Pump Up The Volume – Preworkout Wild Thing Blasts Further Ahead Of The Pack On This News

By April 16, 2018 October 22nd, 2018 Fitness, HYPE

Wild Thing Rocket Pop Flavor Is In! - Get It NowWild Thing Rocket Pop Flavor Is In! - Get It Now


Heard: Are You Leading The Pack Or Trailing Behind? Announcing New Wild Thing Rocket Pop Flavor.

Following the announcement that Wild Thing is now the top ranked pre-workout we are pleased to announce that Wild Thing will also be adding a new flavor to the arsenal: Wild Thing Rocket Pop Flavor Rocket Pop! Early feedback from testers have likened it to the iconic popsicle taste they remember from when they were kids. But on top of the spot-on nostalgic flavor, users reported that Wild Thing stayed true to the insane energy, pumps, and focus that it’s known for.


Wild Thing Rocket Pop
Assault Labs also made the move to add the Glycer-pump blend because of its electrolytes and other benefits, including increased hydration, endurance, and performance. Users may also experienced enhanced pumps due to increased hydration/water volume during and after exercise, meaning fuller looking muscles. Look for Wild Thing Rocket Pop flavor with The New Pump Machine Glycerpump on the shelves exclusively at Strong Supplement Shop.



Wild Thing Rocket Pop


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