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By September 16, 2020 Fitness

Only The Strong Survive

Its no secret the competitive landscape of the the fitness supplement industry has been shaken to the bone by the recent events and changes brought on by Covid-19. Gym closures, shut-downs and unemployment have taken their toll. Many previously standing supplement companies have fallen victim and have left the market or outright closed their doors, which is what happens in cyclical capitalist markets…and nature of evolution itself for that matter. Only The Strong Survive, only the leaders, the ones who produced the most innovative ingredient panels, who generated a following of disciples and provided solid products customers are happy to pay for.


Make no mistake, these leaders are not the ones who rested when times were fat and certainly they are not resting now. As always they continue to invest into research and development in order to deliver the best results for their customers. They do this because they’ve learned its only the Strong Who Survive.

Today we call out one of these industry leaders. One who continues to grind and produce the most innovative products made from the most effective natural ingredients. This corporate hard core and market leader is Olympus Labs. As most of you know Olympus Labs is a long time leader in the Natural Anabolics space, one of its original producers in fact. Their passion for continuous improvement is legendary and you don’t have to go far to see one of their prime examples…Massacr3.

The Strong Olympus Labs Lock-down Remix

You see Olympus Labs is doing it again, raising the bar when everyone else is lowering theirs. While other brands have been sitting on their hands at home Olympus Labs has been collaborating with the fitness industry thought leaders continuing to innovate. Today Olympus Labs announces the addition of Tectochrysin as a key ingredient in their market leading natural anabolic Massacr3. But the research and scientific collaboration doesn’t stop there. They also included other highly effective ingredients including the tried and true vasodilator and nitric oxide enhancer Vaso-6, as well as one of their other great ingredient breakthroughs Urolithin-B. When asked about Urolithin-B, Olympus Labs reports, “it is a natural compound that is 80% more anabolic than testosterone and 57% more effective at increasing protein synthesis. This combination helps to increase muscle growth while simultaneously preventing the breakdown of muscle.”Massacr3 by Olympus Labs

While this complex is incredibly potent on its own, Olympus Labs never settles for good enough, they strive only to be the best. That’s why they also included their custom PhytoFUSE delivery system to help dramatically improve its bio-availability! Not only does it significantly aid in the oral absorption it also increases the serum half-life of the compound, allowing a longer duration of action.

Olympus Labs has a proven track record of success, its why they’ve risen to the top of the natural anabolics market. Their success has been a direct result of their passion for creating the best natural fitness supplements. Its also because of their drive for continuous improvement and doing what it takes to stay on top by delivering the products customers really want. When all is said and done Olympus Labs knows only The Strong Survive.

The Strong Olympus Labs Lock-down Remix version of Massacr3 is available at Strong Supplements, click here to learn more.

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