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This could be the year you finally get the shredded physique that’s always been just out of your grasp. If you’ve ever gone on a “cut,” then you know the process is no joke. Thanks to the loyal Strong community and our very own Pro Support (product and customer service experts), you’re a few steps closer to achieving your own ripped summer body than ever before.


When customers kept asking for a way to get lean and cut but maintain their mass, the Shred & Sculpt Stack was born. The regular stack includes the no. 1 cutting agent Androvar, which can not only help increase lean, dry muscle gains, but also reduce estrogen to cut down water weight and fat mass. Androvar comes from Hard Rock Supplements – a company known for consistently hitting the top rankings of our infamous Top 10 lists – and has held tight to it’s top spot since 2015. It’s main ingredient, epiandrosterone, is shown in studies to aid in increasing lean mass and strength gains while reducing overall body fat 1.

Shred And Sculpt Stack

Alongside this shredding powerhouse, you’ll get top joint health supplement Joyful Joints to help lubricate and protect your joints during a dry cut when they need it most. You’ll also get the No. 1 Ranked On Cycle Support and PCT to support your vital organs while you run your cycle and boost your natural testosterone production to help you keeps your gains after.

We highly suggest that only advanced users attempt the Gold & Platinum Stacks, which pair all of the above with our most hardcore, top-ranked fat burner, Alpha Lean 7, with several other products to aid even the most experienced guys shredded to the bone. The Gold Stack replaced Androvar with R-Andro Shred and Estro-Strike 2.0, to boost your metabolism and further decrease estrogen. Platinum instead features top bulker Super Mandro with top 3 cutter Anabolic Trinity and no. 1 test booster DAA Max, all to help induce the premium dry, hard, lean muscle you want.


The Shred & Sculpt Stack was built for shredding,, generated by a mix of repeat purchases, feedback from countless customers, and the expert experience of our talented Pro Support team. Will this finally be the year you stop wearing your t-shirt in the pool? Grab your Shred & Sculpt Stack, exclusively available from Strong Supplement Shop, hit your training harder than ever, and get ready for massive results. Check out all our Strong Stacks available here, and keep an eye out – there might be some new additions in the works.

Strong Stacks

Strong Stacks are the best way to get the industry’s top products properly matched to complementary and often necessary agents all based on our experience and the results of thousands of customers. Strong Stacks take the guesswork out of the process. Check out all the Strong Stacks currently available here, and make sure you’re subscribed to our updates as we breakdown the different stacks in the coming weeks. Oh ya, and there may even be some new additions as well.

You can purchase the Shred And Sculpt Stack Here.


Shred And Sculpt Stack


  • Tanya Wingfield says:

    Is there a stack for women?

    • James Strong says:

      Hi Tanya- Thank you for your question, it is a good one. Unfortunately we don’t have stacks specifically made for women. That said, depending on your goals you can create your own stack. Many women use Epi2.0 to build muscle and reduce fat.

      If your goal is to cut for muscle tone and definition, you could stack Epi2.0 with Alpha Lean-7 and get more muscle, more strength and better definition. Those stacking with Alpha Lean, men and women, tend to drop weight as well.

      If you are looking to gain strength and bulk up your muscle gains then you can stack Epi2.0 with Anafuse. The results I’ve seen with this stack are pure bulk and no loss in weight. Definition is good, but with this stack the weight you lose from fat loss, tends to be turned into weight from muscle gains.

      Depending on your goals either of the stacks I’ve mention can be used by women. If you still have questions please contact our Pro Support Staff and they will help tailor a stack specifically for you.

      Thank you again for your question…

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