a new workout experience, a new level of.... I don't know!, a new level of NEW LEVELS!!! ?

    So I'm coming off a bottle of Androvar and decided to add a preworkout to the pct stack (I tried to limit most stims/pre's during cycle, replacing with BCAA's). This supplement (WILD THING) is what I as an experienced supplement and prohormone user would describe as STRONG, EFFECTIVE and WORTH 5X WHAT I PAID FOR IT! (capital letters are on purpose, not even messing around right now, emphasis on the exclamation and expression of surprise.)

    While yes, whole foods (not the store, just foods that are not all processed and such) and potentially dangerous intensity levels in the gym are in place (and required) this supplement has contributed in an unprecedented way regarding pre-workout supplements. If you are new to this world do your research on adrafinil and adrenosurge as to assist your ability to recover from any sort of tolerance to stimulants, if you are familiar with this world the aforementioned products will still serve you well but just plan on the pre-workout kick in the rear you didnt know existed!

Alan September 3, 2015
  • This is by far my new favorite pre work out.gives a great burst of energy with no jitters.laser focus.but the greatest thing is the amount of endurance and delayed muscle soreness.its unreal.
Wneez September 11, 2015
Awesome pwo
  • This makes Some really sick workout. Did hiit and rocked it better then any other ive tried before. Totally awesome!!
John September 13, 2015
Johndoebodybuilding.com approved!!!
  • Mixes great, tastes great, and very effective!! No jitters or crashes for me, smooth and steady energy throughout the workouts and thereafter. This is the best preworkout on the market right now!!
Greg September 14, 2015
Wild thing
  • I was lucky to receive a sample of the mixed berry flavor and man thank you strong supplements! Great pwo! Good sustained energy with no crash, great pumps, and a better than average taste. I will definitely include it in my pwo rotation!
Greg September 14, 2015
Crazy workout
  • Best pwo I've had in a long time. Great pumps, energy, and no crash! Will definitely be buying in the near future.
Chris September 14, 2015
Wild thing
  • To me it was pretty good. It didn't give me the same feeling as other pre workouts have but it wasn't too bad
Kirk September 14, 2015
  • I have tried many, many pre-workouts, and this one is among my very favorite. If not, MY FAVORITE of all time. I was also excited to try out Mesomorph, and its new flavor, but the ingredients, although give me energy, leave me feeling incredibly sick, upset to my stomach and tingly in the head.

    Wild Thing gives me all the energy, pump, and focus I need and doesn't compromise me with lasting negative side effects.

    This is a win, and my new go-to pre workout.
Wess September 14, 2015
  • So I have tried many many pre workout supplements. But Wild Thing is now by far my favourite , and the best pre workout supplement I have tried. Straight up on the first dosage of this I was ready to go and smash my workout. Just amazing how this gets me going to the gym and just having a great workout everytime. It makes you feel like an BEAST in the gym no lie. I'm definitely trying this again and definitely recommend it.
Phillip September 14, 2015
Review of Wild Thang
  • I got a free sample in the mail and decided to give this a try last night. I took half my sample with 8 ozs of water. I immediately recognized the taste, it tasted just like VPX Shotgun that I had almost 7 years ago. I recognized because I did not like it.

    Within ten minutes it kicked in, I don't do stimulants so I know when something like caffeine kicks in. I had one of my best workouts ever last night went extra reps on just about every lift. Last night was squats, bench, bent over barbell rows and some face pulls. I felt great the 1 1/2 hrs I was in the gym.

    I got home and felt nauseous, walked in the door and almost threw up. I cant do the flavor of this, I felt the same way years ago when I took VPX Shotgun. I will not be taking the rest of the sample but for someone who likes the taste and jacked up feeling this is definitely a great product for you.
Ally September 15, 2015
Amazing Kick and Pump
  • I've been using preworkouts on and off for five years now, and not one that I have tried even competes with the crazy effects of Wild Thing.

    My first experience was on a morning that I was particularly tired since I'm a couple weeks into prep for a figure competition and hitting the gym two times a day. Within 15 minutes of taking a scoop mixed with a small cup of water I was practically jumping off the walls and driving my coworkers at the gym crazy with all my energy!

    I knocked out incline treadmill sprints, power cleans, and heavy weight high volume circuits like they were nothing. Halfway through I almost had to stop myself from staring at the crazy pump and vascularity I had going!

    Not only did I completely murder my workout, I sweating like crazy and felt like I was able to keep going when normally I would have to stop to rest.
Graham September 16, 2015
Seriously Amazing
  • I've tried many pre-workouts, which to me always seem to be the same, except for Wild Thing.

    One thing that really stood out was that I had extreme focus after taking this. Seriously makes you feel euphoric and can lift for hours.

Rebel Barbell September 16, 2015
Excelente producto
  • La recuperacion muscular fue mas rapido de lo usual. No se siente uno ajitado. El sabor es buenisimo.
Angel Aguilera September 17, 2015
A refined Hyde
  • Taste: I mixed the sample packet with about 8-10 oz of water and the taste was very strong. If you don't like overly flavored preworkout I'd advise to mix with more water or try a something else. At first it upset my stomach, but the feeling quickly went away unlike jack3d which makes me feel like vomiting.

    Performance: I had not taken a preworkout for months before this so my sensitivity to its active ingredients was well primed. The beta alanine is well-dosed and I felt it within minutes of drinking the preworkout. A sense of wellbeing starts and the energy kicks in, however, it feels like a good sustainable energy and it did not lead to a crash. It felt effective for about an hour. The pumps were good, but not at Hyde's level. Overall, I'd recommend it as a preworkout appropriate for daily use (unlike hyde, which should be reserved for special occasions).
Scott September 17, 2015
Decent Preworkout
  • So, with the myriad of Preworkouts available today one is left with too many choices. Do I want stims, pump, focus, recovery, etc? I was fortunate enough to try Wild Thing, and I have to say it provided a good amount of all the desirable preworkout effects listed above. Definitely a good choice when you get tired of mixing and matching to meet your needs.
Jeff September 18, 2015
wild thing
  • love this pre workout. The tingle factor is one of the things I like in pre workout drink. I just had a sample pack as a gift with another purchase but I will be buy a full jar this asap!
Marc September 19, 2015
Good PWO
  • Took Wild Thing exclusively for the past week. Product mixes well and the taste is above average. Gave me above average energy and the pumps were also really good. I'd previously taken GAT Nitraflex and feel like that product was better for me personally. Ultimately I enjoyed the product and would use it again, it just wouldn't be my first choice.
Ronnie September 19, 2015
Wild Thing by Assault Labs
  • It's ok, pump wasn't that great and energy was ok.
Ashley September 21, 2015
Well done
  • I usually stay away from supps with niacin, beta-alanine, etc because I hate the tingles. I took a sample of this and though the tingles showed up, they didn't give me a "your head is on fire" sensation like many supps do. No headache, no stomach upset, just tingles and consistent energy. I lifted heavier, longer and with more focus.

