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By March 3, 2018 May 6th, 2018 Bulking, HYPE


Heard: Whispers of a new natural anabolic by the name of Vector aimed at both physique-based and performance-based athletes alike began to hit the market in early 2018, and already Black Lion Research is reporting an unprecedented level of interest from social media and forum threads. The product is currently in the testing phase, and initial reports are coming back positive.

According to sources, users can expect the exclusively plant-based ingredient panel to aid in hypertrophy, strength gains, and increased libido. So far, results in gains of 5-12 lbs during the initial testing phase have been reported without a huge increase in caloric intake. Nearly all testers are also indicating a significant increase in overall hunger, making Vector likely a good choice for those who struggle to consume enough calories during a bulk.
Early feedback shows that users who had low to moderate weight gain are also experiencing mild fat loss while increasing their overall muscle mass, which enhances the appearance of any added lean muscle and accounts for the lower weight gain numbers when compared to other bulking supplements currently available. Many are also noticing strength and endurance gains, seeing their major lifts go up in weight nearly every workout. A majority of users commented on the libido effects as well, citing a significant and noticeable jump.


With the testing phase in full swing, rumors are circulating that Vector should be available in the first few months of 2018. Make sure you click the link above to get product updates as they become available, and check Strong Supplements often to get the full scoop on the details.

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