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Welcome To Mind Share our new post topic where we take quick look at what’s on the minds of our customers and give you the opportunity to learn more about what they think.


Mandro the Giant Stack was born from the cries for a powerful, potent, and effective alternative to discontinued products for experienced users. It’s kept customers coming back time and again as their go-to bulking combo when they need hardcore results. MANDRO THE GIANT STACK

What people are saying about Mandro the Giant Stack:

CHARLES* SAYS: “I stacked super mandro and andro the giant 3 times a day with protex twice a day. Also used an estrogen blocker twice a day, every other day. Over the course of 30 days, I went from 194 lbs to 211 lbs…”

SCOTT* SAYS: “Awesome stack! Ran this stack for 4 weeks and gained 13 pounds. Vascularity increased by quite a bit and muscles felt really hard. Pumps were good and workouts felt amazing…”

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Mandro The Giant Stack

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