    The biggest surprise for me was the mood enhancement, which I personally really loved. No crash afterward. I ended up mixing this with a scoop of my non-stimulant preworkout from PES and got great results. Even the flavor was tasty.
Andrew September 22, 2015
No joke
  • This product lives up to its name. Great focus and energy that lasts through the while workout. Out of all the pre workouts I've tried, nothing compares to this product. If you're looking for a serious pre workout give this a try. You won't be disappointed
Hayden September 22, 2015
Wild thing
  • Got this item as a sample and fell in love. Great pumps from this product and really got me focused on my workout for the day. Great taste
Agustin September 23, 2015
  • Outstanding product!!!
Josh September 24, 2015
Good Stuff
  • Overall this is a great pre workout that taste good and mixes well. Wild Thing provides you with the right combination of ingredients so that you get through your workout with good energy, focus and a nice pump.
jose September 25, 2015
  • awesome best pre workout I've tried! get ready to unleash the beast in you my #1 to go to!
Audrey September 25, 2015
Wild Thing
  • Extreme Focus, high energy, amazing pumps, all that one needs in a pre workout without the crash. Did not upset my stomach as others tend to do. Would recommend it to experienced pre workout users as it is a little on the strong side.
Stan September 26, 2015
Wild thing
  • I wake up and am at the gym around 5-5:30 before work in the morning. And even at that time this shit didn't just wake me up, it kicked me in the ass and told me it was time rise and shine. Had a really intense work out and went to work still super pumped up. Only downside was shortly after taking it I had the usual itchiness that you get from prework outs but a little but it was a burning itch. Maybe I have an allergy, but I'll gladly get more and pop a Benadryl with it in the morning.
alonzo September 26, 2015
wild thing
  • I love wild thing! I felt the tingle and I had the energy to workout harder than usual...I received the sample and afterwards, I had to purchase the big container
Luis September 27, 2015
  • Recomended
Jesse September 27, 2015
  • Overall taste not to sweet, just the way I like it. I was just amazed after using this... More sets, more reps and I felt great. Focused, pumped, during my whole workout. Recovery was great.. Normally on heavy workout days my cardio days are a little harder to do. that wasn't the case this time.
Sam September 27, 2015
Great tasting PWO
  • Most pre-workouts taste unbearable but this one was great tasting and gave me instant rush of energy within 30 mins of taking it. I missed the half off sale but still the price is great compared to others I have tried. Definitely my new choice of PWO and would be ordering my next bottle ASAP.
MadMan September 30, 2015
Zoned In
  • I've been on Hyde for a while and then I get a sample of this wild thing. Compared to hyde, Wild thing makes you focus and doesn't make you drown in a pool of sweat. You can feel the blood rush but its at a heightened and controlled level. I definitely buying some. Try the packet you won't regret it. Taste is decent.
derek October 1, 2015
Wild thing kicks @$$
  • I was skeptic to try this preworkout because I'm to the point where it's if you've tried one you've tried them all. Wow was I wrong. Not only did it give me the energy to double my sets but the pumps are krazy. After workouts the pump stays with you and the results are great. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!!! Best pre ever. Thanks assault labs.
John October 3, 2015
  • I was fortunate enough to be able to get a free sample from Strong Supplements included in my last order.

    I received it just in time for leg day. The muscle pumps were awesome and my workouts were a breeze. Aside from the pump my energy level stayed steady. I didn't feel wired or crawling out of my skin either.

    I was impressed that the product mixed very well. I did not have to continuously remix because it had settled. The taste was great, not over powering or nasty.

    The only thing I would ask Strong Supplements is to include a larger quantity of samples to get a better idea of the product. One sample pack was good for one workout.
Matt October 3, 2015
Wild things
  • Gives alot of energy and a really good pump. Takes about 15-20mins to kick in.one of the best pre workouts I have ever tried.
Jose October 6, 2015
Sickest Pump I have ever gotten from a pre workout
  • Well the only reason I'm rating it 4 stars is usually you should take pre workout on an empty stomach. Well I did but it made me nauseous like 10 minutes later. I grabbed something quick to eat and it went away. I then went to the gym and let me tell you this baby gives you a sick pump. I became Swolebraham Lincoln with this and so will you if you take it your going in there and lift the whole damn gym.
Nate October 8, 2015
Good stuff
  • 2 scoops has me feeling real good!
Leonardo October 10, 2015
Awesome pre-workout
  • I received a free sample of Wild Thing a few days ago and I have to say, it was amazing!! I always workout early in the morning feeling sleepy, but this has awaked me instantly, the energy was full...

    My favorite pre-workout from now on!!
Nick October 11, 2015
Perfectly balanced
  • Perfect pre-workout overall. If you're looking for the perfect balance, this is it. Great pumps and focus in the gym. No jitters and absolutely no crash afterwards. I will be buying this product again.
Roney October 12, 2015
THIS IS MADNESS! - Sample size review
  • I rarely get hyped up about preworkouts, but i decided to give this one a shot since i received a free sample with my last order from this site. The sample was for one serving (one scoop). Before this preworkout i was taking Mr. Hyde and at the time Mr. Hyde was one of the best preworkouts i have ever taken.

    So i mix my scoop and I honestly did not have any expectations for this supplement, because i was biased about Mr. Hyde and thought "there's no way anything else would be as good as Mr. Hyde". 15 minutes after taking this sh*t i was on a whoooooole other level of energy! I felt like an animal and when i got to the gym i was nonstop and kept feeling like my routine was just not enough lol. I NEED MORE I
    NEED MORE!!!- that kept going through my mind and i just never felt tired. The focus this gives you is insane, and the pump is just as awesome.

