The Quest – The Warrior’s Workout Stage ONE

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Warrior’s Workout: Place in First Spartan Race

A Full Body Workout In 15 Minutes

Jason Is Using EMS For Training – Is This The End Of Free Weights?

The Warrior’s Workout Plan


This workout is formulated specially for Jason and his performance goals. As a model and actor in Los Angeles, our Warrior is used to training for any and all roles. But when it comes to athletic performance training, he is prepared to take it to a whole new level to achieve the results he’s after. And his quest is no short order – he plans to place in his first ever Spartan Race. While he incorporates weight training into his routine three days per week to maintain his lean muscle mass, he also adds in lots of cardio-based exercise to increase his endurance, including a bootcamp class and plyometrics. Most importantly, however, Jason makes sure to plan for recovery because of his intense training schedule, adding in stretching, foam rolling, and yoga to his routine.

Legs/Abs: EMS and Plyometrics – 30 minutes

Two sets each, 30 seconds rest or less between each

  1. Squats x 12 superset with Jump Squats x 30seconds
  2. Walking Lunges x 12/side superset with Jump Lunges x 30seconds
  3. Sumo Squats with pulse at bottom x 12
  4. Good Mornings x 15
  5. Side Shuffle x 15/side superset with 180 Degree Jumps x 30seconds
  6. Oblique Twists x 15/side
  7. Full Body Roll-Down x 15
  8. Walking Planks x 60 seconds
Cardio: 7 mile run with All Terrain

Arms and Shoulders: EMS – 30 minutes

Two sets of 15 reps each, 30 seconds or less rest between

  1. Shoulder Press
  2. Supinated Biceps Curls
  3. Triceps Kickbacks
  4. Lateral Raises
  5. Concentration Curls
  6. Overhead Triceps Extensions
  7. Rear Delt Flyes
  8. 1 set Push-ups to failure
  9. 1 set V Push-ups to failure
Stretch and Recovery Day

Heavy Back and Legs: 4 sets each, heavy weight

  1. Deadlifts x 10
  2. Pull-ups to failure
  3. Squats x 8
  4. One-arm Rows x 10/side
  5. Seated Cable Rows x 12
  6. Walking Lunges x 12/side
  7. Grip Work: Forearm Curls x 15 superset with Grip Squeeze x 60 sec/side
Core Work on EMS

Three times through, no rest

  1. Weighted Crunches x 20
  2. Planks – Forearm Up/Downs, Walking Plank, Plank Twists x 1 minute each
  3. Throw Downs x 20
  4. Mountain Climbers x 50

AM: Full Body EMS – 30 minutes

Two sets of 15 reps each, less than 30 seconds rest between exercises

  1. Pulse Squats
  2. Chest Flyes
  3. Banded Side Walks
  4. Lat Pulldowns
  5. Spiderman Push-ups
  6. Rows
  7. Lunges with Slider
  8. Full Body Roll-up

PM: Full Body Bootcamp Class with Running

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