There is a reason why in 2022, every single person on the planet will know about Global Warming. There’s also a reason why it’s such a hot button issue. That’s because our world is miraculous, beautiful, and so old that we cannot comprehend! Mother nature is a wonderful thing, and she has created one hell of a world for us to live in! But why? It is the natural beauty in this world that stands out. Yes, man has come along and done some incredible things, but arguably none of it compares to the natural beauty in the world. I’ve got to say, Gym Rats, you could argue the same thing with our SUPPs. Natural Anabolics are some of my favorite SUPPs to use. They can be stacked or stand-alone, and if you use the right ones, they hit just as hard as anything man-made. Mother nature knows best!

Natural Anabolics are taken from herbal extracts that have been dissected and studied to naturally stimulate the hormone environment. With this added boost, our bodies create a larger amount of organic muscle growth and even recover faster!

The key takeaway?

They are made up of naturally sourced products and do not require on or post-cycle supplementation.

If you’re not already using great NAs then this is your wake-up call!

Here is my top 3 favorite, Mother Nature approved, Natural Anabolics. Every single one of these products is meticulously researched, tried, and tested, so you can rest assured you’ll be in great company. As well as that, these products come from world-class laboratories with incredibly well-known reputations.

So here we go!

First up is  Youth GH By Vital Alchemy Supplements! This is a perfect example of a Natural Anabolic that goes the extra mile. Combining 11 effectively does ingredients you will see growth in hormone production to enable lean muscle building, fat loss, and enhanced muscle recovery. Additionally, with ingredients like Rikkunshito (a natural Japanese herb), Valerian Root Extract, and L-Theanine, you will experience improvements in your sleep quality, mood, and even your appetite. Youth GH is an industry leader of Natural Anabolic and is well worth your time!

Youth GH by Vital Alchemy
Massacr3 by Olympus Labs

Now let’s look at a heavy hitter…   Massacr3 by Olympus Labs. Thanks to their world class research team, they have introduced a new powerhouse anabolic ingredient. Using specific and uniquely structured compound found in Black Ginger – known as Tectochrysin (aka 5-hydroxy-7-methoxyflavone) – they have created an extremely effective and efficient way of enhancing protein synthesis, skeletal muscle hypertrophy, enhanced ATP production as well as endurance and recovery. Using a mixture of other natural ingredients, their formula is cutting edge. Featuring Vaso-6 and Urolithin-B, they are natural ingredients that are 80% more anabolic than testosterone, 57% more effective at increasing protein synthesis, and increase muscle growth while simultaneously preventing the breakdown of muscle. It really is a must try.

Next is one of the industry leaders….. Anafuse by Vital Alchemy. The team at Vital Alchemy has combined the two most effective natural anabolic ingredients on the market today (Epicatechin & Laxogenin) with the addition of absorption enhancers to create a monster SUPP. Anafuse produces its results without influencing your hormones and with virtually no side effects. Not only does this Natural Anabolic promote mass gains by inhibiting and reducing Myostatin – a protein that actually limits your body’s genetic potential for muscle growth – but it also accelerates your body’s ability to repair muscle, producing new, stronger, and more dense muscle. Check out the reviews and testimonials for yourself.

Anafuse by Vital Alchemy
EPI 2.0 By Vital Alchemy

And finally, on my list of my favorite Natural Anabolics, I’ve returned to the team at Vital Alchemy for their product EPI 2.0. This awesome SUPP is designed to help push the body past its muscle building plateaus. Epi 2.0 is specifically able to do this by reducing the growth factor protein that limits your muscle growth with its key ingredient, Epicatechin. Additionally, Epi 2.0 utilizes a blend of ingredients that helps to triple the effectiveness of Epicatechin. These advances not only allowed Vital Alchemy to increase the ingredients potency, it also allowed them to almost double the amount of time it stays active in your body to promote maximum muscle growth! And if a 3X increase in potency wasn’t enough, they took that ingredient and increased its value with a larger dose that is up to 225% more product than competing products. The end result is Epi 2.0, a new product that allows you to cheat your genetics!

There it is, my top 3 NAs that will absolutely help you reach your gains goals without worrying about cycles and support.

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