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Work Smart Not Hard

To get shredded, traditional bodybuilding wisdom dictates a bulking phase in which you must spend a period of time eating everything in sight while cycling a hard anabolic, followed by a post cycle period. You then move on to a cutting phase filled with sacrifices of both the food and social kind, all to show off the physique you’ve earned like a badge of honor on the beach.0 to Cut Divided By 2There’s no doubt you’re working tirelessly in the pursuit of ultimate fitness while attempting to balance a busy schedule. On the quest to work smarter, not harder in all aspects of your life, you need the top hybrid technology available to get you chiseled and shredded without spending precious time on cycle and post cycle.  

We’re talking, of course, about True Shred – the first ever hybrid shredder born from the need to get chiseled fast. True Shred brings a powerful combination of natural anabolics, testosterone support, and metabolic enhancement to help you skip right to your cutting cycle with no additional cycle support required.

True Shred combines both the bulking and cutting cycles into one to save you precious time. Make no mistake – you’ll still have to put in real work and eat right to get the results, but by eliminating the bulking cycle you can effectively cut the entire process in half.

The Muscle

The heavy lifting in terms of muscle growth and retention comes in the form of Laxogenin and Colostrum. As a plant-based compound, Laxogenin offers a unique proposition for athletes looking to gain a competitive edge without compromising their natural status. And the research from the past few years backs it up, showing increases in lean body mass with simultaneous decreases in body fat percentage 1, making Laxogenin practically a household name for the natural community.

Colostrum remains a slightly more obscure ingredient as far as popularity, but studies show supplementation may increase growth hormone during resistance training 2. Essentially this could help increase muscle growth and improve recovery time between sessions 5, which would lead to less time spent waiting for the soreness to subside and more time lifting.True Shred

The Burn

Of course if muscle growth were the only goal, we could stop right here and be completely satisfied. Natural ingredients don’t require an on cycle or post cycle therapy, so users would already be saving precious weeks between the bulk and cut, not to mention a fist full of dollars. But this isn’t just about shaving a few weeks off the turnaround for your results. This is about getting more bang for your physical and financial buck, so to speak, by combining the two cycles into one.

That’s where we up the ante with 7-Keto, T2, and a metabolite An estrogen blocker to torch excess fat built up over that layer of muscle growth.

7-Keto has been linked to increased metabolism leading to greater fat loss, particularly during times of prolonged caloric restriction 3. Basically as you create a caloric deficit to facilitate fat loss, your metabolism slows down over time to compensate for the lower energy consumption. 7-Keto works to help combat this phenomenon and allow you to shred without the dreaded fat loss plateau.

Combine that with an estrogen blocker to help reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and subcutaneous body fat 4, and T2 which one study linked to activation of brown fat thermogenesis 6, and you get one powerhouse of a cutting supplement.

The verdict: Choose ingredients that work in harmony to maximize your results in minimal time. You can learn more about True Shred by Hard Rock Supplements Here.


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