The Testosterone Revolution

By September 11, 2018 November 13th, 2019 HYPE, Natural Metabolics

HYPE! Heard

Whispers of a revolutionary test booster unlike anything we’ve seen before have started to circulate around the industry, and for good reason. An undisclosed company is getting set to launch the first liquid test booster that is not only odorless, but also almost completely tasteless, meaning it can deliver an oral dose of test boosting ingredients in your morning cup of coffee.

New Product

The product, code name Ultra Test, follows many other natural metabolics in that it uses entirely plant-based ingredients to achieve results. The most notable, geranylgeraniol, a terpene (organic compound) found frequently in nature but in almost exclusively trace amounts, making it incredibly difficult to isolate. Geranylgeraniol has recently been shown in tests to regulate and increase testosterone levels by as much as 145% 1. In its natural state, geranylgeraniol is an oil that has high oral bioavailability, meaning that the body absorbs it well in that form, a main reason Ultra Test will come as a liquid.


Ultra Test allegedly contains trans-phytols as well, which complement the test boosting ingredients by acting as an aromatase inhibitor, blocking the body’s natural estrogen production 2. Phytols are also a naturally-occurring oil found in plants, but are again only available in very trace amounts, until now.

Ultra Test

Along with geranylgeraniol, Ultra Test is said to also feature Tongkat Ali, a well-known compound in the industry for its effect on virility and testosterone production, shown by one study to raise test as much as 30.2% 3. Tongkat Ali is traditionally consumed in liquid form in herbal medicine, making it a great candidate for this liquid test booster. It also may have some estrogen blocking and metabolism boosting qualities, working in synergy with both geranylgeraniol and phytol.

While we have not heard any rumors of a release date, if Ultra Test lives up to the current hype, it could very well break into the top test boosters soon after its release. Stay tuned to Strong Supplement Shop for more information as it becomes available, and make sure to subscribe to be the first to know when Ultra Test will hit the market.



Ultra Test


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