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The First Twisted Time Bomb Video Announced

By February 3, 2019 February 12th, 2019 Fitness



First thank you for participating in this, the latest twist on our Time Bomb Specials. As you know Time Bomb Sales are totally limited and not everyone can get in on them.   So to help many more of you get the opportunity to get 40% off a top ranked product we devised this new twist.


Wild Thing Preworkout


Its easy, all you have to do is SHOOT yourself SAYing “I’m On My Way To Leading the Pack With Wild Thing” in a 10 – 30 second selfie video you STAR in using your iphone or android device. Then send it to us by following the upload instructions below and we’ll send you a coupon code to SAVE 40% on Wild Thing by Assault Labs!

If your selfie is really good we might even use it in an upcoming promotion.  

IMPORTANT: Remember this twisted time bomb offer is still limited and you can only get one code per person. You must show your face and say “I’m On My Way To Leading the Pack With Wild Thing” in your selfie video to be eligible. Also, important when the “SEND” button is off so is the promotion, so don’t wait until its too late!!!

Hurry up and SHOOT, SAY, STAR AND SEND your Twisted Time Bomb Selfie right now.

Thank you for participating and as always “STAY STRONG”.


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