    Definitely worth getting and I hope that the full tub is just as potent as the sample. I'm going to place an order and write another review after i test out the tub.
marlon October 18, 2015
I am popeye when i drink wild thing
  • I had taken few different pre work out drinks before but never got that feeling(s) with the WILD THING... the energy that i get is superb.. i worked as a machinist and carrying and lifting is a must.. i worked 10hrs a day and still managed to work my ass off at the GYM after work...wild thing gives me boost and energy when im working out.. o yeah did i mentioned it tasted good too..
    Will post pix of my result soon... #assaultlabs #wildthing #strongsupplementshop
Dolf October 27, 2015
good taste!
  • very good taste! Watch out not to take too much.... You wont sleep.
joseph October 31, 2015
One of the better preworkouts
  • Taste is really good. Gives you nice energy and focus without killing your appetite. Definetly going to buy again.
David November 1, 2015
  • Very good preworkout. I've try a lot of different pre workouts and is one of my favorites.
Ted November 1, 2015
  • One of the better pre workouts I've taken
Tj November 2, 2015
  • After purchasing several other products here I had received a sample of this product. This product is guarenteed to work without a doubt. If you're looking for focus in the gym without being affected by distractions then this is the product to have. I definatly look forward to getting my hands on more of this stuff!
paul November 4, 2015
good stuff
  • been on it for about a week.. so far so good.. getting through my workouts with plenty of energy.. taste good too
Dylan November 4, 2015
Extreme focus
  • First time trying out Wild Thing and have to say the past two workouts I've had were killer! One thing I've noticed in comparison to other pre workouts is the focus you receive from Wild Thing. Additionally, you do not feel too much tingling which I am a fan of.
joe November 10, 2015
Wild thing pushed me in the gym
  • Strong, gives me more intense training
Gary November 10, 2015
Amazing - I tell all my friends
  • I have sent many people to your site....I know that they have spent over $400 combined....
Cameron December 2, 2015
One of if not the best
  • This is the only preworlout that hasn't made me feel weird and drousy after my workout, it seemed to keep me focused and is the best tasting pre workout I've ever had
jordan December 3, 2015
Different type of potential
  • So this contains nuero stims which in my opinion are better then just adrenal stims...here's why this product excells because the mind is the limit to the body your mind can push your body. In my opinion this is an excellent pwo and it will be ranked no 1 soon enough will order again.
noah December 4, 2015
Great product
  • I think it's one of the best preworkouts I have used. It gave a better flow of energy than c4 and was more consistent.
Javi December 5, 2015
Gets the job done
  • Product is great is youre a stim junkie like myself, and not enough caffeine is in this product to give you a bad crash. Gave me a "full" look during my workouts. Ingredients are not under dosed either. All in all had a good workout.
Paul December 6, 2015
Wild Thing
  • I could definitely feel the focus factor and the pump. However the flavor isn't the greatest, but I don't expect preworkouts to taste great.
Edward December 8, 2015
Wild Thing
  • Do not expect anything less than an excellent workout ! This product by far surpassed all other pre workouts on the market, and trust me I have tried countless products. I'm not trying to say others aren't good but what I am saying is this specific product, wild thing, is definitely my favorite. I will surely be ordering this supplement, not to mention the price is not at all bad!
C.J. December 8, 2015
Very impressed
  • This was definitely a mind blower.... I've never really "cycled off" pre workout.... I've been using them for about 3 years now.... This one definitely got my attention, its not a craze, don't get too hyped. But my goodness, its a clean crisp focus, no nausea like I'll usually get from my DMAA PWOs, but just an intense focus. I loved it! I asked for a nootropics based PWO sample, I've tried a few already and I honestly honestly have to say, I can see myself getting this as my next tub once my current one runs out. It's not an aggressive rip your face off crystal meth feeling, like you'd expect from cannibal ferox or somethin, its more of aa controlled energy, definitely brings something new to the table and I personally loved it. Being I train MMA I don't like the over stimmed feelings from high stim supps, as much as I may need the energy, cus it causes sloppiness, this one.... No such issues, clean focus, controllable energy. This is great for a training type workout where precision is involved. Would NOT recommend this for power lifting though as you don't get that high intensity from the stimmy PWOs
    Hope I helped!
Roney December 8, 2015
It's worth giving a try
  • Like a few others on here I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of Wild Thing with my last few orders.

    After taking the first sample I was sold almost immediately. The focus I felt while working out was on a whole other level. I never felt fatigued and I just wanted to keep going and going, which i did.

    The pumps were superhuman, and Like i said above I just felt unstoppable. Even after the long workouts i still had energy to spare. No crash either.

    The ONE thing i can honestly say I don't like about it is that the powder clumps up A LOT in the tub, to the point where i feel like i need a chisel to break it apart lol.

    The taste is great too.

    Overall I would say this is definitely in the running as my favorite pre-workout supplement. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for something new to test out.
John December 9, 2015
My new favorite preworkout!
  • Despite all the glowing reviews for Wild Thing, I was a bit skeptical about trying it. I have been using preworkout formulas that contain DMAA, and because Wild Thing doesn't contain that particular ingredient, I was afraid it wouldn't give me the boost I need to really kill a workout. Boy, was I wrong! I haven't had a bad workout since starting Wild Thing, and this despite having a cold for the past few days. The energy I feel is strong and consistent, the pump is real, the focus is laserlike, and the mood is upbeat and very alpha male. It's great-tasting, and doesn't leave you feeling jittery at all. I have a new favorite preworkout!
Sam December 13, 2015
Awesome Preworkout
  • I was able to try a sample of this preworkout (I usually use C4) and I definitely like this so much more. The tropical flavor tasted really good and the energy from it was very consistent and I didn't completely crash afterwards like I do with C4. Definitely gonna have to buy a full tub because my workout was amazing.
Jeremy F December 14, 2015
Wild Stuff!
  • This is great it came as a sample with my Anafuse. Works great felt it working within five minutes, got that tingle feeling but not like bugging out of skin feeling. Great pump and strength during my workout. If I was into Pre workout Sups, this would be it.
Dan December 21, 2015
  • Was contemplating taking a rest day yesterday and instead took the sample of Wild Thing I received with my last purchase. Incredible. I was beat after working all day and this got me into a zone like no other Pwo. Hit PRs on dumbbell shoulder press and had a great rest of the workout as well. Looking forward to buying a full 30 servings. This stuff is legitimate. I am junky when it comes to Pwo and I would say this is even better than mesomorph in my opinion.
john December 28, 2015
wild thing
  • I made a order to strongsupplementshop.com and then sent me a free sample of a new pre work out called wild thing. I'm kinda sketchy about taking pre workouts because like c4 most of them give you a great work out for about 20 minutes then you want to go lay down. Wild thing is possibly the best pre workout I have tried. It give a great pump veins popping out in places you didn't even know there were veins. It last a whole weight session work out 30 to 40 mins on abs and a 2 mile run then is still working when you leave the gym wears off slow with no crash....absolutely a great product!!!!
Jenn December 31, 2015
  • Tried a sample for a heavy 5am squat session. I'm not very caffeine sensitive, so I don't use pre workout often but this one definitely did the trick without the need to double scoop. No muscle fatigue or DOMS and was able to push through a brutal leg day. The pump was insane. Hands down, one of the best PWOs I've tried!
Chris January 2, 2016
wild thing
  • I tried the single sample pack and it was really good, probably the best I've tried to date. I'll probably buy it and try it for a while then write a more extensive review
Dwight January 3, 2016
tastes fantastic
  • I recieved a packet with my order of a few other items. I'm no pre workout masterbut I've had 10+ types. I had tropical storm flavor and i will be honest, hands down top three best tasting pre workout. As for performance, good pump 7/10, got a case of the tingles, but where it lost me personally is i did not feel any kind of focus. I wanted to do more, but i just started doing a bunches of dumb supplemental excersizes. My drive was similar to ADD. I also experienced a bad case of jitters for about an hour after my workout. I only recieved one dose but was prompted for a review, my final word is, it is no better than c4, another flavor contender with similar effects.
Chuck January 5, 2016
Zero stars...Not a fan!
  • I am not a fan of caffeinated pre-workout stuff. I got a free packet along with my order recently, and decided to give it a try. Boy, was that a mistake...about 10 minutes into my workout it felt like somebody hit me up side the head with a sledgehammer!! It took three hours for this to wear off, and my workout was crap. Never again! I'll just stick to my cup of coffee...at least I can control how much caffeine I ingest and stop before I'm too amped to workout.
Nate January 7, 2016
Wild Thing - Tropical Tornado.
  • Tried Wild Thing last night for the first time. Damn, it tastes awesome. Tropical Tornado is fitting and you can actually taste every fruit they have shown on the label. Strawberry, Kiwi, Peach and Pineapple. 300mg of caffeine, a full 3.2g dose of BA and 20mg noopept. Focus was awesome, not too much, but definitely there. Energy was at a perfect level. 3.5g Cit Mal and 1g Agmatine definitely delivered on the pump. My workout lasted forever, to the point of true exhaustion. I think I was there for almost 2 hours by myself. Got home, ate and passed the fuck right out and slept like a baby. Fantastic workout yesterday with Wild Thing.
rich January 7, 2016
It was great
  • It's been a while since I've had a pre work out that worked this well. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a great work out.
Roney C. January 7, 2016
New Flavor is amazing
  • Tropical Tornado definitely makes the first one worthless as far as taste goes.

