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By October 14, 2018 January 2nd, 2019 HYPE



Monday marks the start of the Season Of ShreD, the time of year when many of us are focusing on mass gains and chiseled definition.  To mark this season and help some of you lucky ones out we’re bring back TIME BOMB SALES.


Visit our homepage for this week’s schedule and get ready to jump on some insane savings, I mean literally insane 50%, 60%, 70% and maybe even more (hint…hint).



This season look out for some twists on the traditional Time Bombs. In at least one case and maybe two we’ll be giving MASSIVE discounts to a number of customers who do a 5-10 sec video. All you’ll have to do is a selfie type video, like you’d do for IG or Facebook. We’ll tell you what you have to say and give you special instruction at the time of the event. The good thing about this event will be that we’ll give the discounts to a much larger group of customers. So if you’ve missed out before, you will have a much better chance of scoring a Time Bomb this doing the video version. Stay tuned for more info.


Please know that these sales are not giant discounts we hand out to the public at large, they’re VERY VERY LIMITED and when a quantity of the product is sold out at a specific discount the deal is done and its gone forever.  So set your calendar alerts and get ready to save mass dough.


Take Me To The Homepage So I Can Get The Schedule


  • Hello, I tried multiple times to see the time-bomb savings for Anafuse. I never saw any sale price. How was this supposed to work? How would I have gotten Anafuse at the savings cost? I would like to purchase multiple bottles, but the cost is a little high for me, considering that I need to purchase protein, pre-workouts, vitamins, and more as well. So mainly: How does the “TimeBomb” sale work? do I need a coupon code or something similar? Thank you.

    • James Strong says:

      Hi Christopher- Thank you for your question. Time Bomb sales are scheduled events and happen only at specifically scheduled times. The times are posted on the Homepage, in our email promos and on sidebar banners throughout the site. I included some information about the Time Bomb Sales below, which I think will help you out.

      1. You need to be on our site during the scheduled time for the particular product’s Time Bomb Sale. The Time Bombs drop at some point during the 1 hour time frame given in the schedule. We know that most people know this because the traffic generated nearly crashed our servers on Monday.


      2. We don’t tell anyone the exact time the time bombs will drop so as to make it as fair as possible since we don’t want people trying to time the sales.


      3. When the Time Bomb goes off, a pop-up banner appears on the top of most pages on our site (we don’t show them in checkout or cart pages). THE POP-UP BANNER HAS THE CODE FOR THE ACTIVE DISCOUNT (usually 70%, 50%, 40%, or 30% Off). USE THE CODE TO CHECKOUT IMMEDIATELY! WHEN THE QUANTITY IS SOLD OUT AT THAT LEVEL, THE NEXT POP-UP BANNER IS ACTIVATED WITH A NEW CODE FOR THE NEXT LEVEL DISCOUNT…AND SO ON UNTIL ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD.


      4. We limit the coupon codes to 1 Time Bomb Sale Item per person


      5. These Sales have deep deep discounts, other than Time Bomb Sales we will never sell these items this low EVER PERIOD, thus they are limited in quantity and time. Its also why Time Bomb Sales sell out fast, so you need to be on your toes, for when the items are gone they are gone!

      I am sorry but we cannot be responsible for computer or browser issues.

      We love doing these sales because they help out people like yourself who are tapped out of cash at the moment and could use a break. But these are premium products that are a cut above what is typically available on the market, which is why they are in high demand and not typically sold at a deep discount.

      Thank you again for your question…

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