The Magic Of Music In Making Muscle And Burning Fat

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The Magic Is In You – Can You Too Double Down With Music?

This finding suggests that the upbeat music can actually trick your body into working harder during exercise…Listen To Playlists Below

How do you psych yourself for a workout? Maybe you watch motivational videos, look at old progress photos, or give yourself a pep talk in the car before walking into the gym. Regardless of your pre-workout routine, chances are you at least have a playlist ready to go the second you get moving, whether it’s to pump you up or simply take your mind off the task at hand.The Magic Of Music In Making Muscle And Burning Fat

New research from UBC’s Okanagan campus finally explains why music could be your best bet to push through those tough workouts – even if you aren’t in the best shape of your life, yet 1. As it turns out, not only does listening to the “right music” make your workouts more enjoyable, but it might also help you get a better workout overall.

The study focused on HIIT, which, while considered one of the more effective forms of training in terms of fat burning and time efficiency, is often difficult and draining particularly for de-conditioned participants. Basically it boils down to people opting for other forms of exercise or not taking part in exercise at all because of the difficulty that their minds associate with doing the work.

So what type of music is the “right kind” to get the most out of your workout? Research leader Matthew Stork says “it seems that music is most effective when it has a fast tempo and is highly motivational.”

Not only did participants report enjoying the activity more, they also had higher heart rates and peak power during the exercise intervals than when listening to a podcast or no music at all. This finding suggests that the upbeat music can actually trick your body into working harder during exercise, ultimately leading to greater output and likelihood to continue the program.


The bottom line? When it comes to seeing more rapid improvement, it might be time to rethink your playlist, especially when it comes to cardio or other more physically demanding lifting days.

What article on music and working out would be complete without a few sample playlists. Below we’ve curated a few lists. We think there is something for just about everyone, although straight up Rock-n-Roll workout playlists were non-existent where we looked.

Some Highlighted Playlists From Spotify

Got a workout playlist you want to share, please do so in the comments below

High On Energy

Old School Is The New School

Never Going To Keep Me Down! Good Songs You Forgot

Mega Mix Of Eclectic Beats

Workout Music For Gangsta’s

Motivational Affirmations With Music

Gotta Tabata – HIIT It Hard

Workout Music For People Who Don’t Workout

Its All The Rave – Techno / EDM


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