    Great preworkout to give a try.
J J January 8, 2016
Wild Thing
  • Honest opinion in 3...2....1. I didn't love it. I am not sure but I didn't really feel anything. I am used to Hyde which makes me crazy. With this much caffeine I thought I would feel an intense energy boost but it just never came. I usually feel the beta alanine but with this product nothing. Sorry guys but I have been honest.
Abdullah January 11, 2016
First time user
  • I must say that this product surpasses all other pre-workouts I have tried. It tastes well and the price isn't bad either. If you're looking for those insane pumps and focus, this is the right product for you. Also amazing vascularity and intensity. One thing, don't take too close to bedtime. Which product have you seen with so much Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine?! --> Nitrous Boost
RB January 13, 2016
  • Tropical Tornado - Tasted good, pineapple flavor if you like that, not bad.

    Great energy, no jitters....Great focus through out my whole workout and into cardio.

Doc Byrnes January 14, 2016
Wild thing pre workout review
  • Used the sample packet from strong supplement shop, took it approximately 15min before my Bench day at the gym. Just so hapoened this was my peak day and I was finding a new 1rm. Went on to PR bench by 20lbs, now I don't believe this ore eorkout caused that PR, but i do beleive it heloed me stay focused and keep me with almost tunnel like vision on all my sets. I had great endurance and energy and I went on to crush flyes,DB presses and lots of triceps. My tris felt like they were gunna explode I'll attribute that to the agmatine and the di citrilline malate both ingredients which are transparently dosed at the appropriate dosages. No pixie dust here. Beta alanine is st the standard 3.2g and I love that im not having to take 3 scoops to get the right dosages of the ingredients.
Christopher January 14, 2016
Just great
  • Does what you need, picks you up when u need it and helps you train longer with a more never give up attitude, you body wears out before you brain so just pay attention and don't overtrain because this makes you feel like you're still good after 2-3hrs of hard training 😀

Jon January 18, 2016
Good stuff
  • I took the sample they gave me and it worked great. I had focus, a good pump, and not jitter. I wI'll get some when I run out of what I have now. I recommend this to anyone who likes a good pre-workout.
B January 19, 2016
Great Pre-Workout
  • Nice, Easy to use pre-workout. I felt I was able to challenge my personal bests while using the product.
Steven January 20, 2016
Not for me
  • After taking the sample packet included in my order I immediately felt the effects of the pre workout, high energy, increase in body temperature and a pumped up feeling.

    I had a bad reaction to it around an 45 minutes after taking it, on my way to the gym i had extreme pain on my abdomen that actually sent me to the ER.

    Apparently I had Rhabdomyolysis and this agitated the condition.

    Too strong for me but definitely does as describe .
craig January 21, 2016
wildthing pre
  • took the sample pack that came with my ostashred, worked well gives you that niacin skin tingle and that extra focus. however it did not work well enough to give up my C4.
Simplestacked January 23, 2016
Wild thing pwo
  • Focus was the one area I believe the product really shined on for me , being focused during your sets is huge for finishing strong.
mike January 24, 2016
Good stuff
  • First the taste is awesome. also gives you a good kick.
taylor January 24, 2016
  • tbh i used this as part of my post cycle coming off of epistane, and i liked this more, the pumps are actually compairable to a mild PH , i did feel slight crash though. get the tropical mix because those berries or whatever its called, taste like crappy old grapes . either way good job guys
Matt January 25, 2016
Great pre workout
  • At first I was skeptical about trying a new pre workout. When I used it, mixed well and taste is 10 out of 10 amazing taste. After twenty minutes this stuff kicked in, I was sweating more pumps were solid, my energy was through the roof. I finished my lifts and still had plenty of energy for cardio and abs. Will definitely get again.
James January 25, 2016
Wild Thing
  • Wild Thing gives you great endurance when you are working out. I highly recommend it.
Brian January 25, 2016
King of Pre-Workout Beasts
  • This is definitely in my top 3 pre-workouts. Solid ingredient profile. Awesome energy. I feel like a king of beasts 20-30 minutes after taking it.
Brandon January 27, 2016
The best
  • I have tried them all for years and this is definitely one of the best and for the price. I cant wait to get my hands on more.
Michael January 27, 2016
It Works!
  • It only about 20 minutes for the effects to start to kick in which is unusual for me. It began with a overall heat kicking in followed by the urge to start the workout. Throughout the work out I had great focus and a better pump. I definitely knocked out more exercises. The biggest difference I noticed was that when i felt tired, and done, i started back up after a quick break. Its a product I'd be sure to try again.
Turbo January 27, 2016
This Product is Great!
  • At first I was a little skeptical..but then I tried it and it's amazing! It gets me fired up! The only thing it lacks is the ability to give me a pump. Which in turn kinda sucks. But overall this stuff makes me feel like I can run a mile with no problem.
Marco January 30, 2016
Wild thing
  • I only tried a sample of wild thing but this by far was better than any other pre I've taken. I'm not sure if it was because I was sick for a week and didn't have any caffeine or what but when I tried this pre work out I had a great lift very focused in an amazing pump. I'm most likely going to order it in about a week or so
Steve January 31, 2016
Wild Thing worked for me
  • i received agree sample pack of Wild Thing with a recent supplement order. Although I consistently use creating and beta alanine, I have not been taking any Pre-workout supplement lately. I decided to save it for leg day, when I moving higher amounts of weight. Based on my experience today, I'd have to say I was favorably impressed.

