My name is Victor Pride and I’m the bad guy.

In fact, I’m the baddest son-of-a-bitch who ever lived.

I live life on my terms and I answer to no one so I’m able to make bold claims like “I’m bad”.

I’m the proprietor of Bold and Determined – The Website for Winners and I’m here to teach you about winning.

I’ll tell you more about what I am later, but here’s what I am not

I’m not a competitive bodybuilder.

I’m not a bodybuilding guru.

I’m not a diet coach.

I’m not a fitness model.

I’m not a personal trainer.

I’m not the owner of a supplement company.

What I am is a guy who always has big arms and 6-pack abs.

I’m a guy who’s tried every diet, every workout routine, every supplement and every hormone that claims to build muscle.

I’ve been in the gym for 10 years and made every mistake you could make on my way to where I am now.

What I was, years ago, was skinny-fat. I was 130 lbs at 6 ft tall and I was still fat.

What I am today, excuse my bluntness, is a walking statue. 6 ft, 200 lbs of solid steel.

What I’ve learned while becoming what I am (a bad son-of-a-bitch) is that it’s really not very hard to keep the physique of a Greek God.

I said keep, not develop.

Developing the physique of a champion is hard but after you get there, maintaining it is nice and easy.

Make no mistake, to develop a Spartan physique takes years. It takes discipline and it takes hundreds of hours in the gym sweating your ass off. I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I still do it.

If you aren’t prepared to put in the work then you aren’t prepared to have girls eye-fuck you when you walk down the street. If you aren’t prepared to sweat in the gym you aren’t prepared to hear “wow!” every time you take your shirt off.

Too bad, so sad, no one gives a fuck if you’re lazy. To the victor go the spoils of war.

And that’s why I’m here: VICTORY.

Victory for you.

I already have mine, I’m already the “fittest” guy on the block.

But it wasn’t always this way. I’ve had the physique of a statue for only about 4 years. Before that I spent 6 or 7 years wasting my time following dumb diets and dumb gym routines and neglecting what really matters.

I thought you could look like a statue if you ate right, took protein powder and hit the gym just enough to not overtrain.

I wasn’t so smart and I followed the advice of other not-so-smart people (but I sure thought I knew it all from reading bodybuilding forums).

So here’s the first piece of advice I give to anyone and everyone: only take advice from people who walk the walk.

Never take physique or bodybuilding advice from someone whose physique looks like garbage because that’s how your physique will end up: garbage.

Only take advice from men who look like statues or monsters or freaks but never take advice from guys who look normal.

If you want to look normal it’s easy, all you have to do is nothing.

If you want to look like a somebody instead of a nobody I’ve got good news for you…

The bad guy is here to tell you things other people don’t/won’t/can’t tell you.

Things like….

Every guy you see in the magazine is on performance enhancements of some kind.

Some of them are on the illegal stuff, some of them are on the cutting edge stuff that’s only been developed recently.

Everybody knows that steroids exist so let’s talk about what people don’t yet know exist…

Let’s talk about the new age of supplements that work (big distinction between supplements that work and regular supplements).

Let’s talk about the latest and greatest that science and chemistry have to offer.

I know I mentioned the word “science” but frankly I don’t give a shit about the science.

I only care about one thing: does this product do what it says it’s going to do?

If the answer is yes then the product is good to go. If the answer is no then the product is trash. Simple as that.

While we’re on the subject, let me ask you two questions….

How do you think some people walk around looking like Zeus?

You believe the lie that they have better genetics than all the other people on planet earth?

Don’t make me laugh.

Everyone is human and we all come from the same genetic stock.

So what separates the G.I. Joe physique from the G.I. No physique?

You think it’s by eating chicken and broccoli every 2.5 hours?

By following Rippetoes or Dogfart?

By taking creatine and protein powder?

Don’t make me laugh.

“Buy my protein powder and you’ll look just like me!”

No you won’t. You’re going to look the same as you’ve always looked. You’ll always look the same if you always do the same thing you’ve always done.

So the bad guy is going to tell you the truth….

It’s not all about hard-work and dedication in the gym and eating right.

You have to eat right of course. You have to hit the gym of course. But that’s only 2 out of the 3 components. The 3rd component isn’t protein powder.

The 3rd component is mental. You have to be mentally prepared to do what it takes to develop the physique of dreams.

You have to be prepared to take the supplements that will get you from A to B and no I’m not talking about bullshit like creatine.

I’m talking about cutting edge stuff that was developed in a laboratory to make you bigger, stronger, leaner and meaner.

You don’t get hard as a rock and big as a house without using something special.

It isn’t food, it isn’t weights, it isn’t protein powder……

It’s chemistry.

See, when you want to get jacked legally you have to be up on the latest chemistry. What happens is the FDA finds a product that works (a prohormone) then they ban it.

Chemists then go to work finding a new molecule to change so the product can be both legal and effective.

It’s these next level ingredients that help good boys turn into bad guys with abs and arms (and you stay legal).

The best physiques are always on the next level. The best physiques are always ahead of the curve. The best physiques are always on the cutting edge products.

And only the bad guys have the balls to get to that next level.

Some people (losers) call that cheating. I call it winning.

Movies lie to you, friends, the bad guys always win.

Call me arrogant, call me a bad guy but here’s something you could never call me: out of shape.

I’m in shape because I do what it takes.

What about you…

How would people describe your physique?

Would they call you average?

