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Amnes1a Has Now Arrived - BUY NOWAmnes1a Has Now Arrived - BUY NOW

Heard: Just weeks after getting word that Olympus Labs was working on a new sleep aid with the potential to enhance your fitness goals, we have been told that the testing phase has finally been completed and development could begin any day.

While OL has specifically stated that testing was done internally only, early feedback reports are positive, primarily noting enhanced feelings of calm and relaxation, in addition to improved overall mood. Amnes1a by Olympus Labs While we are told that users experienced decreased time to fall asleep, deeper and more restful sleep, and enhanced recovery as expected from this type of supplement, the mood improvement aspects are an added bonus that we haven’t heard much of before in terms of a sleep aid.

What really promises to set Amnes1a apart, however, are the purported long-term effects. OL claims that not only will helps increase lean muscle mass, but will also aid in improving focus and productivity, balancing hormones, and reducing anxiety. It seems that Amnes1a aims to go beyond just being a simple sleep supplement, promising to increase overall fitness and wellness in addition to helping users catch some z’s.


Coupled with the OL testimony that there is no tolerance build up or withdrawal symptoms, if Amnes1a can live up to its pre-launch hype it will be tough to keep on shelves. Now There's Sleep For The Wicked - Amnes1a Be sure to keep an eye on Strong Supplements for more information as it becomes available, and for updates on a release date for Amnes1a, check out the link above.



  • Blaine says:

    Hi, I have come across certain restrictions when buying your products, and getting them shipped to the UK. Will you be able to ship this new sleep-aid to the UK?

    • James Strong says:

      Hi Blaine- Thank you for your question.

      Some sleep aids contain Phenibut, which was banned in the UK about a year ago, thus we don’t ship products with the ingredient there anymore. The GOOD NEWS is this product DOES NOT contain Phenibut. I spoke with our team and they said you should be good to go for the UK on Amnes1a when its released.

      Thank you again for your question…

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