    It mixed easily. I don't care much about taste, but those who do will not be disappointed because this stuff tasted fine.

    Part way through my workout, I almost felt it was a little too intense. Left me just a bit "jittery" feeling between some of my sets. I rode it out, though and got good results. For example on my heavier leg press sets (above 1200), I consistently got a few reps beyond what I normally get, and I went about 60 pounds above my personal best for a 1 rep max of 1403. (I actually felt like I could have gone higher still, but I had already done MANY sets by that time, and I wanted to get on with the rest of my workout.

    Don't know if my response is typical, but I'd definitely say this stuff is worth a try.
Jason January 31, 2016
Great Preworkout
  • I have used many different workouts over the years and am glad I decided to give Wild Thing a try. it's a well-dosed product per scoop that mixes well and has a pleasant taste. About 20 minutes after taking this product I can feel my face begin to tingle and know it is beginning to work. It gives me a really clean, clear focus & energy boost without that over stimmed feeling. I have not experienced any crashing afterwards either.
DarkWarrior February 2, 2016
  • I must say, I was completely IMPRESSED! Ihave tried a lot pf PWO in the past, some that are no longer sold. I have to say this lived up to the hype and then some. Nice feeling, no jitters, complete focus and energy to last my entire training session.
Jackie February 4, 2016
Good Stuff
  • Good stuff. Worked well. A lot of tingle taking a whole dose but nothing too annoying.
Jose February 4, 2016
Wild thing
  • Over all taste and mix ability very good. Enjoyed the taste and the pump was awesome. Wish I would have had more than one sample
matthew February 5, 2016
Great Stuff
  • I personally haven't been taking pre-workout for about four months. Ordered this in the tropical flavor which by the way tastes awesome! One of the best flavored supplements I've had. As far as performance it kind of reminds me a little of pre-jym. Comes on clean with a steady amount of energy all the way through my workouts. It gave me a little niacin flush but nothing like C4 did. I'd have to say this is one of the better pre-workouts I've used and would highly recommend it.
Benjamin February 6, 2016
  • I would buy a tub of this because it does work great. The taste was good too. My only setback was with taking the sample that I took te whole serving and it was way too much beta alanine for me. If I bought it I would cut the serving and it would last longer too. Overall good supplement
Jonathan February 7, 2016
My first actual Pre workout
  • After my first order off this site I received a free sample of wild thing. Trying the wild thing sample for the first time I felt so energized after a few minutes of intake. I normally drink coffee as a pre-workout before going to the gym, but since I received a free sample of wild thing I decided to try it. One sample of this pre-workout made me purchase 2 more bottles to stock up. I really enjoyed the pump and energy it gave me in the gym, and the flavor is amazing!!
Andrew February 7, 2016
A preworkout that actually works!
  • I never write reviews and i am always skeptical about good reviews on products but i feel that i need to write a review on this product. This preworkout actually does what it says it does. It gives you clear energy and focus. I was not a believer in the focus ingredients, but after trying this preworkout, I have to say that they actually work. I work a job where I work 12 + hours a shift and I am stimulant tolerant.I workout on the same days I work, and this preworkout gives me the extra energy to hit the weights intensly. It's not a cracked out energy either, it's clear, clean, and wears off by the time I need to go to sleep. Also the pump aspect of this preworkout actually works. The pump ingredients are dosed clinically and I can tell. The glycerol in this product gives me huge pumps that I have not experienced in other preworkouts. I will be rotating this preworkout with mesomorph, which I feel are the two best preworkouts around.
Nick February 9, 2016
Great Stuff
  • I've been getting samples of a lot of different products ever since my old Preworkout changed formulas. I have to say I love this stuff. It wakes me right up without the jitters, I'm just focused and ready to go. A little more expensive per serving than I would like but overall decent price
PAMELA February 23, 2016
Holy Sweat-Fest!
  • OK, so I've used many pre-workout and this one hands down is the BEST!
    I've been taking it for a week and I've noticed improved endurance and awesome pumps! And talk about SWEAT!

    I got up this morning and saw that the veins in my arms and hands were just poppin! And I haven't even walked into the gym or took my PWO yet!

    The flavor makes me feel like I shouldn't be drinking it. It's so good it seems like I'm cheating on my meal plan.

    So glad I got 2 jars!
    No crash, no jitters, no insomnia!
Edgar March 4, 2016
Best pre-workout
  • This producing amazing, I've tried out so many pre-workouts and some of them don't get the job done, while this one 1-3 scoops I feel amazing. Usually when I take other pre-workoutside I have to take 7-10 scoops to actually feel something but no this one, the flavor it has is amazing it has no nasty after taste like other do and I love how much of everything it has, caffeine, creatine, etc...
Nicholas March 7, 2016
Wild Thing
  • Wild Thing is a great product. I've tried many other pre workouts but I have found this one the best. It gives no weird tingling sensation but it gives you great focus and you don't crash after your workout. It lasts throughout the whole wourkout whether its one or two hours. It tastes great and feels even better.
Skaarson March 12, 2016
Meh, not impressed.
  • Took the recommended amount, one scoop, and was disappointed. Got the tingle like I knew I would but that was it. Didn't notice any energy gain, no focus, no pump, etc.

    This was almost exactly like any new "reformulated" preworkout I could buy off the shelf. It may work for others but not for me and is headed for the trash. I'll stick to jack3dup or even mesomorph.

