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It’s easy to look at the elite physiques and think that you can’t achieve a similar look without being genetically blessed or artificially enhanced in some way. After all, for decades it was impossible to gain a cover-worthy build without either one or both of them.

Recent advancements, however, have enabled men everywhere to finally carve out the hard, chiseled look they desire, naturally, and at Strong Supplement Shop we took that to the next level with a stack so powerful, you’ll be turning heads in no time. Insert The Supernatural Stack, a powerful duo composed of the 4-time reigning number one natural anabolic and arguably the most powerful test booster ever created.

Super Natural Stack

Part one is Anafuse by Vital Alchemy, the only supplement potent enough to appear on both the Top 10 lists for natural anabolics and bulking supplements. What really sets Anafuse apart is the inclusion of two botanical-based ingredients that most companies separate into two different products: Laxogenin and Epicatechin.

Laxogenin has gained notable recognition over the past few years for its potent ability to help users naturally pack on and maintain muscle mass by stimulating an anabolic response with little to no androgenic effects 1. In fact, reports have shown users may experience as much as 200% more protein synthesis leading to 10-20 lbs of lean muscle gain in just 2 months of use, in addition to rapid increases in both strength and endurance 2.

Epicatechin is another plant-based compound, found commonly in green tea and cocoa, that helps block myostatin 3. Myostatin is the greatest factor in limiting how much muscle your body can grow; therefore, limiting it can help push your body past its upper limits.

Part two of the Supernatural Stack is Sergeant Steel, a 16-compound, mega-dosed test booster featuring some of the top ingredients on the market to help you both build muscle more easily and increase your libido, once again through natural means.

Supernatural Stack

Sergeant Steel’s number one ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), which one study has shown to raise male testosterone levels by over 42% in just 12 days of use 4. Other top ingredients include Ashwagandha, known to raise luteinizing hormone which stimulates testosterone production and libido 5, and Fenugreek, which boosts growth hormone production and strength 6.

If you crave a sculpted physique but want to maintain your natural status, The Supernatural Stack is arguably one of the most potent ways to build solid, lean muscle mass. Get yours now, available exclusively from Strong Supplement Shop.


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