The Full Anabolic Effect

By November 28, 2019 December 10th, 2019 Bulking
Consistently making gains is the overarching pressure that looms above every bodybuilder who walks through the gym doors. Am I doing enough volume, eating too little, making changes too often – all questions that plague every lifter as soon as that dreaded anabolic plateau seems to settle in. That’s where Competitive Edge Labs (CEL) believes the latest addition to their product lineup will fill a void in your routine and trigger your body’s anabolic response.


Anabolic Effect features seven different clinically researched compounds that help to increase muscle growth, strength, pumps, fat loss, and even libido. The key ingredient is Korean Mistletoe Extract (KME), a compound we saw hit the market fairly recently, has been shown in studies to help actually prevent muscle and strength loss over time 1 while also encouraging hypertrophy through inducing gene expression 2.


Other highlights include Eriobotrya Japonica Extract, a compound from the plant from which many other well-known muscle builders like epicatechin and ursolic acid are derived, and Rehmanniae Radix, whose main component Catalpol has been shown to aid in increased blood flow and angiogenesis 3.


Rounding out the ingredient panel are heavy hitters like Shilajit, S7, and Actijin, plus the introduction of a new compound called Astragin, which reportedly aids in the absorption of the other ingredients to help increase your body’s ability to use them.


Every bodybuilder wants more muscle, pumps, and strength, but will almost certainly hit a plateau at some point or another during their journey. Perhaps CEL’s Anabolic Effect is the perfect way to combat this phenomenon, or maybe it’s just another bottle to line the shelves. Decide for yourself by grabbing it now from Strong Supplement Shop.



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