    Nothing but the tingle, and I hate that goddamn tingle.
Quinn March 17, 2016
Wild thing
  • So I previously purchased Mesomorph pre workout and I loved it. Usually I like to try new pre workouts just for the fun of it so I noticed Wild thing had good reviews and it was at the top of the list with mesomorph. I took this twice and had an allergic reaction to it. The only reason why I tried it again was to see if it was actually the product that did it to me. It also gave me a massive headache. It wasn't the worst pre workout but it wasn't the best. It might be good for people who are just starting to take pre workouts but I've taken tons of pre workouts and I've never got this affect from them. The tropical flavor wasn't too bad as far as taste goes. The reason why I gave it three stars is because everyone's different so I don't want to say it is a horrible product just because it didn't work for me. Unfortunately I would exchange it for mesomorph but I did obviously open the container so it's just going to have to go to waste.
andy March 18, 2016
  • So far I have really enjoyed wild thing preworkout it really has a kick no joke. Previously I was using mesomorph preworkout which I really enjoyed but I think my body just got use to it so I wanted to try this product from assault labs and just doing a half scoop straight you can feel the product working with in minutes. I defiantly recommend trying the product and price is a great value so no risk
Riah March 19, 2016
Wild thing
  • I actually love this pre workout .. Was a little intimidated , but once I tried I was ready to go.. Not ameaning a crazy jitter jump out my skin feeling .. More of a focused lets get this shit done! Delivery was quick , flavor is tasty also.. For a female lifter / mother .. Thumbs up..
michael t March 21, 2016
total focus
  • I've tried probably a good 30 -40 pw's, and this by far is the best. I don't get a crash or jitters either. Since the first time I took it I had an insane focus that made me want to stay in the gym and just keep lifting things. Unlike others that I've tried I only need 1 scoop (I'm 5'9" 194lbs). Try it. You wont be disappointed.
Yusef March 31, 2016
Beast of a pre work out
  • I rate this 10/10 the best pre work out I ever took and I've tried some wild shit before I get the best pump I gave this to my buddy he said the same thing it doesn't make me itch like a retard but this right here keep me going for like 3 hours
Anthony April 3, 2016
solid pre workout
  • Energy kicks in quick. Not a jittery energy. Last through my workout and i can still sleep at night
sam April 8, 2016
Good prodict
  • I rating this as a good product only for the simple fact that it did not give me that intense feeling or the vascular pumps I was hoping for. I did although give great focus snd concentration. Being quite big 6'3" 254lbs I need something a little stronger
Gavin April 8, 2016
Great workout!
  • I received Wild Thing as a one serving sample packet to try with another supplement I purchased. This preworkout gave me a great pump and explosive workout. It's definitely one of those ones you take and then really feel kick in. Felt great after my workout as well and didn't have a post workout crash either. Would highly recommend.
Perry April 8, 2016
Best preworkout I have ever had
  • I have tried almost every pre workout out there and this is seriously the best one. I don't generally write reviews but I had to for this one. Buy this stuff and try it!!
WALKER April 11, 2016
wild thing
  • This is probably the best pre workout I have used. Ive been doing some type of pre for about 20 years. This product gives you a euphoric feeling "top of the world". If you like to go hard for long intense sessions weather it boxing , crossfit or pure lifting iron this will getter done! Will be purchasing again soon
Dean April 12, 2016
  • Wild Thing is one of, if not the best pre workout i have had! It is a little sweet but it does taste great. The pump i got from it was insane and it was actually one the the first pre workouts i have had that has made me sweat.

    Although it did make my elbows red during a workout it still gave me a great pump and didn't get fatigued during a workout at all. I highly rate this and recommend it to anyone looking for a new thing
Trevor April 16, 2016
Wild Thing pre workout
  • One of the best pre workouts I've had in a long time!!!
    Alway gets me going and the energy never stops!
Terry April 20, 2016
Wild thing by assault labs
  • Wild thing is the best preworkout for me since the original no xplode. I get an amazing pump, pure focus, and drive without the jitters. That's no bull , this is the only review I've ever done , thank god I got the random sample of wild thing or i never would've known about this top notch product. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about working hard in the gym.
Breadmachine April 20, 2016
Wild thing
  • Best preworkout since original no xplode. No bull, awesome pump and focus. Veins poppin outta places I didn't know I had. I know what your thinking, damn this guys awesome, and you're right. So buy wild thing today if you're serious about building huge biceps instead of those twigs dangling from your armpits!
richard May 3, 2016
Amazing taste
  • Smooth delivery of consistent energy and focus. No jtters. Taste is lights out especially when mixed in juice.
Lance-abolic May 4, 2016
Wild Thing You Make My Heart Sing
  • Great product.
    Energetic without feeling wired for a solid 1 hour. Worked for this caffeine tolerant person.
    Taste is pretty good.
    No clumping. Easily mixes.
    Nice pumps.
RYCK May 15, 2016
  • I have been using a lot of products with AMP CITRATE lately, but they are unavailable now. I had high hopes for WILD THING after reading the reviews on Strong Supplements, but I cannot recommend this product or Mesomorph. I guess I cannot tolerate the DMAA in it.
Jon May 24, 2016
Wild Thing
  • First thing I noticed was the taste. Top 5 definitely. If you don't like sweet drinks, I would stay away from tropical tornado. But I really enjoyed it. Mixes just fine. It takes a while to kick in for me, like 40ish minutes. But you notice once it kicks in. The focus is definitely my favorite part. I'm a stim junkie so I use 1.5 scoops typically.
Mike May 25, 2016
makes everything groovy
  • Wild Thing has become my favorite pre workout supplement. I get good energy and focus from 1 scoop 30 minutes before workout. I don't get too jittery or stimmed up either as I workout early AM and also drink coffee The problem I have with most pre workout supps is after a couple days my body seems to adjust and I don't get the same effects as the first day or so. It's not the case with Wild Thing.
Tyson May 28, 2016
Works for me
  • Never really used any preworkouts before, but seems to work as advertised for me! Gives some decent energy, and I like the tingling from the beta alanine. I am a repeat buyer of it too, so that should tell you that if works (at least for me) I also use it with lipodrene hardcover for an extra energy boost!!
Luke May 31, 2016
Great product
  • To start this product was very good!

    The mixability was awesome and the taste wasn't bad either. I got the tropical flavor.

    The pumps were great also! After just a few sets you have a pump, which I think is nice.

    The endurance is great on this product. I do a lot of super sets and I just kept going! The product aided in my endurance.

    Another plus is that is really makes you sweat, which is awesome!

    This is a good pre work supplement and I do recommend trying it out.

    Assault Labs did a nice job with this supplement and I also like how they have how much of each supplement is in the product and no proprietary blends.

    Overall great product
Ernesto June 6, 2016
Wild thing
  • Best pre-workout I've ever had. My pumps are greater. Can lift heavier up to you 15 pounds heavier. This product is well worth every cent.
chris Sky June 12, 2016
a Wild ride.
  • After reading reviews and trying literally DOZENS of pre workouts over the years, I decided what the hell... I took a full dose waited for the "tingle" then hit the gym.
    It delivers exactly as advertised. increased energy, increased focus, increased reps, slight increase in cardio (not as good as ephedrine for instance). The only problem I had is that I am 5'7" about 160-165... the dosages of stimulants to neuro peps are tailored more to a 200 pound person. I get the perfect amount of pump and energy from a 75% dose, but i lose out on the focus a little bit... and if I take a 100% dose, the stim effects last too long. The only thing that could make this product better is a little higher concentration of Neuros...i'd pay a few bucks more.