If they’d call you average are you ready to go to the next level?

…or are you comfortable being average?

Any answer is ok by me.

Bad guys need good boys like you to make us look so fantastic in comparison.

Until next time.

-Victor Pride

PS – Come back in two weeks and I’ll tell you what next level product will get you ripped as long as you eat right. In four weeks you can send me your most sincere ‘thank you’ letters.

PPS – Here’s a picture of me going from A to B, in case you’re wondering if I know what I’m doing.




  • Eric says:

    Jesus, you’re built like a tank!

  • Dylan says:

    Great to see you shedding some light with a company like this. Both of yall partnered together=unstoppable.
    Your friend,

  • Eddie says:

    I have tried so many products and cant find the right one to work or found one that works. I work my ass off too!!

  • Great introduction Vic, you truly are an artist.

    Am interested in what pro-hormones you’re going to mention in the next few weeks – Looking forward to that next article.

  • Jeff says:

    I totally believe in getting to the next (badass) level and separating the men from the boys requires the perfect trifecta of diet,, training, and cutting edge supplements Keep me posted!!!.

  • trent says:

    Way to sell the product but to be so bold is stupid. I am also one of those guys you see in the gym that pisses excelents and I would never use a product unless you have shown me the science the double blind study that proves it work. Without that you just sound like another dishonest fellow trying to make a buck.

    • James Strong says:

      Hey Trent – thanks for the comment and appreciate your skepticism. I am going to go out on a limb and say that you’ve never made a purchase from Strong Supplements before. If you have you would see that much of what we sell is not available from mainstream suppliers like GNC or What you would see is what we sell works and is backed by science, but most of all is backed by 1000s of extremely positive reviews site wide from customers who got better than expected results. If you want third party validation just check out the forums at Anabolic Minds or Supplement Reviews – there are a number of logs performed by unpaid individuals who are free to write what they want, you will see some seriously in depth reviews done while in cycle. Strong Supplement Shop is not your sister’s supplement store, but if you are looking to bulk or cut with results you’ve never had before contact our pro support team (chat online or call toll free 888-774-3539) and they will give you the science behind the products you are interested in and help you do what is needed to reach your goals. Seriously, there is nobody out there doing what Strong Supplements is doing.

    • Rich says:

      Clearly you don’t “piss excelents” when it comes to spelling.

      Sorry to rip into you, but you need to think a bit more for yourself before you go post some nonsense like what you just said on an open forum.

      Did you even read this article? Can you not tell that he’s not talking about some muscle pharm crap product?

      Have you ever bought from strong supplement shop or looked that their site? They sell real products that work. Shit, half the ones that I have bought from them and loved are now illegal!

      Who the hell is going to do a double blind placebo test? Do you realize that it costs a truck load to do so and that it is quite pointless to even do one when it comes to the products that strong sells? Just do a bit of your own research on some of the ingredients in these products as opposed to telling someone to prove it to you.

      You want the edge?

      Go fucking get it. Don’t expect someone to give it to you.

  • the guy who thinks it's kind of sad.. says:

    Being buff does not make you a bad ass. Working out does not make you a bad ass. Taking a pill to make people think you are a bad ass, does not make you a bad ass. You know a true bad ass never has to say what you said… go back to popping your collar and slinging clothes at hollister. Let someone with less chromosomes handle advertising..

    • rickybobby says:

      And that my friend, is exactly why you will NEVER be an ALPHA

      • Pierre-Marc says:

        Exactly. I mean what? Does he think being a skinny fat, humble and shy boy is badass. No its not.

        • Jeff says:

          hmmm…durrrr, nice one Pierre.

          Since, you know, this whole article was about being skinny fat. Nice one princess.

          • Pierre-Marc says:

            I was talking about the guy ”the guy who thinks it’s kind of sad..” Its kinda obvious that my comment is a reply to another comment. Nice one, fucking idiot.

    • Victor Pride says:

      Hey lower case guy who thinks it’s sad…

      I had to ask my boss at the mall for a break so I could come here and laugh in your face.


      Do me a favor, look at your paycheck then look at what I made for one article.

      For the rest of you boys who aren’t losers, come back here Monday, April 13 for some tough love from the bad guy himself.


      the guy who thinks it’s kind of sad’s Daddy.

  • Asbjorn says:

    We men have created idols for ourselves, across centuries, across the world. Our heroes reflect what we want in ourselves. You’re masculinity, your pride, your worth comes from…muscles. That’s it man. yea you’ve got patience, you’ve the habit of lifting heavy things without a shirt. Where are the other qualities the God’s have? Courage, calm and collected intelligence, the willingness to make the sacrifice to ensure the safety and well being for those you hold dear?Take away those muscles and what do you have…? Your attitude. On the path to becoming a man of honor, it’s a good start.

  • Dave says:

    Happy to see that people are finally shedding light on the truth about bodybuilding. Majority of guys out there are on something.

  • Rob says:

    I’m 47 years old and have worked out regilously since 1990. I am here to tell you all that yes you have to have a good routine, have a solid healthy diet and of course get proper rest and recovery to grow. But I am also here to tell you that I personally started getting much stronger and putting on more mass when I started using select products from Strong Supplements. You have to be smart and not think that any product or products will give you tbe physique that you want so bad but victor is right that certain products that you will not find at GNC, Vitamin Shop or even will help you not only help you break but shatter plateau’s. I’m sill getting stronger and growing even pushing 48.

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