    is it the best pre workout I have ever tried? ... after using it for a month in all different types of workouts,, I can say it sure is.
Alex June 19, 2016
Pretty Awesome
  • Out of the countless pre workouts I have tried in the past, wild thing has definitely surpassed my expectations. First and foremost, the effectiveness of this product is great. For me it doesn't give you the rapid heart rate (didn't like anyways), but it did put me into go mode. A lil tingling sensation, but thats what the pump is all about. Besides the focus, pump, and power behind the product the taste (tropical tornado) was above and beyond all others. Fixability was smooth and i actually enjoyed taking my pre workout shake. Honestly, tasted like drinking extend bcaas. Lastly, when comparing the product label and generous ingredient amounts to the products price, its sorta a steal. Plenty of the good, for a fraction of the cost, which other products you'd have to buy separately, in hopes of the intaking the same amount of say beta alanine for example. A number of other products require 2 scoops of a weaker formula to reach the same effect of one scoop of this formula. Hence, twice the cost for a lesser product. Needless to say, i will buy again.
David June 29, 2016
WORST Supplement ever! Made me SLEEPY.
  • Wild Thing has CHOLINE -- an ingredient PROVEN to make many people SLEEPY & DROWSY. CHOLINE does NOT belong in a pre-workout powder! I fell asleep in the gym each of the 10 times I used this product. I had the WORST workouts of my life with this HORRIBLE product. Do NOT buy it! I will NEVER buy it again!
Pedro July 6, 2016
Good Stuff for sure
  • Really like it
    Deff Helps you work out alot longer
    Deff Good Stuff i recomend
Richard August 9, 2016
Wild Thing
  • I got a sample of this with an order from Strong Supplement. I like the looks of the profile so I saved it for Back & Bi's. It provided very good energy with no crash and the pumps were ridicules (good). I had the Tropical flavor and enjoyed it very much. I would say this is supplement worth buying !!
marvin September 5, 2016
It's good, but not for me
  • This is a good product, it is certainly better than the stuff you get at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe; it isn't for me though.

    I am very tolerant of pre-workouts and other similar products, thus, Wild Thing under-performed for me. I did get some energy as well as the tingling on my skin but just not enough of it. What i did feel, even a few hours after my workout, was that damn nootropic.
Daniel September 11, 2016
Average preworkout
  • So the wild thing.... It's a good preworkout and it gives you amazing focus. I would recommend this for people that want energy and focus. I personally don't like a lot of niacin but 40mg is way to high personally. Would I buy this product again that would be a no.
EdzoRocks October 18, 2016
One of the best pre workouts I've taken
  • I highly recommend this pre workout. Great taste, kicks in strong in about 20 minutes.
    Always one scoop. I've been taking different pre workouts for the past couple years. This is one of the first that I only have to use one scoop.
Steve November 1, 2016
Insane all around
  • So I decided to get a sample of Wild Thing and Im glad I did. The energy was insane, Pump was incredible, and the focus was there. I trained chest and triceps that day and I was in the gym for almost 2 hours.... I could have stayed longer but by triceps were so pumped I could barely move them. Even in the shower it was a pain to wash my hair haha! My chest was destroyed, it was tough sleeping on my side... Probably one of the best workouts I've ever had. The 3+ grams of beta-alanine will make you tingle for a while too but id recommend if you hate the feeling cut the dose into half, OR just suck it up and be a machine. The flavor that came in the sample was pretty good.
Calvin November 11, 2016
Great preworkout
  • Haven't taken any preworkout in nearly a year but after a few lazy workouts I decided to give this stuff a try. I was not disappointed, it's a nice clean energy with a great pump as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
lou January 5, 2017
Great product
  • I have tried alot of pre workouts and this was has the perfect balance of normal and intense power. I have had pre workouts that are so full of god knows what that your face and heart are ready to expolde, so bad you can't even workout. Wild thing pre-workout takes me to the next level without that feeling and there is no crash. I am a crossfit/mma gym rat and i can tell you this for the workouts i do wildthinf deffintly gives me that extra edge. Highly recommend.
Pflo07 January 11, 2017
So far so good!
  • Got mine last week and starting using it yesterday. So far so good. Great energy, no crash and taste great. I have recently used NO Overload, c4 and Mesomorph. Not a fan of DMAA since the crash is hard and puts me in a rotten mood about 1-2 hours of taking it. NO Overload was a great non stim product but tasted terrible. Wild thing is similar to c4 but the cardio/endurance seems to be better with wild thing. Also wild thing is the best tasting.
Calvin January 19, 2017
Great stuff
  • This is easily the best preworkout I've ever taken. Gets me hype to lift, tastes great, it's effective and there's no hard crash.
Heath January 23, 2017
Wild Thing Review
  • Trying to find something to alternate with the Mesomorph that I need some time away from. This one worked a lot better when I took a caffeine pill with with it but I have a higher caffeine tolerance than some.
    Definitely does not stand up with the Mesomorph.
Patrick January 26, 2017
Wild thing
  • First week in and still getting good strength and really good sustainable energy through my work out. Hopefully it keeps me going after the second week
tyler February 15, 2017
One of the top pre's Iv usesd
  • As far as pre-workout goes this ranks top three in my arsenal behind meso morph and dust extreme and I am a pre workout junkie if taken 100s of different ones. OK doesn't really quite compare , but those have DNA the feeling it gives you though is definitely a good head rush , good mental focus, good pumps over all 10 out of 10 they nailed it
Alan March 28, 2017
The bomb
  • Great product, delivers as advertised. One of the best I've tried. Beats out the big names by far.
Sean April 5, 2017
Not Too Shabby
  • I'm always looking for a new preworkout... something that can give me razor sharp focus, skin tearing pumps, and the energy of a toddler after a packet of fun dip. This product does just that. Over the past week of introducing this Wild Thing into my workout not only have my rest times between sets decreased, but my ability to push through to failure for an extra 1-2 reps has as well. The taste is great; I got the Tropical Tornado. It mixes well and doesn't clump up which is always a plus. Also, the price per serving isn't ridiculous like many other brands with the same ingredients (this come in at around $1.16/scoop). The only thing i don't like about this product is that it doesn't give me the "tingles" - although this could be due to the fact that I've been taking a preworkout for 16 years with no off cycle...

    Overall, I would definitely use Wild Thing again. Consistent effects, fair price, and good flavoring.
Jess April 6, 2017
  • This pre workout is amazing!! The focus is great, and gives you the extra pump you need.
    Definitely recommend you try.!!
    Flavor is awesome too.

Mickey April 13, 2017
Wild alright
  • I'm always cycling on and off different pre workout that way my body doesn't get use to it.. I went ahead and came across wild thing after coming off 5150 and let me tell love all the ingredients on paper so far.
    I personally don't get too much off the tingles feeling unless I take a scoop and half then I get the tingles, hots AND crazy focus. Is just like every other pre you have to adjust to your height and weight. I'm 6'0" 300 lb .
Shayne September 15, 2017
Best Bang for Your Buck
  • I've experimented with many different preworkouts over the course of the years and I can honestly say that this product is in my Top 5. I highly recommend this supplement for anyone who's looking for a good change up from the run-of-the-mill big named preworkouts.

    Within 30-45 minutes after taking a scoop of Wild Thing you'll be ready to crush your next workout be it chest day or leg day.
Aaron October 15, 2017
Not Impressed
  • Weak and very short lived boost after comparing it to Mesomorph. I use a full scoop. The mix also clumps up but the bottle warns you of that. The flavor is okay. I won't purchase it again.
Michael November 15, 2017
Best pre-workout
  • I have tried many pre-workouts and Wild Thing is the best one I have found. Extreme focus and energy that lasts the entire workout. Has great flavor as well!
Terry May 8, 2018
insane pumps and focus
  • I've been cycling off of preworkouts for about 6 weeks now because I wanted to give Wild Thing an honest try since its gotten such good feedback from everyone in the reviews...

    Suffice to say.... everyone is absolutely right about it.

    LOVE the new rocket fuel flavor! Reminds me of that yummy blue raspberry jack3d that I grew up on.

    The pumps, focus, and overall energy boost it provided me during my lifts was nothing short of what I was looking for.

    I've been using preworkouts since the original jack3d and honestly nothing was able to compare to it until now.

    Cycling off I'm sure played a huge role in resetting my tolerance as well but the wild thing itself was very pleasing in the effects that it delivered.

    Definitely will buy another jug and use for a full 8 weeks before cycling off again.

    Thanks SSS! You guys are the reason I have come as far as I have in my progress. Couldn't have done it without your help and expertise <3
Sean June 15, 2018
Best Pre-workout Period!!!
  • This stuff clumps really bad. That is the only negative thing I have to say about it! It still easily mixes in water. Don't dare take more than one scoop! Drink it and you have about 30-45 minutes to get to the gym and be ready. Crazy energy, crazy focus, and crazy pumps! I am so glad Strong Supplements sent me the sample for Wild Thing. By the way, it actually tastes really good! I got the bomb pop and it tastes exactly like one! I have finally found my Permanent Pre-Workout Drink!!!! If you want an advantage, this is it!
R((OOO))ger Olson July 31, 2018
1st place
  • "WILD THING" Helped me win my 1st place overall inline marathon(PR) -Champion @ the Chicagoland Inline Marathon June 23 2017 @ the young age of 75......Fitness/Recreation division. I have been knocking at the door of 3rd place, 4th place, 6th place many top 10 placements but this was the 1st time Champion....Thanks
Roland August 5, 2018
Best product
  • I’ve had all three flavors multiple times & my favorite has to be tropical tornado. To me it tastes the best & I feel like I get the best pump from it.
Adam October 7, 2018
Best I have had so far
  • So After trying Wild Thing (Rocket Popsicle) for a few weeks, I can say that this is by far my favorite pre-workout. I have not tried many other pre-workouts but the ones I have tried like Pulse by Legion, left wanting more and the other Meth Lab by TLM Research left feeling a little sick. The flavors were whatever on these. This Pre-workout has been the shinning card so far. I tend to sweat like crazy, I don’t feel too jittery, I honestly feel so much more energized. Mentally I found that I felt amazing during and after the workout.
    The flavor while not really as important to me is actually pretty good. I got rocket popsicle and I can say that it tastes like a rocket popsicle, smells good as well. Also, no nasty after taste! This is my first time experiencing the clumping style they use and I think its fine. I can easily scoope it with no mess. It mixes really well!
Big G March 19, 2019
Awesome preworkout
  • I purchased the mixed berry madness flavor and it taste great. No clumps and it dissolves quickly. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks now and have really noticed the difference. It gives me the energy I need after work when I go immediately to the gym. It helps me to focus and push through my sets. It really wakes me up within 30 minutes of taking it. Excellent product!!
Derrick March 22, 2019
Wild Thing Reveiw
  • I just started going back to the gym after about a year and a half off due to a lower back issue. I first tried the mixed berry madness, it took about a couple days to get used to the strength of the product and after that the pumps were insane. Noticeably better workouts when using this product with great focus. The only reason this gets a 4 star is because the first batch I got it clumped alot, the second batch came in with no clumps at all.
    Another downgrade to 4 star is that there is a noticeable difference between the formula from the mixed berry and the other two flavors. Mixed berry madness with the glycer pump in my opinion gets me way better results than the formula in Rocket pop and Tropical tornado.
Angel August 28, 2019
Hell Ya
  • worked fantastic, take it before my bigger workouts and I'm able to really dig in and get much more than if I didnt use it. Also its way stronger then c4 or opti pre so beware.
Cliff September 8, 2019
Truly "Wild"
  • Tried several preworkouts but this is a TRUE workout stimulation during the entire session. No caffine or sugar crash.
Victoe September 10, 2019
Mixed berry madness Oooooweeee
  • This preworkout tastes amazing and gives phenomenal focus, found myself going into the upside down and coming out 2-3 hours later
Audible41 September 10, 2019
Best preworkout
  • If you are looking for the best boost without the crazy side effects, then look no further, cause this stuff is bad ass!
eugene September 13, 2019
Good product
  • Good tastes,great pump went your working out.so far so good like it.
Worley October 3, 2019
An extreme value for an item EVERYONE needs
  • 1st every preworkout. It was an even focused energy with NO crash-all day focus
Raze October 10, 2019
Best preworkout
  • Tried a lot of preworkout over the years, Wild Thing is by far the best ever
Christopher October 16, 2019
Great Pre Workout!
  • Fast Delivery and a great Pre Workout!
Richard October 31, 2019
Very good
  • Solid product. I have tried many pre-workout supplements and this is the best so far. Increases my energy, focus and pumps. Will continue to buy this product until they come up with something even better. That is the only reason I didn’t rate it 5 stars
Vinny December 7, 2019
  • I have taken pre-workouts for over 20 years now and they would not work very well. Some were just too strong where you could not even go to sleep but they would not give you energy in the gym, but most of them are worthless, until I ran into Wild Thing. Wild Thing by far the best preworkout I have taken. It gives me energy and stamina and lets me sleep at night.
Char December 10, 2019
Love it
  • This is by far my favorite pre-workout supplement. I have tried a couple different pre-workout drink mixes from GNC and was not impressed. Wild Thing tastes much better and more importantly, works much better than the other supplements I’ve tried.
Carlos December 17, 2019
Super Wild
  • incredible product! by far the best pre workout i've ever had. the pump is amazing and no jittery feeling whatsoever.
Bigguy December 24, 2019
Very good
  • One of best preworkouts I have taken. Awesome pumps and builds good muscle mass.
ChaseA January 15, 2020
Stuffs amazing
  • By far the best preworkout I’ve ever used in my life. I take this stuff and I go from not wanting to workout at all to wanting to punch a hole through a wall.
Trav January 22, 2020
  • Potent stuff! I can only take half a serving!
JohnnyP February 3, 2020
Great product
  • Good pumps makes you want to work harder and longer also mixes really well in the blender
Nick February 8, 2020
  • This is a great pre-work. The best one I have tried. I definitely recommend it.
Chapo March 7, 2020
Love this product
  • This was my first time taking a pre workout ever . And I must say it stands up to all that is stated about it . Wild thing had me like a wild thing in the gym. With no crash
Top 10 Preworkouts For 2019

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